Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS Re. The Stalker's Criminally Harassing Emails Arguing Leonard Cohen's Legal Positions & Federal Tax Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Subject: Re:
To: IRS cc: Jeffrey Korn, Google Legal Department, FBI, DOJ & Multiple Recipients

Hello IRS,

I await your official opinion on the federal tax matters implicated here.  Gianelli attached a link that he believes defames Cohen.  Cohen's friend, Irving Layton, is the individual who said Cohen is a "narcissist who hates himself" - not I.  This is in the public domain.  Which piece of information Cohen transmitted to IRS from LCI corporate entity re. me do you believe?  That I had $0 income for 2003, 2004 and 2005 (per the K-1 partnership documents Cohen or his representatives provided IRS) or income per the meaningless expense ledger that is a list of numbers with no back-up documentation.  Also, why does IRS believe Greenberg would issue checks in my name that also state f/b/o (for benefit of) Leonard Cohen.  I think it's further evidence of shenanigans.

The City Attorney, who lied about many federal tax matters, simply printed the same email out over and over and over again.  How many times have I requested tax and corporate information from Cohen?  Paulette Brandt thinks I shouldn't have been forced to ask ONE TIME but, since Cohen refuses to address these issues, she feels that one time should be sufficient.  My alleged prosecutor evidently believed I should be forced to request IRS required information for over 7 years or so.  

One lie replaces the next in this ever-in-flux fabricated narrative.  Gianelli's on some form of fishing expedition and attempts to intimidate people while slandering me.  Cohen now has three versions of his Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.  That's his problem.  He was on the stand and could not stop lying.  That is on the record and I am now addressing the issues in the transcript.  Boulder Court, and Paulette testified about this, and I have evidence supporting it, advised me, Paulette, and others, that the Boulder order expired on February 15, 2009.  I never said I wasn't served.  I said, and people witnessed this that the process server was running around Boulder telling people he had a check for me related to Rutger's Whole Foods matter.  I, and the people who witnessed that, were horrified.  In fact, the process server approached Cohen's former assistant and household manager, Betsy Perks.  Betsy and John Perks are very dear friends of mine.  John Perks was Bill Cosby's butler in NYC.  And, someone purporting to be Cohen's "investigator" approached a kasung friend of mine at the Trident bookstore.  Leonard Cohen is a desperate man.  He has now stolen from me, Steven and Marty Machat, and appears to have unlawfully sold Phil Spector's masters to Sony.  Gianelli has targeted me, and others, relentlessly since hearing from Cohen's lawyer.  He has also been clear.  I posted approximately 6 posts on his blog dedicated to Phil Spector.  Who else was posting there?  Michelle Blaine and Sprocket.  Do Blaine and Gianelli see eye to eye on me?  Well, the targeted my blogs and email accounts - as did Cohen's fan - and had Google take them down.  Blaine may have forwarded my email to her to Gianelli.  I think the harassment is highly coordinated.  

I will now focus on the transcript I am preparing with my comments on the lies, slander, perjury, etc. from my alleged 2012 trial that was really a showcase for Cohen's tax fraud matters and his "gun" story about Phil Spector. Of course, he perjured himself when he testified that he was copied in on the email the lying prosecutor used to elicit testimony re. Phil Spector and a gun.  The lengths Leonard Cohen has gone to destroy me are inconceivable and evidence of a sadistic individual.  In any event, Cohen and his legal representatives do not want to address the issues raised in connection with the federal corporate tax returns that prove I had a legal interest in numerous corporate entities.  I view the default judgment as evidence of theft and fraud. This weekend, I will scan and send IRS the LAPD report showing that they felt my alleged emails were generally requests for tax information and the handful of attorney/client notes, from my trial, confirming what Steven Machat advised them re. Cohen's theft from him and his father, use of corporations to evade taxes, etc.  

All the best,

"Leonard Cohen Is A Narcissist Who Hates Himself" - Irving Layton

Gods, Gangsters & Honour by Steven Machat

Leonard was desperate to get rid of this two managers, Judy Berger and Mary Martin, who he believed had stolen the rights to his songs and records early on in his career.  Even back then, Cohen was convinced that women were ripping him off.  He signed an agreement, and when he wanted to get rid of the contract, he accused everyone of ripping him off.  You could say it became repeat behaviour.  My father duly got rid of Berger and Martin, set up a new company called Stranger Music for Cohen and agreed to manage Leonard for 15% as well as 15% of Stranger.  The idea of the company was twofold:  one, to maintain ownership of the copyrights duly created; and two, to minimise Leonard’s exposure to American tax, just like any other rich individual trying to minimise their tax liabilities.  

I’ve no problem with people trying to avoid tax, but as the years have passed, I couldn’t help but smile at the apparent contradiction between Leonard’s public persona and his private business arrangements.  This was a supposedly devout Buddhist with no interest in material possessions, who was all the same happy to put his trust in business managers and companies he created with his knowledge and consent whose sole aim was to minimise tax liability.  

Leonard then sold Stranger Music for a small fortune and I’ve seen nothing from Cohen.

Cohen controlled his copyright, not my father.  The irony was that Cohen had total control over my father …  Do you know what happened to the $400,000 worth of bearer bonds in my father’s office?  Bearer bonds are just unregistered bonds or paper money that are used to conceal ownership and, with it, tax liabilities.  Cristini told me (who knows if this is true?) that he had found the bonds in my father’s office hours after he had died but the next day they disappeared.

Cohen denied any knowledge of these bonds.  I was unsure if they existed or were part of my father’s schemes cooked up to conceal Leonard’s money.  

Cohen said:  “Steven, you remember the 1988 tour?  Flemming extorted $100,000 from me.  He wanted 20% managerial commission, in addition to his promoter’s fees.  He thought he was doing extra work for me and wanted me to pay him.”

Far from being the poet of the spirits, Leonard was a hustler using Buddhism as a facade.  

The next time I would see Leonard … We’d just seen The Hand That Rocks The Cradle where Rebecca De Mornay plays the psychopathic nanny who stalks this family.  Who should walk along but Cohen, who was holding hands with DeMornay, his girlfriend at the time.  Cohen was extremely uncomfortable because he knew he had stolen from me and it was clear he couldn’t get away quick enough.  Neither could my son, because he took one look at DeMornay and ran.  He was terrified because he thought she was the nanny in the film!

It was clear that Leonard was also wary of me because, I guess, he thought I might be planning to sue him.

Lynch had been sending out long ... emails to his friends, journalists, and the authorities denouncing Leonard for a million and one sins, which would have worried me if I was their target.

The whole scheme was so ridiculous [Leonard Cohen’s attempts to limit his liabilities on the deals] from the start.  All Leonard had to do to avoid U.S. taxes was tear up his green card, and stop living in and using the U.S. as his base.  

It’s no secret that Leonard has also made a killing on the art market by selling his paintings, plus his touring of the last two years … If that’s true, it doesn’t really tally with the clear implication from Cohen that he is a man who has been robbed of everything.

Leonard told me before I left that he had actually offered Kelley a settlement …

It’s clear that Cohen and his lawyers want to heap the blame on Kelley’s shoulders for more than just revenge.  Because Cohen’s pension assets were cashed in … ahead of schedule they are liable to tax so they need to establish that this situation is her fault.  The penalties could actually be greater than the tax itself.  

Leonard has cast himself into a hell of his own making.  

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 10:44 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


For the record, Dan Meade's declaration will be attached to the Motion I am filing.  He is also a witness to a great deal of what has unfolded.  Gianelli is arguing Cohen's legal case to my friend.  As I have said, I will address these issues with you until and unless Gianelli files a formal entry of appearance.

Kelley Lynch