Friday, November 21, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email Correction To Dallas FBI & DOJ: Her Quote Was Evidently Taken From The Incoherent Transcript & She Never Said What Her Public Defender Alleged

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch's Alleged Trial - Transcript
To: "Dallas FBI, DOJ, IRS, & FBI cc:  Multiple Parties  

Dallas FBI and DOJ,

I never said the Aryan Nation was after my son.  The mere notion is absurd.  The transcripts are incoherent and the public defender must have picked that information up from there - just as they picked "sexual relationship" from LAPD's report.  I didn't have a "sexual relationship" with Captain Mandrax and I have no idea what it means.  The transcripts are incoherent.  If I have time, and i will do this before I file my federal lawsuits, I will transcribe them properly.  I was finally, after over a year and a half, able to get the 17 CDs from the Public Defender's Office.  I have part of the LAPD report; the index for the IRS binder and one or two pages related to the fraud refunds; and very little else.  Francisco Suarez provided me with the transcripts of the voicemail messages that were ultimately sent to him.  In any event, I want to be clear - no one ever said the Aryan Nation was after my son.  They just make things up; it is repeated as fact; and then they spin out on it.  It is then picked up and further distorted by the Appellate Court.  It is gravely disturbing.  I asked Cohen, rarely, if he was still on drugs.  The reason for the rhetorical question:  look at his conduct.  He has testified that IRS, FBI, and DOJ are copied on emails.  His lawyer wrote Agent Tejeda/IRS that Agent Sopko's email to me was a game changer and then immediately attempted to defend his client and meet with Agent Tejeda.  Kory then provided Agent Tejeda with proof of fraud.  Kory testified that he understood I want the illegal K-1s rescinded.  Those LCI K-1s for 2003, 2004, and 2005 show $0 income while the meaningless ledger shows income.  The situation is deranged.  They simply don't care about their lies, perjury, and fraud.  They just come up with additional lies to replace the last round or whatever is addressed.  

One does wonder how they nail anyone, innocent or guilty, but my friend's thought might be the answer;  the jurors are people who cannot get out of jury duty.  Or, perhaps my public defender nailed it when he advised that he felt there was a prosecution plant on my so-called jury.  I would assume there was a "psychologist."  The story is stupid enough for Lifetime.  Of course, it is all one long lie.  

All the best,

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


You are not permitted to report a crime in America.  Reporting details to FBI and DOJ re. a murder, member of the Aryan Nation, possible connection to the Cartel, meth labs, and meth production and distribution, may annoy Leonard Cohen and Judge Robert Vanderet.  These people are incredibly neurotic and discursive.  They just make things out and spin out into some sort of real insanity.

All the best,

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello Dallas FBI and DOJ,

I have now reached one of the more deranged parts of the trial.  The judge actually seems to believe that addressing the information I brought to DOJ and FBI about a murder involving a possible member of the Aryan Nation, meth labs, meth production and distribution, and potentially the Cartel, may be an element of the crime of annoying someone who destroyed my life.  There are all sorts of problems by this point in the transcript.  Cohen  has testified about writings not entered into evidence and is making it up as he goes along.  For some reason, former DA Steve Cooley joined forces with Cohen and the City Attorney in targeting me.  I am not permitted to say that they are individuals seeking fame.  That includes Alan Jackson although Phil Spector's name is on the Voter Ballot so I think that sums things up in terms of "fame" and "celebrity" around these high profile trials.  This alleged email was evidently sent in 2008.  I believe it relates to Cohen's thoroughly perjured declaration in Boulder, Colorado where he raised the FBI and Aryan Nation.  First of all, I am permitted to comment that I ended up homeless over this situation and was surrounded by dangerous individuals including members of the Aryan Nation.  That's factual and not an "intent to annoy" Leonard Cohen.

I would like your opinion on this matter because, from my perspective, this is tampering with an individual who brought serious information to FBI and DOJ about a potential murder, meth labs, meth production and distribution, a member of the Aryan Nation, and the relationship with the Cartel.  The other information, picked up from an email thread (enclosed for my reference and others), most certainly had nothing to do with Cohen.  My medical doctor recently asked me, after hearing some of this insanity, if Cohen has a history of drug abuse.  He does.  It's publicly documented - by him - and his name used to be Captain Mandrax.  I had no idea Cohen was Jewish.  He wasn't the entire time I knew him.  He never once went to Temple that I know of.  He didn't celebrate Jewish holidays.  But, coming right up, he will celebrate every Sabbath for the entire time I knew him.  That doesn't explain why my mother and I witnessed him take formal Buddhist monk vows.  This testimony is evidence of the type of insane people in LA Confidential.  This is how they think - just say "Aryan Nation" and mention that you're a "Jew."  It doesn't matter if it has anything to do with you.  It will inflame the jury and Hailey at the LA Times will probably write about it.  She wrote about the binders.  The waste of taxpayer dollars here is astounding.  The judge should be questioned about his position.  He didn't err when he first spoke at the sidebar.  He sees it as an "element of the crime."  Is Bob Vanderet Jewish?  I know he lies.  I heard him repeatedly.  They all do.  They do not like you to call them out for who they are:  Liars.  They also remind me of escapees from a Criminal Mental Asylum.  But they're serious and they nailed their first celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle.  

All the best,

Emails printed out were not those that were originally sent.  RT 120


Streeter:  Do you recall whether or not you received any voice mail messages from Ms. Lynch during the month of July of 2011?  Cohen:  I believe I did.  Yes.  Streeter:  And I think these are on – towards the bottom of page 9 … of the transcript.  So I’m going to play you some more messages.  I want you to listen to them.  PD:  What exactly is being played, for identification purposes?  Streeter:  The July 1st, 2011 voice messages, on page – PD:  Was that marked?  Court:  Page 9.  The transcript.  RT 126  Streeter:  Actually, just for Counsel and the Court’s edification, when you click on the icon on—for the voicemail message – it’s the one that starts out as 10039.  And it’s an MP3.  RT 126

CD Played.

Streeter:  Your testimony was when you heard these messages it didn’t seem that Ms. Lynch wanted to have a conversation with you.  Do you recall testifying to that, Sir?  Cohen:  That’s right.  RT 127  Streeter:  Did you use the same procedure that you did in the past, that you would download it and save it to an MP3 player or some other disk?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  Streeter;:  Did you also forward that voice mail message to your attorney?  That’s correct.  Yes, Ma’am.  Streeter:  Is that a true and accurate recordation of the voice mail message that you heard in July of 2011 from Ms. Lynch.  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  PD:  Objection; foundation as to last question.  Court:  Overruled.  RT 127-128  Streeter:  Did Ms. Lynch also mention drug usage on your part in the email messages that she would send you?  Cohen:  Yes, frequently.  Streeter:  Okay.  Now, you heard – do you recall hearing mention of the Aryan Nation in that voice mail message?  Yes, I heard the mention of the Aryan Nation.  Streeter:  What is your faith, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I’m Jewish.  RT 131  PD: Objection; relevance.  Cohen:  I’m a Jew.  RT 131-132 

Sidebar:  Court:  I don’t think I need to hear argument.  The element of the crime under 653 says the communications be sent with a specific intent to annoy and harass.  This aspect of the call is a critical element of the crime.  I mean the questioning is critical to the element of the crime.  PD:  I have a good faith belief based on what Ms. Streeter showed me beforehand the email that she’s referring to right now was made in 2008 which was not part of the crime.  Court:  But it still goes to the intent.  It still reflects on the intent of the person in making this reference in this email, in this voice mail.  RT 131  PD:  And Your Honor, on that note, the voice mail says that Aryan Nation is after her son.  Court:  You can argue that.  Thank you.  RT 132