Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ann Diamond Summarizes Kelley Lynch's Personal Views On Leonard Cohen As Shocking As They May Be To Awe Inspired Strangers

A tireless micro-manager who employs a network of spies and informers who work for money, favours, or the sheer joy of belonging.
An insatiable gossip who, over the years, has turned against all his friends, and constantly slanders them in private.
A narcissist totally obsessed with polishing his image as a modest genius who is also an enlightened Buddhist scholar, gifted poet and songwriter.
An artist deeply envious of people above him in the music business (e.g. Bob Dylan, Phil Spector; the Beatles etc.), and also of genuine spiritual teachers like Chogyam Trungpa

An abusive misogynist whose current girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, regularly sees [SAW] a therapist specialized in treating combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress.
A recovering alcoholic [WHO WAS] addicted to prescription methamphetamines and hard core internet pornography.
A delusional megalomaniac who actually believes he "wrote the Bible" and whose secret hobby is studying serial killers.
A tormented manic-depressive who told Lynch he sometimes locks himself up at night because of an overwhelming urge to "go out and murder people."