Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To DOJ Re: The Neurotic, Fabricated, & Discursive Testimony LA Superior Court Permits - Without Evidence To Support The Testimony

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Subject: Re:
To: DOJ, IRS, FBI  cc:  Multiple Recipients


Here's where Streeter and Cohen, two pathological liars, really get going.  First, Cohen testifies that my voice mail messages (because of the "tone") were meant to produce a sense of "menace."  She then elicits elaborations from him.  It's simply discursiveness.  This man will say anything.  He's concerned?  Why didn't he have his lawyers serve me the lawsuit; speak to me throughout litigation; and provide me with IRS required form 1099 for the year 2004; rescind the illegal K-1s re. LCI; etc.?  Please keep in mind that Detective Viramontes advised me that Cohen didn't feel "comfortable" with my requests for tax information and did ask why Cohen wouldn't simply provide me with that information.  I refused to speak to Cohen.  He testified that I immediately began harassing him.  See the emails between us at that time.  His lawyer never once advised mine that I was harassing him.  Kory himself testified that he worked with my lawyers and accountant until April 2005.  No evidence was required.  Cohen just made it up and spun off into some incredibly discursive, fabricated narrative.  That's the name of the game at LA Superior Court.  

All the best,

Streeter:  You mentioned you didn’t talk to her, so are the People correct in understanding that these statements you’re telling the jury were voicemail messages.  Cohen:  There are some voicemail messages that said, “You’re going to be sorry you ever met me … There was a – the voice messages were meant to produce a feeling of menace.”  RT  54  Streeter:  When you heard those voicemail messages, how did it make you feel?  Cohen:  It alarmed me and frightened me.  Streeter:  Were you concerned about your safety?  Cohen:  I was concerned about my safety, and more the safety of my children and grandchildren.  RT 54

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 1:04 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hi Mr. Riordan,

It's quite sick to elaborate on something someone never said.  It happened constantly.  


On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hello DOJ,

I am reviewing the transcript I am preparing for you.  For some reason, in the year 2004, LA Superior Court cannot provide a word document of a transcript.  I want you to have the basic transcript.  I also want you to look at how LA Superior Court does not require you to lay a foundation for testimony, permits a man who didn't know my email account (and hadn't seen me in 7 years and was in position to verify my email account), and lets someone engage in utter discursiveness.  This is one of my favorite examples.  Leonard Cohen testifies, poetically, that I alleged that he's the "author" of my "misfortunes."  I never said any such thing and I do not feel poetic about this unconscionable situation.  They are not required to enter evidence proving I said any of this.  The threat is my "tone of voice" which is absurd and this was repeatedly used against me.  Have you heard his "tone of voice?"  He sounds like Dame Edith Sitwell.  Then Streeter, an absolute liar, asks him to elaborate on what I meant by the "author" of my "misfortune" and he goes onto explain.  I never said this so it's fairly out there and really absurd.  However, I am clear the default, as he noted, is evidence of fraud.  He also testified that I said he should be "taken down and shot?"  So what?  There's no threat there.  This is why I sent you and FBI the drone card on Valentine's Day.  It was an example of what I thought someone in LA could be prosecuted over - someone else's artistic creation and expression related to serious political discussions about drones.  And that's precisely what happened.

I also believe it is important to keep in mind that the transcripts Streeter's secretaries typed as accurately as the could are completely incoherent, inaccurate, and do not reflect what was said - AT ALL.

As soon as I heard Vanderet permit Cohen to interpret my emails, I knew there was a serious problem with him and there was.  And, he even lied about me.  

I would like the DOJ to provide me with an opinion on this.  They conceal evidence, lie, and do anything they want to obtain a conviction.  The prosecutor herself lied about many federal tax matters.  They don't care.  I've watched them in action - they come up with further lies to support their prior lies.  

All the best,

Streeter:  What do you mean the phone calls were accusations?  Cohen:  Well – Well, she began to indicate that I was the author of her misfortunes and everything happening to her was my fault and she would, she would repay me with the same kind of kindness as I had shown her.  That was said in a menacing tone.  RT 53 [Absurd; furthermore it is a Tibetan Buddhist saying – I will repay your kindness.  The threat is alleged KL’s “tone” of voice.]  Streeter:  Okay when you say “author of her misfortune,” did she elaborate what her misfortune was?  Cohen:  Well, she … after the default judgment, she began to be very clear that I had finger counted (?) some kind of fraudulent against her and I deserved to be taken down and shot.  RT 53