Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To DOJ Re: Merry Christmas To Phil Spector, One Hapless Toad & Justice John Roberts, Bob Dylan, Paul Shaffer & LA Confidential vs. Mulholland Drive

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 3:47 PM
To: DOJ cc:  Dennis Riordan & Multiple Recipients

Hello DOJ,

I would like to review this section of the transcript with you.  Kathrine Lawrence, who knows absolutely nothing, worked in the "Family Violence" unit.  Gianelli wrote my friend, Dan Meade, over the past several days arguing that it is completely acceptable to transform the foreign non-domestic violence order I requested in a domestic violence order in California?  I believe that is a bald-faced lie but would like an official DOJ opinion on that matter and as I, and others, have said, there should be a DOJ investigation into the abuse of domestic violence orders in Los Angeles, the City Attorney's prosecutions of people over high profile celebrities with civil liability on the horizon, and LA Superior Court's attempt to extort fines/fees related to domestic violence and sentence people using domestic violence statutes when there is no domestic violence and the order was not a domestic violence order.  I have already explained, and Paulette testified to this fact, that Boulder Combined Court repeatedly advised us, and others, that the Boulder order expired on February 15, 2009.  I have provided you with evidence explaining that insanity.

I happen to believe that one hapless toad that lives in California has more legal rights than Phil Spector.  Furthermore, I was paraphrasing Supreme Court Justice John Roberts re. the Rancho Viejo case and one hapless toad who just happened to live in California.  In any event, Sandra Jo Streeter has invented a "subject line" area of law although the subject reference is for my reference and entirely subjective, I might note.  However, her actual focus is on Dennis Riordan and I would  assume Leonard Cohen knows precisely who Mr. Riordan is.  After all, his lawyer wrote and lied to me on February 14, 2011 and copied Mr. Riordan in on that email.  But, Streeter moves onto Steve Cooley.  Can the DOJ explain why Cohen is testifying about an email I allegedly sent Steve Cooley?  What does Cohen have to do with Steve Cooley?  I was very clear in cross-examination that I personally believe Cooley should be taken down "legally" and his conduct demands an investigation.  Federal court issues raised with respect to Cooley prove he retaliates and the same is true with respect to the City Attorney and, in particular, Vivienne Swanigan.  

Let me quickly address some of the issues raised.  Many people, including most parents, have said they would literally "kill" someone who targeted their children and encouraged a parent to take a child from them.  That is not only my personal opinion and Gianelli's targeting of my sons makes people in reality livid.  That's factual.  It's evidently perfectly acceptable in LA Confidential or, Mulholland Drive, if you prefer Dan Meade's theory.  There is NO THREAT in my saying that my conduct has been well tempered.  I never said Cohen should be hung and the transcripts are incoherent so I will transcribe that tape.  Cohen personally advised me, for years, that he wanted to die by firing squad.  This became an issue for him after he was interviewed by Mikal Gilmore whose brother was executed by firing squad.  What's the issue?  I said Cohen should be.  I don't have a firing squad.  This is the type of alleged threat, that are nothing other than a manner of speech and expressions of frustration, that people in LA Confidential are prosecuted over.  See my example to DOJ and FBI:  Drone Valentine Card.

As for Paul Shaffer.  I happen to personally know him and he is Phil Spector's friend.  I also contacted Bob Dylan because he helped Hurricane Carter.  Those contacts evidently annoyed Leonard Cohen which is outrageous.  I never met Bob Dylan in Cohen's presence.  The man will say anything.  He lies as easily as he breaths.  Dan Meade nailed Cohen's aggression and vile conduct towards me.  

All the best,

Mr Roberts's opinion in Rancho Viejo was merely a five-paragraph dissent, and the reasoning underlying it is not evidence of judicial extremism. There is a big difference between wanting to narrow the commerce clause in the way that Janice Rogers Brown does and wanting to make sure that it is not abused to regulate almost everything, including toads.

Trial Transcript Volume 2
April 10, 2012


Streeter:  I wanted to call on the Law Clerk, the other Law Clerk that helped do the foundation.  And then after that, I have the two attorneys.  I think that should be relatively brief for the attorneys.  One of them supervised – well, gathered up all the voice mail messages and emails, and then they ultimately gave that to me.  And then Mr. Kory got a couple of prior voice mail messages from Ms. Lynch that the People wanted to play.  And then Ms. Rice was the one who wrote the cease and desist letter and then got the 95 emails within a 24-hour period.  I’m not planning on admitting any of the emails; I was just going to question her about that.  And also, I8 was going to ask Mr. Kory about the Colorado hearing because he was present at the hearing and heard that the Court had – that she agreed to the Colorado restraining order.  Court:  On the restraining order, are you going to submit a certified copy or do you have a stipulation – Streeter;  I have a – the exhibit that I have marked is a certified copy.  RT 212

One again – confusion re. the chain of evidence.  Was the evidence given to Wilshire Division, LAPD’s TMU, or Streeter personally?  Rice wrote a series of emails on February 14, 2011 that contained at least one serious material lie.  She copied IRS, FBI, Treasury, Dennis Riordan, and Ron Burkle on her emails and did NOT hit reply all as she testified because DOJ was not copied in.  A tremendous amount of evidence, including the transcript of Steven Machat and my conversation (that he confirmed), was concealed when Streeter intentionally decided not to admit any of the emails as evidence.  My lawyers should have stipiulated to the fact that I was at the Boulder hearing, agreed to the “permanent” order, and was served.  That is NOT the issue.


Streeter:  And do you work in the family violence division?  Lawrence:  Yes.  RT 216  Streeter:  Did you assist in the printing of any emails in the case of People vs. Kelley Lynch?  Lawrence:  Yes.  Streeter:  And did you get those emails from a binder, a black binder?  Lawrence:  Yes.  Streeter:  … Let me show you People’s 10.  I want you to look at it.  RT 216  Streeter;  Do you recognize People’s 10 … What is it?  Lawrence:  It’s a binder that held all the CDs that all the emails were on … I worked with another Law Clerk in our office [Antoinette Henry].    Lawrence:  I used a blue tab to denote the date and then yellow tabs were to separate each email from the other ones.  RT 218

Exhibit 19 – Binder – Emails dated December 18, 2011

Exhibit 20 – Binder – Emails dated December 18, 2011 Two of Two

PD:  How did you get this little black binder that you said has CDs?  Where did you get it?  Lawrence:  Sandra gave it to me.  PD:  Okay.  So Ms. Streeter.  Lawrence:  Yes.  PD:  Do you know where Ms. Streeter got them from?  Lawrence;  I don’t know, no.  PD:  Did anywhere when you were viewing the records in this case, did you see any subpoenas?  Lawrence:  No.  PD:  Did you see any subpoenas from AOL?  Lawrence:  No.  PD:  Okay.  Do you know who the registered owner of the actual email address is?  Did you get that information?  Lawrence:  No.  PD:  Did you get information of the IP address where the registered user registered?  Lawrence:  No.  PD:  Did you get the IP address for every time those were sent?  Lawrence:  No.  RT 223  PD:  Okay. So there’s five lines in that current email.  Can you tell us how many pages that email [with forwarded thread] is?  Lawrence:  This particular one is 1 of 27 pages.  PD:  Okay.  So there’s 27 pages in that document, but only five liens were a new email?  Lawrence:  Yes.  RT 224  PD:  Now, isn’t it true, from your view of these emails, that most of these emails are addressed to some people not named Leonard Cohen, correct?  Lawrence:  I’m sorry.  I didn’t look very closely at all the names that were in the emails.  RT 226-227  PD:  That second email … it says “Hi Steven,” correct?  Lawrence:  Yes.  PD:  It doesn’t say Hi Leonard … Hello Mr. Kory … Hello Ms. Rice?  Lawrence:  No.  PD:  That third email also says, Hey Steven, correct?  Lawrence:  Yes.  RT 227


Streeter:  I’m going to go back to what I was trying to cover yesterday, an email from February 13, 2011 that was sent at 11.25 AM … it’s in People’s 13 … February 13, 2011.  I think it’s 7.52 AM.  RT 230  Cohen:  Yes, I am a recipient … Streeter;  I’m going to play you some voice mails of February 2011.  This should be on page 1 of the second transcript.  RT 231

CD Played.  Voice Mail February 15, 2011

Streeter:  Did you receive that voice mail message approximately February 15, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, I did.  RT 231 

Review evidence dated February 13, 2011 at 11.25 AM; see if there’s also a 7.52 AM and what the differences might be.  Review Voice mail February 15, 2011.  

Streeter:   Is the voice mail … the voice mail you received from Ms. Lynch on approximately February 15, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  Streeter:  Okay.  Now, thinking of what’s in the email that the People asked you to peruse that’s dated February 15, 2011, I believe that’s 7.52 PM, right, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  This is February 13.  Streeter:  I’m sorry, February 13, 2011 at 7.52 PM.  In listening to the voice message the People just played for you, would you say that what is discussed is fairly similar to what was sent in the email dated February 13, 2011?  Cohen:  It does touch on the same subjects, yes … Streeter:  I’m going to play some more for you.  RT 231-232

CD Played.

Streeter:  Do you hear the mention of a gentleman by the name of Dennis Riordan in that last sentence, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  No, I didn’t.  RT 234

CD Played.

Streeter:  Did you hear a mention of a Dennis Riordan in there, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  Yes, I did … Streeter:  Did you receive that voice mail message approximately February 15, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, I did.  RT 234  Streeter:  Do you recall if Ms. Lynch has mentioned Dennis Riordan in any of her emails?  Cohen:  Many times, but I just don’t remember at this moment what the connection is.  RT 235

Exhibit 21 – Binder – Emails dated December 25, 2011 through December 26, 2011

Streeter:  Do you recall if you received an email from Ms. Lynch on approximately December 25th, 2011 at about 5.28 AM? … Just look at this one, the first page.  Okay, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am … Streeter:  Did you receive an email from Ms. Lynch on December 25th at approximately 5.28 AM?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am, I did.  RT 236  Streeter:  Is there any mention of a Dennis Riordan in that email?  Cohen:  Yes, I believe there is.  Streeter:  … Is Mr. Riordan one of the recipients?  Is there, like, Dennis – Cohen:  He’s the first recipient.  RT 237  Streeter:  What’s the first name that appears on that email?  Cohen:  It’s Dennis Riordan.  Streeter:  Okay.  Does it say Dennis Riordan or Mr. Riordan?  Cohen:  It says … Streeter:  Who’s the name on the first line of the text – the actual text of the email?  Cohen:  Mr. Riordan.  PD:  Object to relevance.  Court:  Overruled.  RT 237-238  Streeter:  And what is the subject line of this email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  One hapless toad who chose not to live in California has more rights than Phillip.  Streeter:  And that Phillip, is that the Phillip, Phil Spector?  PD:  Objection; speculation.  Court:  Sustained.  RT 238

Review Evidence December 25th, 2011 at about 5.28

Streeter:  I want to show you  -- do you recall whether or not you received an email message from Ms., Lynch on December 18th, 2011 at 5.28 PM?  … Just look over the page, that sender and the recipient and a little bit of the text, the first page.  RT 238-239  Streeter:  Did you receive an email from Ms. Lynch December 18th at approximately 5.28 PM?  Cohen:  Yes, I did.  RT 239  Streeter:  Now I want you to look at the first page of the email and see if there is any mention of the District Attorney or Steve Cooley in there?  Cohen:  Yes, there are many mentions.  Streeter:  Okay.  If you could read the first part of the text of the email to right here, Mr. Cohen.  RT 239  Cohen:  On 12/19/11, Kelley Lynch wrote, “Cooley, I am taking you down.  That’s a fact.  Even my Republican parents understand that you set Phil up.  We don’t understand how you were elected.  Lynch.”  … Streeter:  And what is the subject of that email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  The subject is re. Let’s wish Phil Spector a Merry Christmas.  He has loved my son Rutger since he was born.  RT 240

Cohen:  There have been several email addresses.  RT 241 [referring to KL email accounts that were targeted by Gianelli, Blaine, etc.]

Streeter:  Do you recall whether or not you received such an email, a threatening email, on December 29th, 2007 at approximately 11:57 PM? … Streeter:  I think it’s a 12 page document I’d like to mark s People’s 22.

Exhibit 22 – Email – December 29, 2007 @ 11.57 AM

Review Evidence – Email December 29, 2007 @ 11.57 PM

Streeter:  Do you recall receiving such an email from Ms. Lynch on that date and at that time.  Cohen:  Yes, I did receive it … Streeter:  Is the email address the same as the Kelley.lynch.2010 or is it a different email?  Cohen:  It’s a different email.  RT 242 [Cohen testifies that he recognizes the email address.]  Streeter:  How many people did she send that email to?  Cohen:  It looks like she sent it to a hundred.  Streeter:  Now I want to direct your attention to … page 4 of the email … And if you could read that part after December 29.  Cohen:  On December 29, 2007 at 9.53 AM, Kelley Lynch wrote “Good Morning, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche.  I think my response to Cohen was quite tempered, well tempered.  If other people were in my shoes, he’d probably be dead by now.”  RT 243

Streeter:  Do you recall receiving an email from Ms. Lynch approximately August 27, 2006 @ 7.03 AM?  … I have a one page document and it says on the top of page 1 of 3 … People’s 23.  RT 243-244

Exhibit 23 – Email – August 27, 2006 @ 7.03 AM.

Streeter:  If you could read it, Mr. Cohen.  Cohen:  Leonard Norman Cohen should be taken … before a firing squad and shot.  Streeter:  Did you take that as a threat, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I did, Ma’am.  RT 246

Streeter:  December 18, 5.28 AM … Do you recognize that email, Mr. Cohen? … Are you one of the recipients of the email?  Cohen:  Yes.  RT 247  Do you recall receiving an email from Ms. Lynch on December 18, 2011 at 5.39 PM? … Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am.  RT 247-248  Streeter:  Do you see – in one of the recipients, do you see Cooley, the name Cooley as one recipients? … Cohen:  Yes, I do.  Streeter:  And what is the subject of that email?  Cohen:  The subject is re: Let’s wish Phil Spector A Merry Christmas.  He has loved my son Rutger since he was born. … Streeter:  I’m going to play you some more of the voice mail messages … Would you like to look at the transcript … Cohen:  Yes, I would.  RT 249

CD Played.  Voice Mail – February 15, 2011

Streeter:  Did you receive that voice mail approximately February 15th, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am.  RT 249 Streeter:  And in that voice mail where I stopped right before there, was there anything that was said that you took as a threat?  Cohen:  The tone is menacing.  And then “Cohen is going to be hung” is not really agreeable to hear.  RT 249-250  Streeter:  Did that cause you to be concerned about your safety?  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  RT 250

[NOTE:  I never said “Cohen is going to be hung” but I saw it in the wholly incoherent transcript … transcribe voice mail message.]

CD Played – Continues with February 15, 2011 voice mail

Streeter:  We’re going to fast forward a bit … to page 13, the middle of page 13.  RT 251

CD Played – Continues with February 15, 2011 voice mail

CD Played.  Voice Mail – May 11, 2011  RT 252

CD Played.  Voice Mail  - May 11, 2011 RT 253

CD Played.  Voice Mail – May 11, 2011 RT 254

CD Played.  Voice Mail – May 11, 2011 RT 254-255

Streeter:  Do you recall if you received a voice mail message from Ms. Lynch around May 19, 2011?  Cohen:  I believe I did.  RT 255

CD Played – Voice Mail – May 19, 2011 RT 255

Streeter:  Do you know a person by the name of Paul Shaffer?  Cohen:  Yes, I know him.  Streeter:  Who is that?  Cohen:  Paul Shaffer is David Letterman’s bandleader.  Streeter: ... Do you know a person by the name of Dylan?  Cohen:  Yes, I do.  Streeter:  Who is that?  RT 256  Cohen:  That’s Bob Dylan.  Streeter:  Okay.  Were you ever – were you ever with Mr. Dylan when Ms. Lynch was in your employ?  Cohen:  I met with Bob Dylan several times.  We have a cordial acquaintance.  Streeter:  How about Mr. Shaffer?  Was he ever around when Ms. Lynch was in your employ?  Cohen:  I -- I believe -- I wouldn’t say she was around, but I did bump into him a couple of times under professional circumstances.  Streeter:  And Ms. Lynch was present?  Cohen:  No.  Streeter:  ... Are you from America or from a different country?  Cohen:  I’m from Canada.  Streeter:  Is Mr. Shaffer from Canada?  Cohen:  I think he is.  I’m not certain.  RT 257