Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ Re: Leonard Cohen & LA Confidential

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 2:03 PM
Subject: Re:
To: DOJ  cc:  FBI, IRS, Dennis Riordan, Multiple Recipients

Hello DOJ,

Vanderet, as usual, is lying.  What this evidence supports is legal conspiracy involving Leonard Cohen, the former District Attorney Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, the City Attorney, and others.  It also goes to motive.  Why is Leonard Cohen testifying about emails I allegedly sent Steve Cooley.  How does he know that Cooley (or people near him) received these emails?  I have a FOIA request response from the DA that says Alan Jackson couldn't open my alleged emails.  They were unable to locate my Complaint to their Major Fraud Unit re. Cohen's theft but were able to discuss it with the City Attorney?  As I wrote Cutler, who can marry Gianelli for all I care, perhaps they will literally confess to a legal conspiracy.  Investigator Frayeh felt Gianelli may have found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson about me.  He just wrote criminally harassing Dan Meade, arguing Leonard Cohen's legal issues, and raised Phil Spector's murder trial.  He ended up in receipt of an email I sent Michelle Blaine that he was not copied in on.  I tend to doubt Ron Burkle, Kevin Huvane, or Bryan Lourd provided Gianelli with that email and he was clear - he and Blaine see eye to eye about me.  They also illegally targeted my email accounts and blogs.  Do you personally believe that Cohen was permitted to fraudulently modify that nature of the Boulder order?  What is the involvement of the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Unit here?  Streeter, and this is a fact, lied relentlessly about IRS and federal tax matters and then retaliated.  The stakes must be high for the people who haven't nailed a celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle.  The DOJ should investigate what information was provided to LAPD's TMU about me and by whom.  Also, what was the issue with the Jewel Thief detectives who came to my house and lied to my face?  Demands an investigation.  As Sharmapa noted - I am the victim of corrupt politicians and law enforcement.  I would assume that's why Gianelli targeted and slandered him with others on his positively obscene blog that was basically devoted to Phil Spector.

All the best,

Streeter:  Do you recall – do you recall if you received an email from Ms. Lynch approximately December 24th, 2011at 3.07 PM? … I’m sorry Your Honor.  I haven’t marked this one before … Court:  Eighteen.  RT 204

Exhibit 18 – Emails dated December 23rd, 2011 to December 24th, 2011

Streeter:  I’m going to show you an email from what’s been marked as People’s 18 … are you included in that email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am, I am.  RT 204  Streeter: … Just briefly look it over.  Cohen:  This goes up to 47 pages.  I don’t know whether anyone has the patience for this.  RT 205  Streeter:  Sir, look at the first page of it.  Reviewing the email the first few pages, is there any mention of Mr. Cooley, Mr. Jackson and yourself?  Cohen:  Yes.  PD:  Again, Your Honor objection; relevance as to those individuals.  Court:  Overruled.  Streeter;  Okay.  Can you please read that portion that talks about you, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Jackson.  It’s on page 1 of the email.  PD:  Objection; leading.  Court:  Overruled.  Cohen:  Phil Spector is in prison for Christmas because Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson had to run for District Loser.  Well, Steven Machat is a music insider who knows Cohen is a fraud and a thief who has stolen millions from his father and himself.  RT 206  Streeter:  One final email.  December 26, 2011 at 7.09 PM.  RT 206  Streeter:  And I want to show you page 2 of the email, the top of page 2 … Cohen:  On 12/27/11 Kelley Lynch wrote:  Cooley, after your office threatened me, you are darn right, I threatened to break your jaw.  I asked you to meet me in the gym.  My invitation stands.  I know you are the corruption in LA and breaking your jaw would be my pleasure.  I know law enforcement will rush to your aid.  Why?  RT 207  Streeter: 

CD Played.

Streeter:  And did you receive that voice mail around April of 2011?  Cohen:  Correct.  RT 207  Streeter:  And is that … voice mail message that you received from Ms. Lynch around approximately April 8, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  RT 208

Review evidence December 24th, 2011at 3.07 PM; December 26, 2011 at 7.09 PM.  Review April 8, 2011 voice mail message and type transcript.  Subpoena information from LAPD’s TMU re. Cooley – my federal lawsuits. Ask federal judge to take judicial notice of lawsuits re. Steve Cooley retaliation against Deputy District Attorney's and members of the City Attorney retaliating against Steve Miller (including Vivienne Swanigan who instructed Gianelli to continue criminally harassing me and directed him to convey official messages from the City Attorney to me; may have provided him information about me; etc.)

Public Defender:  I know I’ve made objections, but a lot of these I don’t think go to the relevance of he knows about Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson that don’t reference Mr. Cohen.  Court;  Well, they – you know, I don’t want to get into detail here, but they go to an element in 653m.  In fact, several of them.  We don’t need to – we can debate that some other time.  RT 209


On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hi Mr. Riordan,

My prior bad act?  I view Cooley as a "gangsta."