Friday, November 21, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To DOJ Re: Leonard Cohen's Publicly Documented Drug Usage, Nickname - Captain Mandrax, Phil Spector Testimony, & IRS Federal Tax Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: Kelley Lynch's Alleged Trial - Transcript
To: IRS, FBI, DOJ, Dennis Riordan, Esquire  cc:  Multiple Recipients

Hello DOJ,

Making my way through the transcript (see below). Streeter is eliciting testimony re. drugs, Steve Cooley, and Phil Spector.  I have commented on the Spector testimony below.  As for Captain Mandrax's publicly documented drug abuse, including LSD, please see these links.  The third link below shows Cohen, high on acid, unable to perform, walking off-store.  At approximately 3.58 you will see Cohen backstage.  The individual speaking to Cohen is Marty Machat who was livid that this man intended to walk away from a concert, where people may have traveled hundreds of miles to see him, and the promoters would be forced to refund the money leaving many bills unpaid.  Leonard Cohen speaks constantly to the news media, who write for strangers, about his drug usage.  He discussed his "meth" use with Sylvie Simmons around the time of my trial from what I can tell.  Leonard Cohen's conduct annoys him and the rest is a lie.  I haven't gotten to the part where Streeter insanely tells the judge that Cohen's drug usage is my "common plan and scheme."  That is a bald faced lie.  Leonard Cohen's drug usage was and remains Leonard Cohen's drug usage.  The judge refused to permit defense witnesses, impeachment testimony, and allowed Cohen to simply testify about the content of the alleged emails that were indeed altered as they do not have the forwarding information.  There is no evidence chain of command, as I've said.  Streeter and the PD's comments about what a juror may or may not have heard are astounding.  Evidently, the "IRS binder" was amusing.  Cohen lied when he testified that Steve Cron was his lawyer - on two occasions.  He was mine.  I didn't not sign a conflict waiver with Steve Cron and Cohen.  Steve Cron never mentioned "attorney/client" privilege with Cohen.  He is simply lying.  I told Steve Cron that I did NOT want to be dragged into the PS trial.  He told me to leave.  I met the detectives as I left Cohen's house.  I was NOT in his house.  Not one word throughout this trial is the truth.  

Streeter begins to elicit testimony about the IRS and federal tax matters.  However, I NEVER requested tax returns or amended tax returns at that point.  I have now asked to inspect the corporate books, records, and tax returns.  I have heard absolutely nothing.  Hopefully, some judge will fine these liars.  

All the best,

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Streeter:  Do you recall receiving those voice mail messages sometime in July of 2011?  Cohen’s That’s right, yes, I do.  RT 143  Streeter:  And did you forward those voice mail messages to your attorney?  Cohen:  Yes, I did.  RT 144  Streeter:  Do you recall hearing Ms. Lynch say words to the effect about hanging up?  Is that a yes?  Cohen:  My particular answering machine, if I pick up the receiver while – If you pick up the receiver while the message is being recorded, it will stop the message.  It will cut off.  So I just picked up the receiver and put it back down again.  Streeter:  Why did you do that, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I think there were people in the house and this message was gig on for a long time.  I didn’t want to hear any more of it.  RT 144-145  Streeter:  Do you recall whether or not there was any mention of drug usage in those voice mail messages?  Cohen:  The one we just heard?  Streeter:  Yes.  Cohen:  Yes, there was.  Streeter:  Do you recall yesterday – last Friday – looking at emails where you and Mr. Cooley, the District Attorney, and Mr. Jackson were linked together by Ms. Lynch?  Cohen:  Yes, I do remember that.  Streeter:  Was the District Attorney referred to in the voice mail message that we just heard?  Do you recall?  Cohen:  I think so.  Was it Mr. Cooley?  Yes, I believe.  Streeter:  Do you recall any mention of a DA?  Cohen:  I think there was, yes.  RT 145

Review the dates of all voice mail messages & emails with Cohen’s 2008-2011 tour schedule. 

Streeter:  This is coming from Peoples 10 and it’s Tab 3.  It has various dates of September … I’m going to play you a voice mail message.  It has the date of September 20th.

CD played.

Streeter:  Do you recall receiving that voice mail around September 20th, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes I do.  RT 147  Streeter:  Let’s listen to the second one and I’ll ask you some more questions.  RT 148

CD played.

Streeter:  Did you receive that voice mail approximately September 20th, 2011?  Cohen:  Yes, I did.  RT 148

Sidebar:  PD:  Right after the morning break, counsel and I were somewhat discussing this case after the jury had left, when unbeknownst to us Juror No. 1 had been in the back and had come out.  I don’t know what was heard.  We were talking about the case, something – It was kind of in jest and kind of light-hearted.  I think counsel – Streeter:  Yes.  I had gotten some documents from Mr. Kory and I gave it to defense counsel.  Kelly:  And there was – I don’t know if there was a joke or something about – something that could – Streeter:  I could send a messenger.  Court:  Do yu want me to make inquiry?  It seems like making a big deal out of nothing … I appreciate your letting us know, but I don’t think any further inquiry.  It doesn’t sound like there’s any potential.  Streeter:  At the point he came out we weren’t even talking.  Kelly:  Right. We had stopped, but right when he came out.  Court:  We’ll try to be more careful about making sure all our jurors are out.  I’ll try to watch them now when they leave.  RT 151

This is one of the more deranged conversations I have ever heard in my entire life.  Evidently the PD (Kelly) and Streeter found the “IRS Binder” amusing.  Lynch advised Ramnaney to subpoena Agent Tejeda and was only able to review the “IRS Binder” for a few minutes.

Streeter:  Do you recall around Halloween of last year [2011] whether or not you received any more voice mail messages from Ms. Lynch?  Cohen:  Around the end of October, yes.  RT 152  Streeter:  This is from the book with all the DVDs … I think it’s Tab 5 that had these voice mail messages, and we’re on page 18. 

CD Played.

Streeter:  Did you receive that voice mail message approximately October 20th, 2011?  Cohen:  31st, 2011.  RT 153 

CD Played.

Streeter:  Do you recall any mention in that voice mail message about drug usage on your part?  Cohen:  Yes, I’m accused on using drugs.  RT 154

CD Played.

Streeter:  Do you recall her mentioning in the very last voice mail message the People played for you any mention of drugs?  Cohen:  Yes.  There was a suggestion that I’m on drugs.  Streeter:  Do you recall any mention of a business relationship that you and she may have had?  Cohen:  Yes, she spoke about her – her taxation.  RT 156  Streeter:  The People recall you testifying previously that Ms. Lynch has on some occasions asked about getting tax returns; is that correct?  Cohen:  Yes, many times.  Streeter:  Amended tax returns; is that correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am.  RT 157

Streeter:  Do you recall if also in that voice mail message there was any mention of Phil Spector?  Cohen:  Yes, Phil Spector’s name was mentioned.  Cohen:  And his attorneys; is that right?  Cohen:  I believe so.  Streeter:  Now, is the discussion of Phil Spector something that is common in the voice mail messages that Ms. Lynch has left you?  Cohen:  It’s almost routine.  RT 157-158  Streeter:  What about the email messages that Ms. Lynch has sent you, particularly in the time period of February 2011 to February 2012?  Is the topic of Mr. Spector a common topic? Is the topic of Mr. Spector a common topic?  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  Streeter:  Would you say that that is almost routine as well?  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  Streeter:  Did you have any involvement in the Phil Spector trial?  Cohen:  None, whatsoever.  RT 158 Cohen:  May I qualify that?  Streeter:  Yes.  Cohen:  At the very beginning of the trial, after the – the death of Lana Clarkson was made public, I was visited by two Sheriffs from the LA County.  And they interviewed me as to my relationship with Phil Spector.  My attorney, Mr. Cron, was present at the time.  [Steve Cron was my attorney; Cohen later testifies that “an attorney” was present.]  I told the detectives that Phil Spector had produced an album of mine in 1977, and they asked me about some stories that were circulating in the newspaper about his use of guns in the studio. I told them of my experience.  Then they asked me when I’d last seen Phil Spector.  I said the last I’d seen him was shortly after the record was released, which I think was 1977 or 1978, and I hadn’t seen him since.  When they discovered that I hadn’t seen him since, they were no longer interested in interviewing me and left.  So that has some connection I did have with the trial.  Subsequent to that, I’ve had nothing to do with the trial whatsoever.  Streeter:  Now, when you spoke to the detectives do you know where Ms. Lynch was?  Cohen:  My attorney, Mr. Cron, asked Ms. Lynch to leave the room, so that I think the attorney/client privilege would not be challenged.  Streeter:  But she was somewhere around?  Cohen:  She was in my house.  RT 159

Given the fact that Steve Cron was my attorney it would be impossible for Cohen to have attorney/client privilege with him.  Cohen told me for 20 years that Phil Spector never held a gun on him.  After the detectives left he advised me and my mother that he told these two detectives that his stories about Phil Spector were good rock ‘n roll stories.  I also phoned Paulette to confirm that the detectives had stopped by and she recalls my explaining this situation to her.  Furthermore, I advised Steve Cron that Phil Spector was a very dear friend of mine and I did NOT want to be dragged into his trial, was concerned that a custody matter would be used against me, etc.  THAT is why he advised me to leave.  I did not stay in Cohen’s house and left immediately.  I met Detectives Tomlin and Fournier on the steps on my way out, stopped and greeted them, and left.  Furthermore, Cohen’s statements or testimony were used before the Grand Jury in Phil Spector’s matter.  Mick Brown has confirmed reviewing the transcripts. The Grand Jury legal adviser, who advised me to contact Dennis Riordan (or PS’ appellate attorney), did not know what witness presented this information to the Grand Jury.  Cooley’s investigator was in the Courtroom, hanging around with Cohen and his lawyers, witnessed lunching with Cohen, and Cooley’s office – according to Streeter – contacted the City Attorney’s office and, at the very least, mentioned that I fought with the DA who refused to prosecute Cohen after receiving my Major Fraud Complaint.  Fascinating, as I have their FOIA request response (from 2011 – prior to this trial – that fails to uncover that Complaint or any reference to it).  Cohen also appears in the prosecution’s motion in limine that is readily available online.  All of this information is Brady material that should have been provided to the Defense.  The DA’s office has the Grand Jury testimony.