Monday, May 6, 2013

The Los Angeles City Attorney Thinks Theft From Machat & Machat Was An Attempt To Annoy Leonard Cohen - I Don't Think Steven Machat - Highlighted By The DA's Office - Agrees

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Here's the evidence the prosecutor questioned me over.  She didn't think the theft from you and your father was LEGITIMATE.  You and I disagree.  We agree on this - it was and remains part of my case against Cohen.  His insanity has now spilled over into reality and slander and a happy face are  not a defense.  They are, however, in LA Confiential.

Marty Machat's Letter To Cannon Carter/Irving Trust - re. his share of Stranger Music, Inc.

Hi Steven,

I found another letter of your father's letter to Cannon Carter/Irving
Trust, NYC dated November 25, 1970.  Let me know if you want me to
send you a copy.  Content below.  The letter I sent Boies Schiller
submitted the check for $30,000.  Your father seems convinced that he
owns 15% and Bob Johnston owns 15%.  This company then became (in
California) LC Stranger Music which Cohen sold to Sony.


Dear Cannon:

The following are the relevant details on Stranger Music, Inc.

Stranger Music, Inc. is presently owned by a client of ours, Leonard
Cohen, who owns 70%.  I own 15% and Bob Johnston of Sincere
Productions, Inc. owns 15%.  In order to acquire this ownership we
recently purchased 49% of the stock of the company for $130,000.
Therefore, in my most conservative opinion, the company is worth in
excess of $300,000 but I believe it is worth in excess of $500,000.

We have paid $50,000 on account of the purchase and owe $30,000.  The
$30,000 is due December 1st and the balance of $50,000 is payable
$25,000 on July 1, 1971 and $25,000 December 1, 1971.  In 1971 we have
in excess of $85,000 in foreign advances coming in in addition to
current income for mechanicals and performances which exceed $50,000 a

Since it is a recent acquisition and we have changed accountants it
will be a little while before I can get you a financial statement on
the company.

As I advised you, we intend to borrow $30,000 in order to meet the
payment due December 1st of $30,000.  The $30,000 will be repaid as

a.  I have been advised by Leonard Cohen that our French sub-publisher
has applied through his bank in France for the transmittal of $15,000
which should be in your hands momentarily;

b.  The balance of $15,000 will be paid out of current earnings of the company.

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would place the loan of
$30,000 on the books of Stranger Music Inc. for which I enclose a
promissory note.

Martin J. Machat