Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kelley Lynch Indemnity Agreement Signed By Leonard Cohen, Notarized

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, May 5, 2013 at 3:44 PM
Subject: Kelley Lynch - Traditional Holdings, LLC Indemnity Agreement
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Hello DOJ,

How would you interpret this agreement - knowing the annuity agreement was extinguished in 2003 and my promissory note was extinguished in 2002 - without my knowledge, awareness, or permission.  I asked for this upfront because I did not fundamentally trust what was going on with Leonard Cohen, Neal Greenberg, Richard Westin, and others.
Leonard Cohen has intentionally concealed this document and it is a very important document.
All the best,

Indemnity Agreement - Kelley Lynch, Leonard Cohen & Traditional Holdings dated January 8, 2001.  Signed by Indemnitor, Leonard Cohen and Kelley Lynch.

State of California
Los Angeles

Whereas Kelley Lynch has agreed to assist Leonard Cohen with certain personal financial arrangements that entail the creation of Traditional Holdings, LLC and in so doing has provided and will provide value assistance to Leonard Cohen.

Now therefore:

For value received, the undersigned Leonard Cohen (“Indemnitor”) agrees to indemnity, save, and hold harmless Kelley Lynch (“Indemnity”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, or litigation arising out of the following circumstances: any obligation on her part to make good on a certain note for$240,000 in favor of Traditional HOldings, LLC (TH) in the event that TH is for any reason unable to:

1.    Pay in the full the promise of full payment of a “put” described in the said; or

2.    Causes her to have to make any payment to TH (or the assignee or transferree or successor of TH) with respect to the note, but only to the extent Indemnitee has not theretofore in the year year in which indemnification is claimed, received sufficient cash from TH, net of any and all income taxes payable by Indemnitee on such cash, to make good on such liability as to which indemnification hereunder is sought by Indemnitee.

In the event of any cause of action or claim asserted by a party to this Agreement or any third party, the Indemnitee will provide the undersigned timely notice of such claim, dispute or notice.  Thereafter, the undersigned shall, at its own expense, faithfully and completely defend and protect the Indemnitee against any and all liabilities arising from this claim, cause of action and/or notice, and shall at once stand in the shoes of Indemnitee and pay all amounts due as they become payable with no right offset or to her claim for immediate and full payment.

If the undersigned should fail to so successfully defend, the Indemnitee may defend, pay or settle the claim with full rights of recourse against the undersigned for any and all fees, costs, expenses and payments, including but not limited to attorney fees and settlement payments, made or agreed  obe paid, in order to discharge the claim, cause of action, dispute or litigation.

Indemnitor shall pay, to or for the benefit (as she may direct) Indemnitee, all costs and attorneys’ fees with the enforcement of this agreement.

This agreement is binding upon and is to inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives.  

Signed under seal this 8 day of January 2001.

Leonard Cohen

Kelley Lynch

Notarlized:  January 8, 2001
Richard Bernstein

NOTE:  Leonard Cohen and his lawyer extinguished the annuity in 2003 and the promissory note in 2002.  Therefore, this indemnity agreement covers everything.  Leonard Cohen simply doesn't like it and felt entitled to conceal this document and all evidence.  It is Leonard Cohen's unconscionable sense of entitlement that has led to the situation he currently faces.  He will lie in court, on the stand, in legal documents, and do whatever it takes to escape his wrongdoing - including bankrupting me, stealing from me, helping to put me in jail - whatever it takes.  His greed is boundless.  The City Attorney and District Attorney simply feel it is acceptable to defraud taxpayers in order to protect yet another Hollywood fraud in their unconscionably abusive celebrity justice system.