Thursday, May 9, 2013

Does The FBI Actually Understand Why My Sons - And Others - Are Being Criminally Harassed Over Leonard Cohen's Tax Fraud?

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, May 9, 2013 at 7:56 AM
Subject: Re: And nothing changes
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To the FBI,

Let me see if I can clearly articulate this.  I am receiving criminally harassing emails (as our my family members, friends, ex-husbands, former roommates, etc.) for years now.  This morning I have received numerous emails from Cohen's fan - Susanne Walsh - and this lunatic who I believe may be Gianelli.  Gianelli targeted me - and my family (sons) and others - since 2009.  This 14th Sheepdog refuses to cease and desist. 

I have not been harassing the FBI and I saw Gianelli copied in on that email so he might want to read it again since my lawyer was very clear and I will now have him contact the FBI - send every one of these criminally harassing emails to the FBI because my matters are an IRS matter that demand an investigation.

I know what Rutger thinks.  I speak to him. This lunatic has no idea who Rutger is but criminally harassed him for years.  My sister's lawyer spoke to Gianelli and told him to cease and desist.  He refuses to do so and wrote her with my alleged prosecutor copied in. 

I haven't seen Ray Lawrence in months and he is not involved in this situation although the 14th Sheepdog emailed him on at least two occasions yesterday. 

I haven't seen my younger son in years - due to the fact that Lindsey was meeting with Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory and a custody matter was created the day the SWAT team rolled by and I was taken to Killer King.  The entire file is falsified. 

Berkeley PD asked me about the IRS and FBI, Cohen and Spector, and advised me - in no uncertain terms - that my arrest was a waste of taxpayer dollars.  I just spoke to one of the arresting detectives - after calling the FBI and he said he would like to speak to the FBI and my attorney who then advised me to call the FBI back.  No one on my end is confused, including Francisco Suarez - who is being slandered by these lunatics.

My Writ was just accepted by Judge Ricciardulli.  Let's see what lies the City Attorney now presents to the court because the lies they have told to date - including with respect to the IRS - are excessive.  Cohen's perjury is excessive.

I have held a job since 2004.    I don't sponge off of Rutger and this lunatic doesn't know Rutger.
See if you can discern anything criminal in this sentence:  this lunatic's obsession with my sons is frightening.



On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 6:59 AM, <> wrote:
You have been harassing me and my friends - including Stephen Gianelli - for YEARS.

You have also been harassing the Washington Field Office of the FBI for YEARS and they just asked you to STOP emailing them.
Why is the Sheepdog writing the FBI?  I am the one that reported Cohen's criminal tax fraud to the IRS.  My family, friends, and I have been relentlessly criminally harassed by Cohen, Gianelli, Walsh, and others, for years now.

The 14th Sheepdog should go back and read the email.  

Rutger, your son who you injected into your illegal emails to Leonard Cohen in violation of the Colorado restraining order you signed for in 2008, emailed you two days ago (copy to us, the FBI, the IRS, Karen and Ray Lawrence) to say you are mentally ill, need psychiatric help and need to stop emailing people.

Rutger was injected into this matter when Cohen targeted him, my younger son, and took the stand and lied about Rutger's Whole Foods matter which was and remains pathetic and vulgar.  Cohen has the lifelong history - publicly documented - of psychiatric problems, drug abuse, alcoholism.

Someone who you described as your "friend" and "roommate" - Ray Lawrence - whose perceptions you held up three days ago as "conclusive evidence", emailed me, Karenn the FBI and the IRS two days ago to say that you are "totally out of control, drunk" and are "crazy" and have been harassing him with emails about Leonard Cohen.
 Leonard Cohen is not the center of everyone's universe.

Your son Ray Lindsay has said the same things as Ray Lawrence about you.
Gianelli, Walsh, and others, have relentlessly targeted my sons - including Ray as a minor - for years, attempting to lure him into privately communicating with them which is a disgrace.  Cohen targeted both of my children, my elderly parents, sister and her husband (who started no business with his alleged cash), etc.  And then there's Phil Spector and that issue has been addressed in my Writ.  The lengths Cohen has gone are unreal.  I have now heard that Cohen's lawyers contacted SMPD and Boulder PD.  Berkeley PD didn't really seem to buy into this since they asked me about Cohen's tax fraud, the IRS, Phil Spector, the FBI, etc. and told me this is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. 

You have been hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals TWICE.

You have been arrested by the Santa Monica PD, the Boulder PD, the LAPD, and the Berkeley PD.

You were convicted of multiple counts of restraining order violations and criminal harassment in 2012 and sentenced to 18 months in jail.
Fraud restraining orders.  See the investigation currently ongoing with respect to the City Attorney, fraud celebrities and their use of terrorist restraining orders, Hollywood law firms, and LA Superior Court - that is being brought to the LA Grand Jury.

You have served time behind bars.

Your convictions were all affirmed on appeal.

You have been homeless and you have not been able to hold a job since 2004 - and you have been sponging off Rutger and Karen for years under false pretenses.

I have not been homeless since 2004 but Gianelli has been criminally harassing me since 2009.

Game over loser.

Now get lost.
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