Sunday, May 5, 2013

The City Attorney of Los Angeles Has No Budget Woes When He Has To Protect Leonard Cohen, His Tax Fraud, Sabotage The IRS & U.S. Taxpayers - Not When The Celebrity Justice System Is Out In Full Force & Effect - Including Sleazebags Who Think They Are Entitled To Criminally Harass Someone & Retaliate Over An Appeal

Oh Good.  Trutanich has more money to target innocent people over celebrities with.  How comforting. 

The dedicated men and women of the City Attorney’s Office are again to be commended
and congratulated for their courage, strength, sacrifice and resolve shown in the past four
years during the most difficult and challenging financial times in recent memory. I truly
thank them from the bottom of my heart.
WHAT HEART?  The heart that sets up and targets innocent people over fraud celebrities with vendettas, civil liability, etc?  Great - the people have jobs.  They are not bodhisattvas or enlightened beings.  In fact, they appear to lie through their teeth using and abusing taxpayer dollars which is unconscionable.