Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Faces Of Malicious Prosecution By Alisa Spitzberg

MAY 9, 2013 8:30AM

Nancy Dis-Grace-ful and the faces of Malicious prosecution

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Master of ceremonies,  former corrupt prosecutor in Georgia,vengeance junkie, exculpatory evidence despiser, and  guilty as charged advocate Nancy Grace, introduces you to just a few of her peer in malicious prosecution AKA over zealous and malicious advocacy , in the name of the people. First, up is Carlo Mignini, Italian sociopath, in justice seeking garb, as he behaves much more corruptly than the Mafia. The Mafia don't have higher educations and they don't railroad wholly innocent people.
And, then there is Carmen Ortiz, a Federal terrorist set to prosecute a Federal Terrorist, in Boston.
 Lookalike of Los Angeles City Attorney,Elizabeth Mitchell. None of my five six prosecutors have pics online. She wan't even my prosecutor but she has maliciously prosecuted on behalf of the city. Lizzie is one of Carmen Trutanich's most reliable Henchmen. She, and Deputy city Attorney's, Bradley Rothenberg, Jennifer Waxler, Felise Kalpakian, Bernie Brown, Kelly Boyer, Carlos Ramirez, Phyllis Henderson, Sandra Joe Streeter, and Elizabeth Biderman Gertz are the go to guys and girls when Carmen barks his orders. Ms. Mitchell made it so Judge Richard Fruin robbed us blind, and figuratively gang raped the hell out of Henya, Lauren And Alisa Spitzberg. Rape is not remotely a too strong word. Carmen Trutanich and Rocky Delgadillo are in charge of the rapists. A judge who ordered clerk, Suzanne Rios, to alter the minutes and fix my case.  Recognize her brother, Tony? There were more  bad judges, but I'll give them a pass for today.

Mike Nifong,  with rank false accuser, "Crystal " The rich man's Tig Notaro," Magnum.
Relatively speaking, Nifong was disgraced, because the media glare got even fiercer than the absolutely insane immunities afforded prosecutors. Disbarment and one day in jail for  very consciously settting into motion the destruction of the lives of the Duke Lacrosse boys, and their loved ones? Using the taxpayers money to bury people alive? Perpetuating evil and misery under the guise of "the people." It is widely known in legal circles that he was held out as some scapegoat, to give the false impression of prosecutorial accountability. Normally, he'd be promoted to judge. There are many more but that will have to suffice for attentions span purposes, and to avoid the appearance of too much ANIMOSITY on my dear part.

What do these people have in common?Reede Seligman, David Evans and Colin FinnertyAmanda KnoxAlisa Spitzberg
Aaron Shwarz, Carmen Ortiz's now dead "defendant." My adorable mother and sister being kidnapped and held hostage, by the LAPD, according to all known law.
Kelley Lynch, set up by Leonard Cohen, then the Threat Management Unit., when she went to the IRS rather than rat out those that she contends hadn't done anything ratelike.
 The city attorney , Sandra Joe Streeter, sealed the deal with Judge Robert Vanderet and the public pretenders office on Temple.
Kelley was  jailed for eight months by Vile judge and multi millionaire, Robert Vanderet. Sandra Baca recommended she be locked up in Gateways(the new money maker for Carmen and his goons) but that fell through, thank god.
Francis "Coyote Shivers, leaving jail with his knockout wife, Maria Gomes. He and I are two of the few folks who do their stalking when accompanied by loved ones. If you believe his accuser, Paulley Perrette, than you haven't read any of the very compelling evidence. It started with Perrette's attorneys, then The Threat Management Unit, Jose Viaramontes, and Jeffrey Dunn, set him up, and just like with my case and Ms. Lynch's case-- The city attorney and some judges sealed the deal. They both were wrongfully convicted ,and I was not. But, I got no semblance of a fair trial or justice.
 Hell on earth, either way you slice it. A men's group, A voice for men, and a retired LAPD detective, Michael Conzachi, are pursuing justice on his behalf and he better get it before the sentencing on May 31st 2013. He is being terrorized by the L. A superior court, and it's pretty damned tragic.
 These are but a very few of the faces of " WTF why am I doing time if I didn't commit any crime,"folks.. The Duke Lacrosse boys were very wealthy and that alone, kept them out of jail, and allowed the truth to get out in time.

Nancy " My barrettes keep me from going even more off  deep end" Grace is back, you guys! nancygracelaurenShe's here to introduce you to some recently more famous due to alleged Cancer(Tig Notaro) and famous famous beneficiaries of malicious prosecution in the first degree.
Comedian Tig Notaro,  was assisted by the Lavely and Singer law firm, and her complicit ethics free attorney, Allison Hart ,when Notaro became alarmed at the fact that I was mocking her on the internet due to her defaming me and having me banned from any Los Angeles comedy club she could think of.
They hooked her up, and her obvious lies up,  with the LAPD's Threat Management Unit. When Anthony Pellicano was sent to federal prison for working to fix cases for high priced Los Angeles Lawyers like Marty Singer. Singer, and similarly ruthless lawyers, like Ronald Litz, TURNED, and then turned to this unit. This unit pretends to be working for the public, but instead they work to assure positions in very lucrative security firms such as Gavin Debecker. In order to get there they must assure that the clientele of such firms are pleased and that if that entails jailing and destroying the wannabe or actual celebs adversaries? So be it. If they play their cards right i.e use their badges and supposedly intensive training, to please big lawyers and their high paying clients.
The Los Angeles City attorney and members of the DA, as well as many judges appointed by Arnold Shwartzenegger( Marty Singer's client and biggest fan) have made deals with these devils and Me, Kelley Lynch, and Francis "Coyote" Shivers have had to grin and bear it. The Melissa Balin case is a bit different but also a case of very malicious prosecution. What all of us had in common was our alleged feistiness -- not going down easy, against such gruesome Goliaths. Who knows how many had to plea when innocent, and lose all rights to recourse.
These people all lied under oath, repeatedly, and maliciously. Some are ugly some good looking. All belong in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice
469_mStef " I got three jobs and a McSweeneys gig for lying" Willen
Hunter " I obstruct justice for my Z list clientele Seidman, and Reeta "I am just so vile" Piazza. pig and Bentzen Ball guest, Jackie Kashian, sits by lawyer to psychos the stars, Marty Singer. Dunn, false accusation entrepreneur, and supervisor for the soon to be notorious, LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

And for a huge shocker lc laurenAnd, I was biased in the opposite direction for a long while.
 Again, so many more. But, this should do for now.