Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kelly Green Who Has Been Targeting Me As The 14th Sheepdog Is Clearly Affiliated With Its Pal Stephen Gianelli, Sprocket, ,Cohen Fan Susanne Walsh, & Other Cyber-Terrorists - ie, Sprocket

Posts from the Darwin Exception, a Blog dedicated to demonizing Phil Spector and glorifying prosecutor Alan Jackson.  The 14th Sheepdog (Green) recently wrote me to advise that it is actually Alan Jackson.  No surprises there.  I already figured out the connections between Leonard Cohen, his lawyer, fan Susanne Walsh, Stephen Gianelli, Kelly Green, Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson, Sprocket, etc.  I've studied the Social Media and the cyber-terrorists.  This might explain why Green was engaged in some form of lunacy when it questioned me about Phil Spector experts Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden.  And now, the City Attorney is involved also.  Astounding situation but totally LA Confidential. 

Kelly Green said

Damn, girl! I’m so jealous–I want your library and piano. Does Paul have any brothers? Would they be interested in moving to Wisconsin?

Sprocket said

It was nice that you shared these photos again Kim. Even though Paul is laid up and the work on the house is temporarily stalled, he did good. Damn good.

kellygreen said

The evidence will show, the evidence will show Cutler is a f&%king pig, a f*&king pig!
The man really loves to repeat himself.
So much of Cutler’s OS makes me angry–but I find it truly disgusting that he never refers to Lana Clarkson by name, he always refers to her as the decedent–he is a fu*&ing pig, a f%$king pig.