Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evidence - LC Investments, LLC Failed Assignments, Etc.



NOTE:  Leonard Cohen testified that Kelley Lynch handled his IRS filings.  That is a bald-faced lie and perjury. I handled no IRS tax filings and did not handle corporate matters, tax matters, financial matters, or legal issues.  Leonard Cohen just felt it was acceptable to perjure himself further on the witness stand.  He did, however, confirm that his lawyer handled the corporate books and records.  His lawyer and accountant handled his tax returns and tax filings also.  Many of these documents were signed personally by Leonard Cohen.

Certificate of Formation of LC Investments, LLC

Stock Certificate No. 1 issued to Leonard Cohen, Trustee for the Leonard Cohen Family Trust.
Note:  The Leonard Cohen Family Trust was established for probate reasons.  The stock issued by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and Traditional Holdings, LLC were not issued to Leonard Cohen as Trustee and there is no Trust Agreement - nor was there an oral agreement regarding a trust document.

Action by Written Consent of the organizer of LC Investments, LLC where LC, as Trustee of the Leonard Cohen Family Trust established under trust dated October 2, 1998 , is appointed sole member and manager of the LLC.
NOTE:  This entity has issued partnership K-1s to Kelley Lynch for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005 although Leonard Cohen is the sole owner/member/manager and refuses to rescind these documents that were transmitted to the State of Kentucky and IRS.  Robert Kory testified that he understood I was asking them to withdraw these forms.  KL has now filed fraud form 3949(a) with the IRS with respect to these illegal K-1s.

Special joint meeting of members and owners of LC Investments, LLC to have the provisions of Section 341(f)(2) of the IRC applied to any disposition of subsection (f) assets.  The resolution is signed by KL as assistant secretary.

Application for EIN, Form 664, signed by Leonard Cohen.

Operating Agreement of LC Investments, LLC

Certificate of Amendment for LC Investments, LLC

Letter from Leonard Cohen on behalf of LC Investments, LLC to the IRS transmitting Form 9932

1-page typed cover sheet backed by the exclusive songwriter agreement dated 11/18/1996 between Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Leonard Cohen irrevocably transferring the assets under the contract to LC Investments, LLC
NOTE:  This is a 1-page recitation of what appears to be an irrevocable assignment of the writer royalties by Leonard Cohen to LC Investments.  It is not a formal assignment and there are no minutes and these assets are in Blue Mist Touring.  Leonard Cohen had nothing to transfer.

1-page typewritten form attempting to irrevocably transfer from Leonard Cohen to LC Investments, LLC his rights to SOCAN.
NOTE:  This 1-page unsigned, typewritten irrevocable transfer by assignment does not have attached any minutes; any formal assignments, and these rights are in Blue Mist.

Certificate of Good Standing

Letter from RW to KL transmitting the operating agreement and stock certificate for shares of Fedex to LC Investments.
NOTE:  There is a second page attached to this 1-page letter indicating that on September 11, 2000, shares of Fedex (selected by Leonard Cohen personally) that were held for the long term holding period under Section 1223 were transferred by Leonard Cohen to LCI as the new owner.  There is also a handwritten note stating that on September 18, 2000, Richard Westin was informed that the SOCAN arrangement was complete.  The speak was Beverly at SOCAN.  Robert Kory advised Kelley Lynch that all holding periods - re. these corporate entities - were illegal.  The assignment from SOCAN is invalid since the SOCAN rights were held by Blue Mist.

Assignment, Assumption, and Consent of Writer’s Share of selected songs transferred from Leonard Cohen (assignor) and LC Investments, LLC (assignee).
NOTE:  On September 15, 2000, Leonard Cohen, as assignor, attempted to assign the writer’s share of royalties on selected songs which are listed on Exhibit A attached to the assignment to LC Investments, LLC.  This is the same Assignment that was given to Blue Mist on December 15, 1999.

Application for automatic extension of time to file corporate income tax returns for LC Investments, LLC for the tax period ending 2002.

Letter from Richard Westin to Kelley Lynch transmitting Form 2553
Richard Westin transmits form 2553, Election by a Small Business to be taxed as an S Corporation for the beginning on tax period ending 1/1/2003.  RW suggests that they should wait to see how the Bush proposal to eliminate taxes on dividends progresses.  The smart money is betting against it, he says.

Minutes of members of LC Investments, LLC.  
The company discussed filing an S election but waiting until March before filing just in case the dividend exclusion is enacted.  The members (Leonard Cohen solely) discussed that Leonard Cohen received a check from Sony which is transferred to the company during 2002 to strengthen its cash position in anticipation of a possible sale of the company.  The minutes indicate that the company sought legal advice (from Cohen’s tax lawyer).  The transfer to the company, per Cohen’s lawyer, was a short term advance and not a contribution to capital.  

Receipt for submission of form 553 from the IRS.

Minutes of Special Meeting of Board of Directors of LC Investments, LLC electing to distribute earnings and profits re. 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Letter from Richard Westin to Franchise Tax Board on behalf of LC Investments, LLC regarding form 100.

Letter from the IRS to LC Investments, LLC re. receipt of form 8800 for tax period 12/31/2002.
NOTE:  This letter recites that on September 14, 2000, LLC filed form 8832; on January 1, 2003, an S. corp was filed; and on July 18, 2003, a form 880 was filed.  The IRS determined that it should convert form 880 to a form 7004 which is an application for an extension to file corporate tax returns signed by Richard Westin on 2/17/04.

Typed form indicates deposits to LCI which number (less 8 cents) appears on line 6 of the tax return.  Tax payments to LC and KL are noted and correspond with the tax return.

Letter from Richard Westin to the Franchise Tax Board on behalf of LC Investments enclosing a check for $1,131.03 in payment of the 2001 tax liability.
NOTE:  THe check is issued from Richard A. Westin Consulting, Inc. bank account in Kentucky.

Tax Returns:

3/14/2002 - Form 1120, US Corporate
Signed by Richard Westin.

6/20/2004 - Form 1120, US Corporate

Undated - Form 1120S Income Tax Return for an S corp for tax year ending 12/31/03 for LCI.

Undated - Form 100S California s Corp. income tax return 2003.