Monday, May 6, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Operatives Continue To Slander The 14th Sharmapa - Not A Defense To Criminal Tax Fraud - What A Religious Man Leonard Cohen Is - In Hell Maybe

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Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 9:16 AM
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Hi Sharmapa,

Attacking me over my religious beliefs - and you (the 14th Sharmapa) is not a defense.  But, Cohen's a Jew.  He was clear about that re. his insane testimony about meth labs that involved an FBI investigation into a murder, the Aryan Nation, Cartel, meth labs, and meth cooks.  The man is insane. 
The criminal harassment  over my appeal continues.  The appellate division has exposed me to this ongoing criminal harassment.  They refuse to permit me to abandon my appeal.  Have you ever seen such maniacs in your life?  Yes you have - the Sikkim court system. 
Anyway, Sikkimn West continues on with their restraining order terrorism and celebrity justice program.  Coyote Shivers has been targeted by the City Attorney as well.  His deranged and abusive ex-wife is a star of NCIS.  How perfect.  What was her plan - abuse restraining orders, schmooze cops, and make a donation.  Sounds just like Leonard Cohen.  Yongzin Rinpoche advised me to call law enforcement over Gianelli's criminal conduct.  I did.  I spoke to the FBI and LAPD's Threat Management Unit.  My lawyers asked me - why didn't LAPD respond to your complaints?  I'm not a celebrity.  That's clear.

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Subject: Re: The Whore Liars OF Ft. Liquordale ... Drugs, etc.
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In the words of the great Siddhartha Gautama: “No”.

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P.S.  Sharmapa, we want to show the 14th BITCH the mandala.