Monday, May 6, 2013

The Los Angeles City Attorney Attempts To Conceal Leonard Cohen's Criminal Conduct - Abusing The Taxpayer - Trutanich's Budget Woes Are A Self-Inflicted Celebrity Fantasy - No Wonder His Office Threatened Me & His Prosecutor Lied To LAPD - They Are Shameless

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: Threats
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Hi Steven,

I don't think the crack pipe defense really flies in reality.  The prosecutor likes subject line law.  NOT criminal conduct on the part of Cohen.  That's just fine with this lunatic. 

Streeter:  You mentioned that you were trying to contact Mr. Cohen in reference to tax information you needed, right?  That your 1099 or K-1?  Lynch:  Many different tax and accounting and financial information I required to deal with my federal and state tax returns ... Now, once you were released from or quit Mr. Cohen’s employ, at some point later the IRS was of the opinion that money that was missing out of his account, that was income to you, correct?  Lynch:  I’ve never heard that.  I’ve met with the agents for the Treasury and I’ve never been told that, ever.  Streeter:  Well, you mentioned -- Lynch:  I talked to Agent Tejeda, I’ve never heard that.  Streeter:  Well, you mentioned that the IRS came after you -- Lynch:  They didn’t come after me.  (RT 495)  Streeter:  Okay -- did the IRS ever contact you?  Lynch:  No.  Streeter:  I haven’t finished my question, your honor.  After you quit Mr. Cohen’s employ, did the IRS ever contact you about paying back taxes?  Lynch:  No, I’ve never heard from the IRS that I owed the money.  Streeter:  And the IRS never contacted you about any back taxes that you owe?  Lynch:  I don’t owe any money.  Streeter:  So it’s your testimony that no one associated with Mr. Cohen, Mr. Kory, Ms. Rice or any of his business people ever gave you the information, the tax documents that you are requesting?  Lynch:  For the years 2004 and 2005, that’s correct.  And they’ve testified to that as well.  Streeter:  Now, you mentioned that the reason that you continued to contact Mr. Cohen was solely for business purposes, that it was to get the information for the tax documents?  Lynch:  Did I say solely for business purposes?  Kelly:  Objection; misstates the evidence.  Lynch:  I don’t recall that.  Streeter:  Is that the reason why you continued to contact him, is that you needed -- Lynch:  One of the main reasons I contacted Leonard Cohen is for -- I have K-1s that were transmitted to the IRS that do not belong to me. , I was not a partner on LC Investments.  That causes tremendous confusion with my taxes.  I have a default judgment where two companies have been -- Leonard Cohen said he’s the beneficial owner.  That is not factual.  I have the evidence.  This caused my federal tax returns that were filed to be altered.  This causes confusion for me.  Streeter:  Okay.  Lynch:  I have tried to get all of this clarified.  I’ve asked for -- there is not a forensic accounting.  There is a ledger.  (RT 497)  Dear Heather, Leonard Cohen testified, the income and royalties were on the accounting ... (RT 498)  Streeter:  So --- And it’s also your testimony that the emails you sent, you didn’t feel that those were harassing, right, Ms. Lynch?  Lynch:  Asking for information for my federal tax returns and state - including when I’ve been garnished is harassment?  Streeter:  Right:  That’s what you’re saying, none of the emails were harassing.  Lynch:  I was also given legal advice that no one can prevent me from requesting that information from Mr. Cohen.  Streeter:  It’s your position that the emails that were sent -- Lynch:  No.  I feel like I’m being harassed by not being given the information.  So that's a no?  (RT 498)  Lynch:  That’s my answer.  (RT 499) Streeter:  And then the first part, the subject it says, re: Marty Machat letter to Cannon Carter/Irving Trust re. his share of the Stranger Music, Inc., right?  Lynch:  That’s correct.  Streeter:  Okay.  There’s no mention in that about request for tax document in that -- Lynch:  No, but this is information that I feel that Leonard Cohen sold something that I was part of the deal.  This has to do with a very serious business matter that I would like to put on the record, my feeling about.  I was not told -- advised at the time by Mr. Cohen that Steven and Marty Machat owned 15%.  So that’s why that is here.  (RT 499)  So it wasn’t just taxes that you contacted Mr. Cohen about, there were other things -- Lynch:  Other fraudulent matters.  Streeter:  That had nothing to do with -- Lynch:  This may have to do with tax matters, yes.  As I told you, Robert Kory told me that there were problems with Stranger Music and taxes, and this is Stranger Music.  Streeter:  But on that there’s nothing about taxes, correct?  Lynch:  But Stranger Music in a tax problem, and I’ve gone to the IRS on that as well.  So that is a tax matter, yes.  (RT 500)

On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 8:50 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Here's the evidence the prosecutor questioned me over.  She didn't think the theft from you and your father was LEGITIMATE.  You and I disagree.  We agree on this - it was and remains part of my case against Cohen.  His insanity has now spilled over into reality and slander and a happy face are  not a defense.  They are, however, in LA Confiential.

Marty Machat's Letter To Cannon Carter/Irving Trust - re. his share of Stranger Music, Inc.

Hi Steven,

I found another letter of your father's letter to Cannon Carter/Irving
Trust, NYC dated November 25, 1970.  Let me know if you want me to
send you a copy.  Content below.  The letter I sent Boies Schiller
submitted the check for $30,000.  Your father seems convinced that he
owns 15% and Bob Johnston owns 15%.  This company then became (in
California) LC Stranger Music which Cohen sold to Sony.


Dear Cannon:

The following are the relevant details on Stranger Music, Inc.

Stranger Music, Inc. is presently owned by a client of ours, Leonard
Cohen, who owns 70%.  I own 15% and Bob Johnston of Sincere
Productions, Inc. owns 15%.  In order to acquire this ownership we
recently purchased 49% of the stock of the company for $130,000.
Therefore, in my most conservative opinion, the company is worth in
excess of $300,000 but I believe it is worth in excess of $500,000.

We have paid $50,000 on account of the purchase and owe $30,000.  The
$30,000 is due December 1st and the balance of $50,000 is payable
$25,000 on July 1, 1971 and $25,000 December 1, 1971.  In 1971 we have
in excess of $85,000 in foreign advances coming in in addition to
current income for mechanicals and performances which exceed $50,000 a

Since it is a recent acquisition and we have changed accountants it
will be a little while before I can get you a financial statement on
the company.

As I advised you, we intend to borrow $30,000 in order to meet the
payment due December 1st of $30,000.  The $30,000 will be repaid as

a.  I have been advised by Leonard Cohen that our French sub-publisher
has applied through his bank in France for the transmittal of $15,000
which should be in your hands momentarily;

b.  The balance of $15,000 will be paid out of current earnings of the company.

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would place the loan of
$30,000 on the books of Stranger Music Inc. for which I enclose a
promissory note.

Martin J. Machat


On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 8:43 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Lots of activity once your father died.  I know - he didn't want to pay commissions to Machat & Machat and stole your share of IP, etc.  I have evidence that he collected nearly $250,000 on When I Need You.  You're entitled to 25% of that.  Did he pay you?   NO.  Did he pay Phil Spector?  NO.  Is he a thief?  Yes.  Will the slander and happy face work?  Maybe.  He's got the DA and City Attorney now - sabotaging the IRS and U.S. taxpayers.  Cohen's quite clever, no?  He can't live in Canada and his insanity has spilled out into reality so I have a Sheepdog and some lunatic broad from Denmark criminally harassing  me.  I might note that the prosecutor - who raised Stranger Music as an issue as we discussed (illegal discovery) - permitted a man criminally harassing me to copy her in on emails.  I am dealing with LA Confidential.  I'm being targeted over my appeal even though I took your advice.  I tried to abandon the appeal because  it has exposed me and my family to dangerously unstable lunatics with motive.

Anyway, at least Cohen has a happy face.  Journalists suck that up. 


Leonard Cohen Productions, Inc. (created after Marty Machat’s death; becomes Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. - See Leonard Cohen Productions, Ltd. 1970 details above)