Monday, March 21, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to Senate Judiciary Re. Fraud Restraining Orders, DMV Fraud Order, VAWA Funding Fraud, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 9:10 PM
Subject: Fraud Restraining Orders, DMV Fraud Order, VAWA Funding Fraud, Etc.
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Cc: Michelle Rice <>, rkory <>

Senate Judiciary,

Would you kindly review my declaration submitted to IRS on March 1, 2015, the below testimony of Leonard Cohen from my 2012 trial, and the Indemnity Agreement re. TH that Cohen signed.  I would like the Senate Judiciary to address when the City Attorney or LAPD may arrest someone for legitimate requests re. tax and corporate information, an accounting, business information, legal matters, and so forth.  Can local and state government officials help someone intentionally run statute of limitations because they have money, power, and the ability to summon LAPD's TMU, meet with BHPD, and the DA advises them to pursue "intent to annoy" charges?  Do you think LAPD's TMU is conflicted re. this situation, IRS and tax matters, legal issues related to me, and their roles in the 2012 trial and with the District Attorney as they related to me?  

I have sent you copies of my emails to Jules Zalon and Steven Machat.  Why would Gianelli write these individuals?  And do you believe the transmittal of the fraud ledger is evidence of wire fraud?

What do you think of the Von Watteville lawsuit?  Kory advised her to sue and she ended up represented by Gianelli.  Do you believe in extraordinary coincidences?  Why does Gianelli continue to criminally harass me, copy in Investigator Frayeh (investigator on the Spector case), lie to so many agencies about me, and what was going on with his emails to my prosecutor?  This permitted the City Attorney to retaliate against me.  Why did the City Attorney have an IRS binder anyway?  Why did the prosecutor feel she had the authority to determine that IRS and federal tax matters are a ruse and why did she lie that I have the 1099s and K-1s that were due me well in advance of the entry of the fraud default judgment.

Do you believe LA Superior Court has the legal authority to issue a fraudulent DMV order and then have the audacity to tell me I should have litigated that in hindsight when I was unaware of it?  Do I have to be from Stanford to understand that type of logic?  '
Please let me know if Senator Grassley has made any inquiries into why Cohen was permitted to transmit a fraudulent "theft loss" claim to IRS, enclosing the fraudulent fabricated complaint narrative, and why I was not notified that my identifying information was used when transmitting that information.  Cohen's refund application to IRS was made in December 2005, six months prior to entry of the fraud default.  That tends to prove that the failure to serve the complaint was willful and knowing.  Would Senate Judiciary let me know if Agent Tejeda exonerated Cohen?  Also, where is the IRS holding re. the fraudulent default judgment?  See Streeter's Sidebar statements about that "holding."  It's not in the IRS binder.  Exactly what evidence does Streeter have that's the "exact opposite" and can you understand what she is talking about since she thinks I should be drugged and committed for my chatty writing style to Bruce Cutler?  Mike Kelly was referring to the "conspiracy" re. Cohen/Kory in Colorado.  I think that proves retaliation against me re. the fraud default judgment.  Streeter has evidence proving the opposite.  What evidence?  What is her role in the Colorado federal court matter?  Did Cohen's failure to serve the notice of default judgment annoy him?  Is that why Streeter attempted to prove I was served - while homeless.

Bottom line - would the Senate Judiciary let me know if you think these people are criminally insane.

Thank you.


PD:  Okay.  Now, you were aware that 99.5% of that company was owned by Ms. Lynch, correct?  Cohen:  That was a mistake and it was rectified by the lawyer who drew up the papers.  And in arbitration a substantial sum of money was awarded me for his mistake.  PD:  And that lawyer’s name?  Cohen:  Richard Westin.  PD:  And you had arbitration with him?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  PD:  And when did you have that arbitration?  Cohen:  I don’t remember the exact date.  I think it was perhaps 2007.  

Streeter:  If I could just expound a bit on the Court’s position.  The concern the People have that if you do get into the side issue, as the Court has mentioned, it becomes a mini trial and then the People are put in a situation where either we don’t ask appropriate questions based on that or we do.  And then that will lead to further – the People asking more questions of the person in particular that was responsible for getting the default judgment in the holding of the IRS, which was Mr. Kory.  And I think that’s part of the documents that Mr. Kelly is talking about; because the information the People have is the exact opposite.  So I’m concerned about getting too far afield that it will end up being a mini trial.