Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI & DOJ Re. the March 23, 2016 Email Harassment & Attempts to Elicit Information Re. RICO, Legal Conspiracy, Etc.


I am working on my declaration which will be attached to my RICO suit against Cohen, et al.  Here are some notes with respect to that declaration and today’s campaign of harassment over issues Cohen, Kory, Rice, Gianelli, Lindsey, Bergman, and others seem to assume will be addressed therein.  I have not divulged the content of my suit to anyone outside of IRS, FBI, DOJ and other relevant recipients.  Those recipients do not include any of the parties aforementioned.  When you read the slanderous emails re. De. Dre give some thought to the ongoing cover-your-ass operation, Bergman’s representation of Lindsey and Cohen, and an attempt to make it appear that they have diverse motivations.  They have one:  destroy me and my sons due to their own arrogance, greed, and stupidity.


P.S.  Still not served Karina Von Watteville's lawsuit.  It is being attached to the RICO suit and has been addressed therein extensively.  The Sam Menning case is also being attached.  No attempts to serve us have been made.  Tracking the situation carefully and an answer will indeed be filed.  I look forward to this lawsuit and addressing any fraud, willful concealment, retaliation, etc.

On March 23, 2016, I received quite a number of harassing emails from Stephen Gianelli.  He continues to harass me over my RICO suit, fee waiver application before the 9th Circuit (Tax Court appeal) , the slander and defamation issues, and any potential lawsuits I have.   As always, Gianelli inserted insulting  statements into his emails which he copies to third parties, government officials, news media and others.  For instance he advised me:  “You couldn’t sue your own momma. You are way too brain damaged to focus long enough.”  Alan Hootnick, a third party who resides in Chile, was copied on these emails.  Gianelli intentionally inserts extraneous information into his emails.  He has done this since hearing from Kory & Rice in 2009.  He has terrorized my sons using this tactic.  It is also a tactic meant to be delivered to any judge reviewing this evidence.  The situation is highly pre-meditated.  Gianelli now sends his emails to both of my email accounts: and   Stephen Gianelli, who is the RICO Defendants’ co-conspirator, inserts extraneous information into his emails, online posts, blog articles, and communications with third parties.  His emails are used to elicit information, terrorize and intimidate witnesses and other people (including my family members and friends), infiltrate matters (such as IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s Office with respect to my Tax Court Petition), transmit slander and false statements to government agencies (IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, ICE, CIA, City Attorney of Los Angeles, District Attorney of Los Angeles, and others), or simply to taunt and insult me. 

On March 23, 2016, out of the blue, Gianelli wrote me a slanderous email about Dr. Dre.  It started off by advising me that I like to “trash talk” like I am a friend of Dr. Dre.  That statement is a gratuitous insult meant to provoke me into a response.  When Steve Lindsey, Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Daniel Bergman, and possibly others, coordinated the custody matter (using the SWAT/King Drew incident), Lindsey attempted to have me held in contempt of court.  My emails, documenting everything for IRS and others, were submitted to the court.  At that time, Lindsey and Bergman refused to communicate with me although they were ordered to do so by the court.  My son did not communicate with me from May 25, 2005 (apart from a brief call immediately following my release from King Drew) until after he was 18 years of age.  The court ordered his father to have him communicate with me every other night.  I constantly attempted to address this but was willfully stonewalled by Lindsey and Daniel J. Bergman.  Bergman actually advised me at one point that he was not ordered to communicate with me “orally.”  This tactic, parties refusing to communicate with me, has been used against me in the custody matter.  My sons’ lives were destroyed over this situation.  Robert Kory submitted an entirely perjured declaration to the court arguing that he attempted to settle with me, I refused, and falsely accusing me of misappropriating money from Leonard Cohen.  Throughout the litigation matters in Los Angeles and Colorado (from August 2005 through September 5, 2008 and now through the present) Cohen’s lawyers (Michelle Rice, Robert Kory, Scott Edelman and Jeffrey Korn) have steadfastly refused to communicate with me.  In the alternative, I am relentlessly harassed by co-conspirator Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and others.  They slander me, terrorize my family and friends, post articles and comments online filled with false and fraudulent allegations, and routinely lie to government agencies.  This is all done for the benefit of Leonard Cohen and Steve Lindsey.  They also frequently target me over Phil Spector, former DA Steve Cooley, Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson, Deputy City Attorney Sandra Jo Streeter, and others.

With respect to the “contempt of court” issue related to the coordinated custody matter, Lindsey and Bergman argued that, instead of putting me in jail, I should be prevented from speaking with Dr. Dre, Mike Lynne (Aftermath Records), Merv Griffin, Cloris Leachman (Lindsey’s girlfriend’s mother), Ron Burkle, Paul Burger, and Don Ienner.  EXPLAIN WHO THEY ARE.  The court ultimately advised me that I could only contact these parties (excluding Ron Burkle, Paul Burger, and Don Ienner) with respect to business but not personal matters.  I find it deeply offensive that a court, without obtaining the approval of the parties evidently subjected to his order, would violate my first amendment rights.    Gianelli’s email proceeded to slander Dr. Dre.  For a number of years, I copied Rand Hoffman (Business Affairs Universal and Aftermath Records) on my emails documenting the destruction of my life since reporting the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud to IRS, and others, on April 15, 2005 and thereafter.  Gianelli evidently was a “guest at a friend’s $10,000 a night villa in the Resort at Pedregal for a week.”  Stephen Gianelli, a former resident of Napa Valley, is a shameless social climber.  Although I do not know him, he writes constantly, insults me about my inability to find work (which is intentional on the part of the RICO Defendants), inserts particularly inane comments about his worldly travels, and wants to be certain I understand that he and Michelle Rice travel on “private jets.”  Gianelli, who was harassing me by sending photographs of this resort, evidently witnessed Dr. Dre and his entourage at this resort.  This is entirely based on hearsay but Gianelli’s goal is to slander Dr. Dre who was dragged into the coordinated custody matter.  He proceeded to write that Dr. Dre and his entourage were cursing at the pool.  Evidently, “cursing” is a major crime in California while stalking, harassment, witness tampering, witness intimidation, slander, and other tactics are perfectly acceptable.  And, because Gianelli attempts to elicit information, this email was an attempt to elicit information as to how I will address the fact that, during my 2012 “intent to annoy” trial, the issues related to “cursing.”  EXPLAIN.  The slanderous email related to Dr. Dre also appears to be an attempt to separate Gianelli, Kory, Rice, Lindsey, and Bergman by creating a body of information that would initially seem improbable.  For example, Steve Lindsey would not want Dr. Dre slandered.  This tactic has been used between Kory, Rice, and Gianelli as well.  They insult one another gratuitously,  Evidently, it would be far more serious to be accused of engaging in a conspiracy than to represent to the world that they’ve engaged in rather reckless, moronic, and asinine conduct. 

Gianelli uses a blind distribution list to transmit his slanderous emails to third parties.  My roommate, Paulette Brandt, sons, Alan Hootnick, and others are recipients of many of the emails transmitted through the Blind District list.  On March 23, 2016, Gianelli sent me a pathetic email taunting me about my jurors, IRS, Judge Freeman (who he continually refers to as being “corrupt”), witnesses who perjured themselves, my RICO suit, a subpoena I addressed with ICE’s Chief Trial Counsel with respect to the situation with Karina Von Watteville, emails to the Senate Judiciary Committee, defamation, LAPD’s Threat Management Unit, CIA, IRS, and FBI who are copied on emails every day.  This is a blatant attempt to elicit information about these matters and any information I have about the federal agencies, Senate Judiciary, and others copied on my emails. 

Because Gianelli is aware that these emails will be submitted to courts of law, he falsely alleges that I am sending out “threatening emails.”  Every single email I received from this individual (and others harassing me) are forwarded to IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others.  Every email I send advising parties (such as Gianelli, Kory & Rice) to cease and desist or refuting false and slanderous information transmitted to third parties, is copied to IRS, FBI, DOJ, and Treasury.  Gianelli also wants to address who I intend to “sue” which is why he raised that issue.  He is attempting to infiltrate my legal matters, elicit information, terrorize witnesses, isolate me while scaring others, and introduce extraneous information into these emails as the RICO Defendants (and others) understand all too well that I have constantly stated that I will be submitting these emails to courts of law and attaching them as evidence of this highly coordinated campaign of slander, harassment, intimidation, and so forth.

Gianelli then goes on, in these emails, to raise allegations addressed during my 2012 trial.  I most certainly said, at one point, that Cohen should be “shot.”  That is a rhetorical and colloquial manner of speech and not a true threat.  It is an expression of outrage and frustration.  My children were terrorized by these parties and Kory & Rice were copied on emails terrorizing them.  However, the inclusion of this information is also meant to elicit information with respect to my RICO suits.  Gianelli wants to know how I will address the parody email about Steve Cooley and Valentine card sent to FBI and DOJ that my prosecutor used to retaliate against me.  I do not and have not sent out “threatening” emails.  Leonard Cohen simply concocts fantastical statements such as his statements during my trial – without any evidence whatsoever to support the statements – that he fears for his grandchildren (whom I have never met and have no idea where they live) or thinks of me when he hears a car.  Why would Leonard Cohen think of me when he hears a car?  It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever but Cohen is a master with the news media and knows precisely what statements of his will be repeated and regurgitated ad nauseum.  This particular comment is one of them.  Gianelli’s emails also informed me that I “threatened to sue Cohen, Rice, Kory, me, the LAPD, Bergman, Lindsey, the Santa Monica PD, the Boulder PD, and scores of other people.”  This is not other than an attempt to elicit information. 

Stephen Gianelli is also attempting to elicit information, using these emails, with respect to the campaign of slander and harassment I have been subjected to.  This has been ongoing, in the news media, since Cohen granted an interview to MacLean’s (in response to the Natural Wealth Lawsuit) and since Gianelli heard from Kory & Rice in the spring of 2009. 

While my Petition was before Tax Court, Stephen Gianelli wrote (in an attempt to provoke me so that he could transmit slanderous and extraneous information to IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office) that he had communicated with Paulmikell Fabian, IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s Office in Los Angeles.  I initially ignored his statements because I find these emails overwhelming, frustrating, and outrageous.  Eventually, I phoned Mr. Fabian and he confirmed that Stephen Gianelli emailed him and requested a copy of the Petition.  The Petition was posted online at Scribd.  Gianelli is obsessed with my online activities, blog, and Scribd account.  Gianelli was also obsessed with the Tax Court docket and emailed me documents he downloaded.  Exhibits:  Tax Court declarations.

On March 23, 2016, I wrote Mr. Fabian and others with respect to the harassing emails.  Gianelli, who frequently punctuates more serious concerns of his with the word “Ha!,” advised me that  “It is not in Mr. Fabian’s job description to review your civil suit. I don’t know if you have noticed, but he is not even on your tax  case anymore (which case has been dismissed); he has been replaced with a lawyer from the appellate division.”  While the IRS in Washington, DC is handling the Tax Court appeal before the 9th Circuit, there are serious issues related to fraud transmitted to IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office.  Therefore, I intend to deliver a copy of my RICO suit to the IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office.  These parties are well aware of the fact that I am filing a RICO suit and I have been relentlessly harassed over that fact.  I have been relentlessly harassed over my decision to pursue a number of legal remedies.  The RICO Defendants would prefer to remain unopposed.  It is far more beneficial to have slandered publicly and rendered unrecognizable.  In that way, Leonard Cohen and his co-defendants can continue to argue that my attempts to seek legal remedies are an attempt to harass him.  They can also take comfort in the slanderous, defamatory, and unconscionable information transmitted to government agencies, the news media, Oliver Stone’s agents, Ron Burkle, the Scientist, Alan Hootnick, Dennis Riordan, Bruce Cutler, Paulette Brandt, Clea Surkhang, Daniel Meade, Palden Ronge and many, many others.  It is a disgrace and has terrorized my sons, family, and friends.  My friend, Mario Lara, was harassed by Stephen Gianelli and others. It is important to keep in mind that this is how Leonard Cohen operates.  Ann Diamond and I, who know him well, understand this.  Michelle Rice has informed Judge Hess that Leonard Cohen’s fans bring information to them and attached a copy of one such individual’s email to them with respect to my press release. Evidently, the RICO Defendants believe I should not be permitted to transmit honest, accurate information to the news media.

The March 23, 2016 email harassment involves statements about the Mayor and City Attorney of Los Angeles.  Due to the unconscionable activity taking place, and the fact that the City and County have exposed me and others to criminal conduct, I decided to copy City Attorney Mike Feuer and Mayor Eric Garcetti on my emails.  Leonard Cohen was personally able, following Kory & Rice’s report to LAPD, to summon LAPD’s Threat Management Unit.  They were able to lie to LAPD’s Threat Management Unit.  The number of Los Angeles residents being harassed by Stephen Gianelli and others, over Leonard Cohen, is inconceivable.  And there appears to be no remedy.  Gianelli’s emails mention “5150” cases.  This refers to LAPD’s SWAT incident.  At no time did the doctor and King Drew determine that I was a 5150 patient.  The doctor advised me to wait my turn, released me, and informed my son and others that nothing in the file would cause me to lose custody of Ray.  Nevertheless I did.  No evidence was submitted to LA Superior Court.  Steve Lindsey and his lawyer simply concocted a fabricated narrative that involved SWAT, King Drew, and the declaration of Robert Kory.  The City Attorney most certainly was interested in my private legal affairs with Leonard Cohen.  After all, the Deputy City Attorney attempted to prove that I was served notice of the default judgment (Case No. BC338322) when I wasn’t.  She attempted to argue that, even though I was homeless, I filed a change of address with USPS.  I most certainly did not and there is no evidence proving otherwise.  I have no idea if that issue annoyed Leonard Cohen or somehow violated the restraining order.  The City Attorney evidently determined that there are no legitimate tax, business, or legal issues outstanding between me and Cohen.  That is blatantly false. 

In response to this flurry of emails on March 23, 2016, I advised Kory and Rice (as well as Gianelli) to cease and desist.  These parties have communicated extensively for years.  Gianelli has relentlessly targeted me over Leonard Cohen.  Rice advised Gianelli to continue harassing or provoking me.  She was copied on emails terrorizing my sons and others.  Rice was copied on emails transmitting false statements and slanderous information to the City Attorney and District Attorney of Los Angeles.  This information was used to retaliate against me in connection with the probation matter related to my 2012 trial.  That probation violation was the result of Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and others, relentlessly writing the City Attorney’s office – copying Michelle Rice in at times – and lying about me.  I have every right to complaint to that office, transmit grievances to that office, and correct and address slanderous and false statements.  Robert Kory advised Gianelli to bcc him on emails harassing and slandering me.  Kory & Rice understand all too well that IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and others are copied on my emails.  Streeter announced this during my trial and Cohen testified that he understands these parties are copied on my emails.  Gianelli asked “What are Kory and Rice doing?”  This is an attempt to elicit information about my RICO suit and how I plan to argue issues related to the ongoing conspiracy with respect to the scheme to defraud and discredit me.  Gianelli asked “Have they written” me?  Stephen Gianelli is the front man of this group of RICO Defendants and their co-conspirators.  “Have they written” me.  Stephen Gianelli is their co-conspirator and his conduct benefits Leonard Cohen.  However, this is their defense and a classic cover-your-ass operation.  I have advised Kory and Rice repeatedly that this conduct should cease and desist.  They are Leonard Cohen’s mangers, general counsel, and attorneys of record in all matters between me, Cohen, and those that relate to us (Natural Wealth Lawsuit ).
Also on March 23, 2016, Stephen Gianelli wrote about the probation hearing on January 22, 2014.  Judge Barela, whose demeanor was hostile and aggressive towards me, refused to review the evidence (including the email from Vivienne Swanigan to Gianelli encouraging him to harass and provoke me and instructing him to transmit a message from that office to me that they are not in a legal conspiracy with him); refused to hear my Brady motion; refused to define words such as “annoy,” “good faith,” or “legitimate,” was uninterested in the fact that Paulette Brandt was informed by the Boulder Combined Court that the permanent order expired on February 15, 2009, and conducted an utterly shabby and unconscionable hearing.  The judge did ask where all the email evidence, in possession of the City Attorney (copied on those emails) was, and I explained that it was in my email account.  Gianelli is arguing that Judge Barela decided that I was not being criminally harassed and there is no conspiracy with respect to this situation.  The RICO Defendants, and their co-conspirators, use LA Superior Court to engage in racketeering activity with respect to me.  Gianelli, who is an aggressive psychopath, then informed me not to tell him that I have “never threatened Ms. Streeter.”  Let me tell this court then.  I have never threatened Sandra Jo Streeter. My Valentine email was sent to FBI and DOJ.  She used it as an opportunity to retaliate.  I do not have a “kill list.”  That refers to CIA’s disposition matrix related to terrorists and enemies of the United States.  The language was printed on an internet image connected to an article of Glenn Greenwald’s on the drone program and DOJ’s memorandum with respect to that program.  The comment with respect to the “screw loose” may very well relate to my question to Detective Jose Viramontes, LAPD’s Threat Management Unit:  “Does Sandra Jo Streeter have psychiatric problems?”  She has a problem with lying and there is no other way to describe that fact.  At no time did I threaten former DA Steve Cooley.  This is a false and pre-meditated scam with respect to alleged threats that do not exist.  The parties involved in those threat scams are the same parties who targeted me during my trial over them:  former DA Steve Cooley, his so-called investigators, and Deputy City Attorney Sandra Jo Streeter.  I wrote that former DA Steve Cooley should be prosecuted by the Attorney General of the United States.  That is who the President of the United States would instruct to prosecute someone.  Stephen Gianelli is attempting to elicit information as to how I intend to address the false threat scam as it relates to me, my sham prosecution, and the 2012 trial that involves an extraordinary amount of perjured testimony and prosecutorial statements misleading the jurors about federal tax matters and many other issues.

Attached to one of the March 23, 2016 emails is Stephen Gianelli’s January 25, 2014 letter sent to me c/o Lynwood Jail.  He wrote that intentionally, planned to use it in a potential lawsuit, and I reported it as harassment and stalking to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  LASD advised me that they would contact FBI and LAPD’s Threat Management Unit about this letter.  At a later date, I showed this letter and discussed the ongoing harassment and stalking, including as it relates to Leonard Cohen and Kory & Rice, with two detectives from LAPD.  This letter is addressed in detail in the mail and wire fraud section of the Complaint.  It was mailed to Lynwood and transmitted on March 23, 2016 to Alan Hootnick and me.  It is a planned defense to the probation retaliation and campaign of harassment, slander, and stalking that led to that situation.  It argues extensively Leonard Cohen legal issues including those related to the fraud default judgment being used to relentlessly slander me over false accusations related to “embezzlement.” 

 Gianelli’s March 23, 2016 email harassment argues that Judge Hess denied my January 17, 2014 motion to vacate.  The response documents, including with respect to service, are replete with fraudulent misrepresentations and perjured statements.  I did cross-examine Deputy City Attorney Vivienne Swanigan.  Her declaration submitted to the court in the probation matter is also replete with perjured statements.  That is however not at issue in this suit.  I have no idea what Judge Barela concluded and cannot imagine what he was doing.  The matters before Judge Barela and Judge Hess, Los Angeles Superior Court, have nothing whatsoever to do with arguments related to the RICO conspiracy being addressed herein. 

Another email on March 23, 2016 goes onto slander Dr. Dre further.  The comments are farcical, immaterial, transparent, and meant to give the appearance that Stephen Gianelli is not affiliated with Steve Lindsey or Daniel Bergman.  Stephen Gianelli has written Daniel Bergman, offered to provide a declaration in Ray’s custody matter, and has relentlessly harassed my younger son to the point where it made him physically ill.  Even after Ray advised him of this, Stephen Gianelli continued to terrorize him.  I brought this situation to the attention of Bergman, Lindsey, and others relentlessly.  I also faxed Bergman in April 2010 and had someone phone him to confirm that he received the fax.  He did.  Following my filing of the Motion for Terminating Sanctions, Leonard Cohen actually hired Daniel Bergman, a man who destroyed my sons’ lives based on fraudulent misrepresentations, perjured statements, SWAT, and King Drew.  He clearly needed attorney/client privilege with Leonard Cohen with respect to those issues.  Gianelli would also like to know if I currently communicate with Dr. Dre.  He has slandered me to Rand Hoffman, Business Affairs, Universal and Aftermath Records. 

Gianelli is amused with his campaign of slander, harassment, stalking, witness intimidation, retaliation, and terrorism.  I responded to IRS, FBI, and DOJ with respect to this series of emails.  Gianelli’s response, once he was advised to cease and desist, was to write:  “Wow! Golly! Gosh! Tell the judges!  I mean, are you for real? Google alcohol induced encephalopathy. See if it fits.”  Alan Hootnick was copied on this email.  I do not have issues related to substance use.  I also do not know this man.