Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI, & DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Dr. Dre, Killer King, SWAT, Coordinated Custody Matter, & Tax Fraud

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Cease and desist
To: "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, Stan Garnett <>, Mike Feuer <>, "mayor.garcetti" <>, Opla-pd-los-occ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, Whistleblower <>, Attacheottawa <>,, alan hootnick <>, rkory <>, Michelle Rice <>

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

What is going on here?  I've asked Kory & Rice, who have instructed to Gianelli to continue harassing me and bcc them on harassing emails, to hit Reply All if they have questions about my fee waiver application before 9th Circuit, my RICO suit against Cohen, Dr. Dre, coordinated custody matter (default judgment), Kory's declaration in that matter, Killer King or SWAT, etc.  I've asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate the Killer King/SWAT incident because the entire Killer King report is fraudulent and I didn't have a hostage - including my dog.  Cohen perjured himself when he said I wrote an email (not in evidence during the Trial) stating that I phoned LAPD on May 25, 2005. I did not. My sister did not.  I have Lindsey's declaration confirming that he did and he said my neighbors did as well.  My neighbors did not.  I'd like to discuss Robert Kory's memorandum of January 2005 confirming that Cohen nad his representatives failed to report $8 million in income on the 2001 TH return and the phantom income shifted to me but not distributed.  I would like to discuss the fraudulent tax refunds Cohen obtained using the fabricated Complaint narrative and fraudulent expense ledger.  I would like to discuss the IRS Binder that Streeter handed to my public defenders on April 9, 2012 leading me to subpoena Agent Tejeda.  Where is the evidence that Agent Tejeda exonerated Cohen?  Where is the evidence that there is an IRS holding re. the default judgment?   The fraudulent refunds are not an IRS holding re. the default judgment because those refunds were obtained six months prior to entry of the default judgment I was not notified of.  I have not been served Cohen's lawsuit in that case.  The lies about service continue to mount and every one of my witnesses who submitted a declaration (Rutger, Clea, Palden, Dan) have been targeted by Gianelli.  Gianelli's emails made my younger son physically ill but Rice was copied on emails harassing him and slandering his mother.  I have no substance abuse issues.  Cohen did.  It's publicly documented.  I have stolen nothing from Cohen and on March 23, 2012 he testified that I didn't.  He also testified that we were in a purely business relationship so why did LA Superior Court, without notice to me, grant him a domestic violence order?  We were never in a dating relationship.  

The situation with Von Watteville will be addressed in my RICO suit.  That includes her call to Kory, his advice to sue me (over cease and desist letters I sent her), and her subsequent representation by Gianelli.  

Finally, I would like to discuss all testimony and statements about federal tax matters during my 2012 trial and Streeter's statements that I am in possession of IRS required tax and corporate information that I do not have.  Or her position that I am a "con artist" because I know the difference between IRS, FTB, K-1, and 1099.  That would include the illegal K-1s LCI transmitted to IRS for the years 2004 and 2005 which Cohen refuses to rescind.  I also do not have corporate accountings.  The expense ledger is evidence of fraud and supported by Cohen and Prins' perjured declarations.  I would also like to discuss Cohen, Kory and Rice's January 2014 declarations to LA Superior Court.  Kory's addressed federal tax matters.

I want to address nothing whatsoever with the co-conspirator known as "Stephen Gianelli" who terrorized my sons for over six straight years since hearing from Kory & Rice in the spring of 2009.  I have once again advised him to cease and desist.  He wrote Jules Zalon the other night slandering me and lying about numerous issues including the baseless, retaliatory lawsuit KVW evidently filed which I haven't been served.  

Would Dr. Dre call me a snitch?  What would he call Leonard Cohen?  


Tab 2 - Letter from Robert Kory to Internal Revenue Service dated December 13, 2005 regarding Tentative Refund Application 1037704856. This letter - to IRS/Fresno - confirmed receipt of Form 6762 regarding the Request for Missing information to Complete Tentative Refund Application. 

Tab 3 - Letter 662C from IRS dated February 3, 2006 confirmed Tax Refund for Leonard Cohen for tax periods December 31, 2001, December 31, 2002, and December 31, 2003.
This form confirmed that the IRS was processing Cohen’s request for adjustment, dated December 13, 2005. The IRS enclosed copies of the corrections made to Cohen’s form 1045 (Application for Tentative Refund). It confirmed that Cohen would receive the following refunds - $557,196.00, $56,725.00, and $50,919.00 within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Tab 4 - Letter from Robert Kory to Agent Luis Tejeda/Internal Revenue Service Fraud Unit Division of the Western United States dated March 9, 2007.

In response to Agent Sopko’s March 6, 2007 email to Kelley Lynch, Robert Kory contacted Agent Tejeda/IRS and followed up his phone call with a letter. Agent Sopko’s email reads as follows:

Good afternoon Ms. Lynch,

Per our meeting last week, I have found a solid IRS contact that will be better able to assist you. His name is Luis Tejeda, and he is the head of a fraud group at IRS. I spoke with him today and advised him that I would be passing on his contact information to you. 

Office phone and address redacted.

He emphasized that you will need to put something in writing - a summary of all important details, with as much specificity as you have. (For example if you have copies of any paperwork involved, or social security numbers of people involved …) Once you pass the information on to him, he will review it and proceed accordingly. As standard practice, you will not get confirmation that your information was received. However, you may contact Tejeda to follow-up.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please be sure to let me know.

Kelly A. Sopko
Special Agent
Treasury IG for Tax Administration (TIGTA)
Special Inquiries & Intelligence Division

Tab 5 - Letter from Robert Kory to Agent Luis Tejeda dated March 11, 2007 re. allegations made by Kelley Lynch against Leonard Cohen.  Excerpt:  “While I understand that you must be open to Ms. Lynch’s allegations, I would ask that you take whatever steps might be in your power to limit communications that she can then use to further ‘defame’ Leonard Cohen.”
Tab 5 - Letter from Robert Kory to Agent Luis Tejeda dated March 11, 2007 re. allegations made by Kelley Lynch against Leonard Cohen.


While I understand that you must be open to Ms. Lynch’s allegations, I would ask that you take whatever steps might be in your power to limit communications that she can then use to further “defame” Leonard Cohen.
Tab 6 - Letter from Robert Kory to Agent Luis Tejeda dated March 23, 2007 regarding Cohen’s judgment against Kelley lynch for breach of fiduciary duty, common law fraud, breach of contract, accounting, conversion, and imposition of constructive trust and injunctive relief  

Tabs 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, and 6e are documents from Cohen’s fraudulent and retaliatory lawsuit against me:  Complaint dated August 15, 2005, Case Summary dated August 15, 2005 (only discovered this at trial), Declaration of Leonard Norman Cohen, Declaration of Kevin Prins, Declaration of Scott Edelman.

Tab 7 - Default Judgment against Kelley Lynch dated May 15, 2006

On August 17, 2005, MacLean’s ran a companion interview, entitled “Up Close and Personal: Cohen's Lifestyle Seems Anything But Lavish,” written by awe-inspired journalist, Brian D. Johnson:  Through interviewing him over the years, I've developed a bit of a relationship with Leonard Cohen.  That night he told me what he'd hinted at months earlier in an email -- that he'd been stripped of most of his assets, and was mired in a legal battle with his money managers, who would accuse him of extortion. He said it would get nasty and personal, and that his name would be dragged through the mud.

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On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:13 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Alan Hootnick,

Why are you copied on so many emails?  Why would Gianelli, out of the blue, copy you on emails slandering Dr. Dre?  Why is he copying you on emails about my RICO suit against Leonard Cohen?

This man has now lied about Jules Zalon.  That's a very serious situation.  

Let me know if you are unclear that I've advised Cohen, Kory & Rice's co-conspirator to cease and desist.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Mike Feuer and Mayor Garcetti,

Do you have a problem with Dr. Dre?  Would you like to discuss the coordinated default judgment custody matter, fraudulent Killer King report, SWAT incident where LAPD concluded my dog was my hostage, or my RICO against Cohen?  If so, hit Reply All.  Why is this criminal harassing me this morning over my fee waiver application before the 9th Circuit, my RICO suit against Cohen, and slandering Dr. Dre?  What is wrong with these people?

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:07 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Do Kory & Rice want to know what will be in my RICO suit?  Are they interested in the coordinated custody matter or Kory's perjured declaration in that matter?  They can either hit Reply All and ask whatever questions they have or read the RICO suit.  It's that simple.  LAPD's TMU should also understand that.  If they have a problem with "Compton" being in the house, they can call Dr. Dre and complain.  Only Leonard Cohen should be glorified by this town or the stalking unit?  Only Cohen can summon them and lie to them?  Why has Gianelli gone after Oliver Stone and Dr. Dre now?  Those are relevant questions since he wrote the "bloody stump" email. 

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:05 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Kory and Rice,

Let me know if you want to discuss the coordinated custody matter, RICO, etc.  Your co-conspirator is now slandering Dr. Dre.  I will say this much, the situation with Karina Von Watteville will be addressed in the RICO suit.  I think it's a serious issue.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 11:02 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

This man wrote and slandered Dr. Dre to me this morning.  I haven't mentioned him.  How would he know what my relationship with Dr. Dre is or isn't and why is he slandering him?

I have not stolen from Leonard Cohen and he testified that I never stole from him - just his peace of mind.  Cohen didn't fire me.  I refused to meet with him, his tax lawyer, unravel their handiwork with respect to these entities, or privately hand over the corporate records that I felt Cohen wanted to alter, destroy, or conceal.  I never lost my mind.  I don't know this criminal stalker and haven't seen Cohen or Lindsey (unless they are in court perjuring themselves) for over 10 years.  The custody matter was coordinated.  Every word in that matter is a lie.  I have asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate the Killer King/SWAT incident.  The entire file is fraudulent, doesn't relate to me, and I was questioned about Phil Spector en route.  I'm not on welfare and have no idea where this man obtains this information about me.

How would a stranger who has stalked and harassed me, terrorized my sons, for years know what celebrities I speak with?  How would he know if I speak to, for example, Oliver Stone, Steven Segal, or even David Geffen?  I don't make drunken calls and have no substance abuse issues.  That's now Leonard Cohen's defense to legal issues.  Leonard Cohen is the individual with the long history of drug and alcohol abuse.  Cohen is the individual with highly embellished good rock 'n roll stories about Phil Spector, his participation in CIA's MK Ultra program, his role as recon during Bay of Pigs, his decision to join the Israeli military during Yom Kippur War (after giving the Sieg Heil on stage in Germany and attempting to start a riot in Israel high on LSD), and his ridiculous statements about Janis Joplin.  

Gianelli harassed me over Dr. Dre this morning because he is attempting to elicit information.  He is Leonard Cohen's co-conspirator, proxy, and represents his legal interests.  How would this criminal know if I would fit right in with Dre?  Gianelli has lied about the belly dancer I sent to the studio when Lindsey and Dre were recording.  He twists, spins, and tortures Cohen, Lindsey, and his fabricated narratives.

And now he's interested in talking about IRS, FBI, DOJ, and ICE?  

Would Dre call me a "snitch?"  What would he call this criminal who has publicly stated many times that Pat Dixon fears for his life over Eminem's song "Puke" and thinks Eminem wants to dry hump him?  What would Dre think about this criminal's public statements that Alan Jackson fears for his life over Eminem's song "Love the Way You Lie?"  What would Dr. Dre think about being dragged into Ray's custody matter or threats made to Gesar Mukpo, Rutger and Ray about Dr. Dre?  Is Compton in the house?  This criminal wouldn't know.  Does LAPD's Threat Management Unit have a problem with the celebrity known as Dr. Dre?  How Mike Lynne who was President of Aftermath Records?  Does LAPD"s TMU have a problem with him also?  If so, they can call them up and air their concerns.  I personally find it outrageous that a criminal stalker would write and slander Dr. Dre to me.  Gianelli wrote the bloody stump email horrifically slandering me and Oliver Stone.  

One thing I've been clear about:  if Gianelli or any Cohen/Lindsey clan member attempt to write a slander book or movie using this fabricated, defamatory articles, emails, and posts, they will be sued.  It's that simple.  


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 10:49 AM
Subject: RE: Cease and desist
To: Kelley Lynch <>

You lead a rich fantasy life, but your days of access to celebrities like Dr. DRE are LONG OVER.

The entire world (literally) knows you were caught stealing from Leonard Cohen, fired as his manager, lost you mind, your son, your house, and now (11-years later) live in a $150 rented room on welfare and food stamps.

The celebrities you had in your cellphone address book stopped returning your phone calls and emails in 2005. One too many drunken phone calls at all hours of the day (and night).

I mentioned Dr. DRE showing up at a resort I was staying at because YOU emailed me yesterday with some nonsense about Dr. DRE “rolling up” with you “on this fool” and “Compton is in the house”, which is some kind of fantasy BS about you running in Dr. DRE’s circles.

As I pointed out, you would fit right in, except that Dr. DRE has no use for a 59 year old crazy woman who has let her self go and  spends most of her time trying to get people prosecuted by the IRS, FBI, Justice, ICE etc.

Dr. DRE’s crowd would call that (among other things) a “snitch”.