Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kelley Lynch Email to Jules Zalon, Esquire Re. Leonard Cohen, His Co-Conspirators, & the Scheme to Defraud, Discredit, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 11:33 PM
To: "Jules D. Zalon" <>, rkory <>, Michelle Rice <>
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Let me summarize the past 24 hours.  I have copied Cohen's lawyers, Kory & Rice, because Gianelli is representing Cohen's legal issues and sending you slanderous, defamatory articles about me.  These are the tactics used against me leading up to the trial but my sons and others were being terrorized.   False statements and information were transmitted to government agencies.  Gianelli had a blog, Blogonaut's law blog, devoted to slandering me, advancing legal positions, and setting up reasonable theories about Phil Spector that can be refuted.  

Gianelli sends slanderous, defamatory publications to third parties about me.  Many of those individuals, such as producer the Scientist, are in the music industry.  Cohen willfully bankrupted me, wants me to remain unemployed, and now his co-conspirator hopes to force me into homelessness again.  That's what is going on here. 

Leonard Cohen and the City Attorney lied to the jurors about federal matters and argued that I am in possession of IRS required tax and corporate information that I don't have.  The City Attorney elicited information about Phil Spector.  Cohen perjured himself when he testified that he was copied on my email to Dennis Riordan.  The prosecutor concealed the portion of the email to IRS Commissioner and requests for tax information.  This happened repeatedly.  The prosecutor argued that Cohen's exposing his penis to me was my intent to annoy him.  The prosecutor elicited testimony about Rutger's accident and Cohen testified that i accused him of ripping Rutger's fingers off.  The coordinated custody default judgment was used against me.  It was a blatant set up and it is going to be addressed in my RICO suit against the City and County.  I don't know why the City Attorney wanted to sabotage IRS or lied about them knowing I issued a subpoena to Agent Tejeda, head of the fraud group the U.S. Treasury had me report Cohen's tax fraud to.  I was told by my lawyers and accountant that the tax fraud is criminal and egregious.  This is Leonard Cohen's defense.  

The news media has been used to destroy me.  Leonard Cohen is a master manipulator and lies in the news media about Phil Spector, his participation in CIA MK Ultra, his role as CIA recon in Bay of Pigs, and joining the Israeli military Yom Kippur War.  His lies go unchallenged.  He now has three versions of his good rock 'n roll story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  His testimony contradicted the incident the Spector prosecutors used in motions.  Mick Brown has seen the Grand Jury transcripts and Cohen's statements/testimony were evidently presented to the Grand Jury.  

My public defender believes there was a juror plant.  He wanted to link "Gianelli" to Cohen.  I don't think that's difficult.  Would you do this as an attorney?  Would you just be interested in Cohen's legal insanity and terrorize people over it?  Cohen, Kory & Rice lie relentlessly.  Rice evidently drafts the fantastical legal complaints that are fabricated narratives unsupported by the evidence.  They ran statute of limitations intentionally and failed to serve me.  

Steven Machat is correct:  Cohen and his lawyers are evil liars.  Another reason for willfully bankrupting me, stealing my share of IP, withholding commissions due me, etc. is so that I am not properly represented.  Now, the ambulance chasers who are masters at obtaining fraud default judgments, fraud restraining orders, fraud verdicts, etc. are going after my fee waivers.  Cohen attempted to have mine terminated.  These people are insane.  I have never seen lawyers like this.  A friend of mine was correct - and Kory & Rice contacted him - this is filthy lawyering.  It works at LA Superior Court however.  I have yet to hear a truthful statement in any matter involving me and Cohen.  Another thing the ambulance chasers have perfected - slander and gutter service.  Rice views herself as an extraordinary attorney.  She's already argued "one bite of the apple."   She's all over "res judicata."  They know - courts tolerate fraud, perjury, litigation misconduct, failure to serve people, and so forth.  

Gianelli is Cohen's co-conspirator.  I don't think it is wise to harass and target you.  They also underestimate people.  Kory & Rice have been advised to cease and desist.  Gianelil's arguing Cohen's legal matters.  That means he is representing him.

Good Night.  


Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 10:54 PM
Subject: RE: FW: Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI & DOJ ... Re. RICO, Legal Conspiracy, Etc. dated March 23 and republished on her blog
To: Kelley Lynch <>