Friday, March 25, 2016

Kelley Lynch Email to Jules Zalon Re. Leonard Cohen's Co-Conspirator's Latest Harassing Email

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 12:11 AM
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I think I've advised Cohen, Kory, Rice, & stalking co-conspirator to cease and desist enough for one day.  My stalker wrote harassing you with Karina Von Watteville copied in.  He then wanted to elicit information from you about my motion for terminating sanctions that is under appeal.  He demanded to know if you represent me, or will, and said he will continue to copy you in until that is clarified for him.  Obviously, he is a party at interest.  Gianelli wanted you to explain your views on vacating fraudulently obtained default judgments entered by a court with no jurisdiction.  He then wanted you to explain Rooker Feldman to me and discourage me from pursuing legal remedies.  When that failed to elicit a response from you, he began writing you about Bruce Cutler, Phil Spector's trial attorney.  As I've explained to you, Gianelli is an agent provocateur/infiltrator who attempts to infiltrate matters such as my legal matters, Phil Spector's case and appeals, and IRS and federal tax controversies.  When is unable to infiltrate, as was the case with IRS Chief Trial Counsel's office, he finds a way to begin transmitting slander and inserting extraneous information into his emails.  He is creating a fraudulent paper trail of sorts.  This tactic, which involved terrorizing my sons, was used by the City Attorney to prosecute me.  After you and I had an email exchange in January 2010, about vacating the order in Colorado entered without findings, I contacted the Boulder Combined Court and was advised that the permanent order expired on February 15, 2009.  This was confirmed for other people as well.  The Boulder Combined Court was confused.  They saw "expired," that date, and thought it was the permanent order.  It was evidently the temporary order that was vacated on the day of the trial.  You cannot follow this insanity.    I was unaware of the fraudulent registration of a new fraud domestic violence order.  I have asked DOJ to investigate it.  There is also VAWA funding fraud.  

I didn't threaten Leonard Cohen.  The judge permitted him to interpret emails rather than rely on the actual content.  The prosecutor would repeatedly mislead the jurors, advised me that I testified about things that I hadn't, and engaged in egregious misconduct.  My lawyers failed to object.  I don't know why.  I don't know why she has a job.

In November 2012, Gianelli began writing my prosecutor. He also was harassing my appellate attorney.  My sons, sister, Paulette, and others were copied in.  I refuted the slander because this is after all the "government" and grievances are the manner in which one handles complaints.  That's not true with the City Attorney.  They retaliate.  I sent FBI and DOJ an email with an example of an image, connected to Glenn Greenwald's article on drones, and Streeter was "terrified" so I asked Detective Viramontes if she has psychiatric problems. I know she has serious problems lying.  

I have no idea what Judge Barela was doing.  He refused to review evidence, his demeanor was outrageously hostile and aggressive, he refused to hear my Brady motion, and the prosecutor was lying with her witnesses - other Deputy City Attorneys.  They have a budget crisis evidently but not here because they lied about federal tax controversies and matters.

This is how they all think.  Lie through your teeth, perjure yourselves, engage in prosecutorial misconduct, submit fraudulent documents to the court, and the Appellate Division will ensure that it becomes permanent while lying further.  That is not a justice system.  

My lawyers were clear:  City Attorney was sabotaging IRS, discrediting me, and the DA doesn't want the Spector verdict overturned.  There may have been a juror plant who relied on lies the prosecutor told.  That's sort of amazing right there.  The judge didn't permit the IRS or Rutger to testify.  My attorneys didn't ask for a continuance although Steven Machat offered to fly in on his own dime.  He had a conflict.  My appellate attorney, who was relentlessly targeted, reviewed the record and wrote me a letter that my trial is an IRS matter that demands an IRS investigation.  

However, you are seeing the reason for the trial now.  And, you are seeing the reason that I am filing two major RICO suits, have four appeals, and am before the 9th Circuit re. fraud upon the Tax Court.  

I don't know what anyone is doing here.  The problem is this system works to set up innocent people.  All you need is a fabricated narrative, gold diggers and con artists on the stand, cyber-terrorists and others, and a complicit and absurd news media who regurgitate stories about Phillip's hair.  My friend works for a news media gathering agency in Canada.  He sat in on meetings with editors who know Spector is innocent but decided to spin the gun story.  They also like Cohen's carefully crafted insanity.  Does he think of me when he hears a car in Europe because that's where he was evidently.  Let me end with the evidence:  LAPD's report, forwarded to the City Attorney, concludes that my emails were generally requests for tax information.  That's a federal tax matter.  My requests for tax information violated the fraud restraining order.  

Steven Machat was in shock about the extent of Cohen's lies in his legal pleadings.  I spoke to a judge in the Bay Area who asked if the judge who entered the illegal judgment against me was senile and his clerk just stuck something under his nose to sign.  Leonard Cohen's defense here is calling me a "drunken slut" and aligning himself with the people who targeted Phil Spector.  Cohen was represented by former DA Ira Reiner.  Jules, I have confirmation in writing that Cohen/Kory offered me 50% community property.  That's going to be hard for them to defend.  Boies Schillier reviewed all the evidence and wanted to know - why would this man try to blame you for his wrongdoing, steal from you, and make you an enemy?  They thought the DA should wire me for my meetings with Cohen/Kory.  They understood that Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by my house to question me about Spector and thought I should call Bennett and have him wire me.  They were serious.  


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