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Stephen Gianelli's Fixation On Phil Spector & Bruce Cutler

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 10:35 PM
Subject: Re: Stephen Gianelli's Possible Mafia Family/Connections
To: Washington Field <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,


I have no idea who these people are or what line of work they're in - nor do I care.  However, in 2010, Mongochili was on Gianelli's blog lying about me and Phil Spector.  Gianelli approved these comments, argues prosecution theories about Phil Spector and DNA (see Truth Sentinel), and has some form of motive.  He is clearly moonlighting and argues Leonard Cohen's legal defense.  This post clearly states that I told FBI that I never met Phil Spector or had dinner with him.  First of all, I've known him for years, worked for him, and had dinner with him after the Clarkson incident.  In fact, numerous people are aware of the fact that we had dinner after the Clarkson people, saw us together, said hello to Phil Spector, etc.  We were in public although we had dinner alone.  Phil Spector confessed nothing and didn't have to confess.  I am aware that he is innocent, wrote him after the Clarkson incident that I understood he was innocent, and he explained what happened when Alhambra PD came to his house, what he was upset about, what Clarkson was doing, how he was tasered, etc.  He also visited Paulette Brandt and told her that Lana Clarkson said "this is what I can do to your cock" before shooting herself.  

I don't know why but these things happen.  Peter Lopez, who represented Cohen, shot himself evidently.  He was happy, wealthy, loved his wife and daughters, enjoyed his colleagues, and was one of the nicest people on earth.  Nothing explains his death.  A friend of mine's niece went to a shooting range in Colorado and blew her brains out.  The "Everybody Loves Raymond" star just shot himself.  Mick Jagger's girlfriend committed suicide.  Lana Clarkson appeared to be down and out and her girlfriend did publicly state that she said she was going to get a gun and blow her brains out.  Many people, and family members, do not believe that their loved ones killed themselves.  I've witnessed this situation personally.  It is very shocking and difficult to come to grips with.  It destroys lives.  

I don't know the psychopath known as "mongochili" and I do not lie to IRS and FBI.  Leonard Cohen committed tax fraud; he cannot live in Canada because he has tax and residence issues; he advised me that he reapplied for a green card because IRS does not ask where you filed your prior taxes while Canada Revenue does; he funneled income off-shore and a 1977 tax memorandum prepared for him instructs him how to evade taxes but cautioned him not to have a green card; etc.  He uses corporations to evade taxes and Steven Machat is very clear about that.  He falsely accuses women of stalking and harassing him, representatives of ripping him off, etc.  The man used the Complaint to defend himself re. the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  The Complaint is completely fraudulent.  It will be challenged in federal court because of the fraudulent IRS and FTB tax refunds that have now been challenged as fraud.  My inclusion on federal and state tax returns, as a partner, will be an issue as will Cohen's refusal to provide me with IRS required 1099 for the year 2004, his refusal to rescind the illegal K-1s LCI issued me, etc.  Leonard Cohen is an inveterate liar.  He's a mastermind.  He knows the media and he knows that lying and saying I'm his disgruntled ex-lover stalking him for tax information will be regurgitated.  Does he fear for his life?  Then he should submit to psychiatric exams and drug testing.  It's very simple.  Cohen has the long, publicly documented history of psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector.  Phil Spector owns the master tapes Sony told Steven Machat that Cohen sold to them.  Machat helped negotiate that deal.  This was also a huge issue for Phil Spector.  I know.  He had me call Sony to advise them NOT to pay his royalties to Leonard Cohen.

Gianelli is clear that he can engage in criminal conduct, allude to Mafia connections, and target me (and others) because of the extradition situation between the U.S. and Greece.  That's why Walsh feels comfortable also.  She allegedly lives in Denmark.  I'm aware of this.  It's not particularly confusing.  They're criminals and that's how they think:  like the low level hoodlums that they are.  

All the best,

“She called me bawling her eyes out,” said Laughlin in a recent interview. “She was so downtrodden. This town was destroying her. She was crying and said, ‘I am getting a gun. I hate the town and I hate the people and I am going to blow my brains out.’”

by mongochili1 May 6, 2010 2:15 PM EDT
You have no lawsuit loser. There are no filing of motions. YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THERE IS A BENCH WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST AGAIN! YOU HAVE NO MONEY AND NO LAWYER. ALL THOSE LAWYERS YOU SPAM DAILY CUT YOU OFF. Kelley Lynch the criminal and cyber terrorist already admitted to not knowing PS. Why you ly'n wench? You said it yourself. You told the FBI that you never met him nor had dinner with him. He never confessed to you ****. You write him letters and he shuns you just like everyone else. You lie to the IRS, FBI and all those other "auto-responses" you spam day after day. You just lie every day. You are sick and need to be put away for a very long time. So you can call me whatever you want loser, we both know you are on the losing end at all times. ALL LIES FROM THE MONSTER 

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 9:59 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


I've been looking online at various Gianelli family members because I think Stephen Gianelli has issued viable and credible threats to me.  I've sent you everything and the one I forwarded today is not particularly veiled.  I've enclosed the article I read on Arthur Gianelli that mentions someone's name who reminds me of the Mongochili personal who targeted me with Gianelli.  Do you think that could be some version of the name Mongiello?  I don't mean to be paranoid or conspiratorial but what does FBI think?  I've attached a document with some of "Mongochili's" comments on a CBS site.  Mongochili was frequently on Gianelli's so-called "Blogonaut Law Blog."  I've captured that information as well.  

In fact, I sent you evidence in May 2010, when I discovered Cohen's Complaint online (Gianelli posted it - with Spector documents), addressing the fact that I intended to file a motion to vacate.  That evidence related to Gianelli's online threats and attack on me over that issue.  Mongochili was the people on Gianelli's blog at that time.  I'll send you that separately as I do not want to confuse issues right now.

Gianelli is threatening me over the "bloody stump" email and probably sent it.  See the 14th Sheep Dog moniker.  The man is a criminal who has relentlessly targeted me, my sons, sister, Paulette Brandt, and others, for six straight years now.  He has his sites on everyone who provided me with a declaration.  Just out of the blue he decided to harass, slander, and insult Dan Meade.  Just out of the blue, the criminal decided to write me about Coyote Shivers.  Don't write me about him.  Write his Deputy City Attorney and ask her what is going on.  I don't need Conzachi and never asked him to work with me or for me.  Coyote Shivers' matter is quite different although similar in certain ways.  That's why we have both asked DOJ to investigate and audit.  It's very similar.  That's where the connections begin and end.

Read the attached and revisit what Mongochili or Mongielo have on their mind.  It sounds more like a man than a woman.  This individual was obsessed with the "Lana Clarkson" matter.  Who could it be?  Would the Mafia actually get involved with this type of insanity in "LA Confidential?"  That sounds weird but what do I know.  Times have changed and made men are now self-made men.

All the best,

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 7:39 PM
To: Stephen Gianelli <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,, "mayor.garcetti" <>


I am reviewing your emails, and the evidence I have, with your comments about your family and former associates that seem to indicate that you have Mafia ties.  Arthur Gianelli was caught on tape with DiNunczio talking about the Cheese Guy.  I'm assuming they were not discussing Chucky Cheese.  They mentioned a Mongochilli or Mongiello.  Something like that.  Be careful threatening people with your alleged Mafia connections.  That is extremely criminal and also a viable and credible threat.  You have not said you aren't related to Arthur Gianelli or Marianne Gianelli.  I am going to turn over every comment you've made about your Italian connections to the FBI.  Maybe they'll understand this better than I.  In fact, threaten the FBI with your Italian connections.  Just don't contact me again.

Kelley Lynch

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 6:20 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Stephen Gianelli,

I have received numerous emails from you today.  Those harassing emails are threatening me over the "bloody stump" email that I believe you sent.  You create these monikers - such as the 14th Sheepdog.  The "bloody stump" email was sent from a 17th Shitzu account.  And now, you are threatening me with Bruce Cutler over this incident?  I have a right to advise Cutler to maintain evidence related to the "domestic violence" related order Judge Vanderet granted him - that he did NOT request.  Other issues raised in the Sentencing memorandum involve Cutler and that would include Streeter's attempt to have me drugged and committed although there is NO EVIDENCE anywhere that I believe I know Cutler.  She worked with a domestic violence quack although the Boulder, Colorado order is NOT a domestic violence order and cannot be modified.  However, it was in California.  That is not your business.  I stand by my three letters to Cutler and believe Phil Spector had a legal right to know that Cooley publicly aligned himself with Leonard Cohen during my alleged 2012 trial; the City Attorney elicited testimony about Phil Spector, Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, and Dennis Riordan.  Cohen testified, after the information was elicited from him, about Spector and some version of his good rock and roll stories about Spector holding a gun on him.  There are now three versions of that incident before LA Superior Court.  Cohen's testimony contradicts the version the prosecutors in the Spector matter used in at least one motion.  Mick Brown confirmed that he reviewed the Grand Jury transcripts and Cohen's statements/testimony were presented to the Grand Jury.

You are arguing Spector prosecution theories online.  You have targeted me, my sons, sister, Paulette Brandt, Linda Carol, the Scientist, and many people.  It is my personal belief that you are moonlighting and it may be for the Spector prosecution.  Until someone provides me with evidence proving otherwise, that is my conclusion.  You are arguing Leonard Cohen's legal matter; advised me that you worked with the City Attorney to have me falsely arrested on two occasions; wrote that Pat Dixon was behind the Boulder, Colorado situation with Boulder PD and LAPD; work in tandem with Michelle Blaine and Susanne Walsh; targeted my email accounts and blogs (Blaine publicly congratulated to); and attempt to infiltrate matters.  That's why I believe you phoned Bruce Cutler using me as a pretext.  That's why you wrote Agent Sopko, hunted her husband or partner down at the DOJ, contacted Agent Wynar/FBI (who you said you worked on a case with), etc.  You copy Investigator Frayeh and Swanigan on your emails.  You are threatening me over Cohen matters, my motion, addressing RICO issues, defending the City and County, etc.  You have engaged in this conduct for six years. You have harassed every witness who provided me with declarations.  That would include, but is not limited to, Paulette Brandt, Dan Meade, and Clea Surkhang.  You slandered the 14th Sharmapa when you created the 14th Sheepdog monitor.

You have accused Ann Diamond falsely of stalking Cohen.  You publicly stated that the Rolling Stones/Mick Brown obtained a restraining order against her.  

You have written me and others alluding to the fact that you are Italian and may have Mafia connections.  Someone sent me information on "Arthur Gianelli."  I do not know if you are related to this individual and do not appreciate being threatened with any possible mob activity.  I could care less if you are a 5th generation Italian whose family handles things in certain unsavory ways.  I am Italian and do not like to be threatened.  The Mafia does not like men who threaten and target women and children.  That's why Dennis Lepore, who Linda Carol dated years ago in Boston, advised Linda Carol to let him know if any harassed her.  He probably understands how hoodlums and low life criminals like yourself function.

I am once again advising you to cease and desist.  Why are you sending me Greek extradition information for?  You've sent me your photograph on the Greek residency card numerous times.  You've sent me photographs of Greece, your wife, etc.  I do NOT know you and view you as a criminal.  Let LAPD's TMU know that you have Mafia connections and threaten women with them.  Also, that you probably wrote the "bloody stump" letter and are now attempting to antagonize me with that email.  You create those monikers.  

Call Bruce Cutler since you're so obsessed with him.  Do let him know that your best posting buddy on your blogs is Kelly Green who hates his guts and was posting on the Darwin Exception in 2007 about him.  Better yet - call Cutler and threaten him with your alleged Mafia related family connections.

You and Kelly Green continue to slander me online.  So, you are working in tandem with someone who hates Cutler's guts and views him as a "fucking pig."  

You attempted to blackmail me when you told me to take my blog down or you would start a blog about me.  You have.  It is now slandering me and Paulette Brandt.  Do read Linda Carol's declaration again.  I believe your client, Von Watteville, has a history as a hooker, stripper, something to do with spanking and S&M magazines, defrauds people (like the man whose property she lived in before Paulette agreed to help her so she wouldn't end up homeless), and may target elderly man to defraud their estates.  I'll confirm whatever I find out for the appropriate authorities.  

I am privately forwarding all of your emails harassing me to IRS, FBI, and DOJ as I was legally advised to do.

Is it your position that the Greek government wants people with alleged Mafia connections residing there?  Is that why you've sent me the Greek extradition information? 


Kelley Lynch

Mob Tapes: Gianelli in his Own Words

 | September 24, 2009 | 0 Comments
There’s no doubt, the Mafia isn’t what it used to be. It seems like all the colorful mobsters
have been shipped off to federal prison.
This week, the Boston Mob is scheduled to say goodbye to another one of its throwback gangsters, and we’ve got some choice recordings from government wiretaps that may make you pine for the good old days.
The mobster is Arthur Gianelli, and he’s straight out of Central Casting. Gianelli is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court later this week and, odds are, he’ll be going away for a long stretch.
But before he’s gone, we’re going to let you hear Gianelli in his own words, when he doesn’t realize the Feds are listening.
Arthur Gianelli: “Don’t tell anybody, anybody that I did anything. Get in your (expletive) thick head! Get it in your head! Nobody! Do you understand? You can’t get it in that (expletive) skull of yours!”
That’s Gianelli on a government wiretap in 2004. He’s not lecturing one of his Mob underlings. He’s talking to his mistress, who’s apparently got loose lips.
Gianelli: “It’s un-(expletive)-believable! Just, just, just don’t tell anybody these (expletive) things. Because it ends up a (expletive) problem. These expletive people are jealous, against everybody, and they’re lookin’ to rob everybody, alright? And they ain’t gonna rob me. So, but it causes a (expletive) headache. So try to keep your big mouth shut!”
Gianelli probably wishes he kept his own mouth shut. The government used tens of thousands of hours of wiretaps to build a complex case that ended with a jury convicting Gianelli of hundreds of crimes, including racketeering, extortion, illegal gambling, money laundering, and arson.
But things weren’t always so bleak for Gianelli. For many years he lived the life today’s mobsters can only dream about.
He built a rambling Italian-style mansion in Lynnfield with a circular driveway and swimming pool. He ran an illegal gaming empire which featured video poker machines in bars and private clubs all over Massachusetts.
And then there’s Gianelli’s brother-in-law, John Connolly, who lived next door to him in Lynnfield. Connolly was touted by the FBI in Boston as its finest organized crime investigator, that is until Connolly went to prison for aiding and abetting the Mob bosses he was supposed to be investigating, and later, for helping to set up a Mob murder.
And then there’s Gianelli’s temper.
Gianelli: “I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and you’re (expletive) either on pills or (expletive) some (expletive) thing that you just don’t get it. I mean you just don’t get it. And you never got it!”
This is what Gianelli had to say about his criminal adversaries.
Gianelli: “I do what I gotta do because I (expletive) outsmart these (expletive) nitwits. And they, you know, I play games with them. They’re (expletive), they think they’re (expletive) so smart and they’re (expletive) morons!”
Morons perhaps, but Gianelli also talked himself into hot water, on government wiretaps, by confirming his dealings with Boston’s Mafia underboss, Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio. DiNunzio is another old school Mafia guy who, like Gianelli, is heading off to federal prison soon.
Gianelli was caught on tape talking about DiNunzio, who he calls “the Cheese Kid” and “the Cheese Guy.”
Gianelli: “Tell him to go and see the Cheese Kid. Tell him it’s important. Go and see the Cheese Kid, and tell the Cheese Guy, that this (expletive) guy is coming that owes the money. Tell him to get a hold of Joey M.”
Dennis Albertelli: “Wait, wait. Hold on. Don’t go so fast. Get a hold of Joey M.?”
Gianelli: Yeah, Joey Mongiello. You tell him to get a hold of him because the Cheese Guy will know.”
The government also picked up Gianelli talking directly to DiNunzio to set up a meeting.
Gianelli: “I happen to be sitting here. I never use that (expletive) phone!”
DiNunzio: “Arthur, you know who this is, right?”
Gianelli: “Yeah, of course.”
DiNunzio: “Oh, all right.”
Gianelli: “…Anyhow, tomorrow’s no good for me. I got to go to, give a deposition.
DiNunzio: “Not tomorrow Arthur, tomorrow’s Wednesday. Thursday. Oh, uh, uh, or Friday.”
Gianelli: “No. Thursday I got to give the deposition.”
DiNunzio: “Friday I’ll catch ya.”
Gianelli: “Yeah, Friday that same place”
DiNunzio: “Twelve.”
Gianelli: “Yeah, very good. Thank you.
DiNunzio: “Bye.”
Gianelli: “Okay.”
DiNunzio: “Bye.”
Good bye is right. DiNunzio’s sentencing is scheduled for Thursday. He’ll be getting six years. Gianelli’s sentencing is scheduled for Friday, but may be postponed. He’s facing 15 to 22 years.