Thursday, April 23, 2015

Busy Couple Of Days For The Criminal Stalker, Mayor Garcetti

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 8:45 PM
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Mayor Garcetti,

Busy couple of days for the Criminal Stalker, no?   Here is a copy of the declaration I submitted with my claims to the City and County re. the federal lawsuits I intend to file.  Gianelli and the "bloody stump" email LAPD's TMU will arrest me over were addressed.  Do I understand this correctly?  The County refused to investigate and prosecute the criminal negligence re. my son's horrific accident; the City Attorney used that accident against me; and now LAPD'S TMU will arrest me over receiving one of the most vile and vulgar emails I've ever read.  That email, most probably sent by Gianelli (as he creates those monikers) slanders and targeted Oliver Stone.  It advised me that I should be murdered, raped, or commit suicide.  Gianelli just wrote that Paulette Brandt and I should commit suicide.  The stakes are evidently high and the lows are about as sleazy as one can get.  As someone intelligent wrote today, LA Confidential is hell on earth.

Bruce Cutler has been legally advised to maintain evidence related to his conversations with Pat Dixon about me; any domestic violence related restraining order mailed to him by the City of Los Angeles; Gianelli's phone calls to him (he infiltrates defenses or attempts to); etc.  Cutler deleted the voice mail messages and was clear about that so there is no evidence that LAPD's TMU (who has no jurisdiction over Cutler) could use against me apart from the letters Cutler submitted to Judge Vanderet when he was sentencing me using domestic violence statutes.  The Boulder order (I was told expired in February 2009) is NOT a domestic violence order and I provided the County with a copy of Boulder Combined Court's letter to me confirming that fact.  Cross off Cutler's name, insert your own, and explain to me why you think Streeter (working with a domestic violence QUACK) wanted me drugged and committed.  I do not believe I know Cutler and there is no evidence of that.  Are my letters to chatty?  Well, the prosecutor couldn't speak english properly from my perspective and lying about an innocent person is fairly interesting from a psychiatric point of view.  I didn't threaten Steve Cooley and Horvath LIED to the judge.  Investigator Brian Bennett rolled by my house in 2005; I filed a complaint against Cohen with their Major Fraud Unit and his theft in 2006; and the DA's office began threatening me, etc. I didn't just contact the DA in 2007.  I reported criminal conduct to the DA and it is clear - one can be prosecuted for reporting criminal conduct in Los Angeles and I hope a federal court understands precisely how serious that issue is.  Leonard Cohen now has three versions of his good rock and role gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  Which one do you believe, Mayor Garcetti?  I wasn't in a dating relationship with this man and no government is assigning me one.  I find that gravely offensive because he sexually harassed me for years; exposed his penis to me; looked at people defecating online in front of me; and I generally feel he is twisted and pathetic.  If you want to date him, feel free.  I know how celebrity oriented the justice system in LA Confidential is and people (prosecutors) fawn over celebrities - even when they are on the stand perjuring themselves.  Cohen confessed to perjuring himself and testified that I never stole from him.  Do you see any problems, Mayor Garcetti?  The IRS, FBI, DOJ, FTB, and others should investigate this vile hell realm and clean up LA Confidential for once.

I never said Conzachi was my investigator.  I don't need one.  I worked with investigators (including former FBI agents and cops) and will do my own work.  I trust my own instincts.  However, this criminal attempts to infiltrate the defense of many matters and that's precisely why I believe he just sent me the appellate division's PATHETIC OPINION in the Coyote Shivers/Pauley Perrette matter.  I guess the fact that Perrette wrote a script about her plans didn't deter LA Confidential or its rubber stamping appellate division.  How sickening.  The taxpayers cannot afford rent and LA County is running some devious, twisted, sadistic, and fraudulent celebrity justice program out of LA Superior Court.  What do you do as an encore?  

Kelley Lynch

Declaration of Kelley Lynch

I, Kelley Lynch, declare:

1.         I am a resident of Los Angeles California.  Except as to those matters stated on information and belief, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below and could and would testify competently thereto if asked to do so. 

2.         This declaration supplements the Claim for Damages forms I am submitting to the City and County of Los Angeles, California, respectively.  A great deal of the damages and injuries arise from false arrests and false imprisonments related to an April 2012 trial for allegedly willfully and knowingly violating a valid "domestic violence order" restraining order and intending to annoy singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen for no legitimate purpose.  Following a trial replete with perjured testimony, false allegations and statements, a complete lack of representation, and egregious prosecutorial misconduct, I was found guilty, sentenced, and received probation which included demands that I submit to domestic violence programs and pay fines/fees related to domestic violence and effective assistance of counsel.  On January 22, 2014, I was found guilty of violating probation for contacting the City Attorney's office with respect to legitimate grievances (during the period from approximately November 20, 2012 through October 2013) and for other reasons - including the fact that I was representing myself with respect to a Writ of Habeas Corpus.  I was under the impression that prosecutors with the City Attorney's Office had a duty of candor.  The damages and injuries involve a prolonged and sustained course of conduct, beginning in 2005 (with a SWAT incident on May 25, 2005), culminating with my January 22, 2014 false arrest and imprisonment, and continuing.  This matter involves Los Angeles County and City officials, politicians, law enforcement, employees, LA Superior Court, and others.

3.         In her April 17, 2012 Sentencing Memorandum, Sandra Jo Streeter, wrote:  "In addition, as Victim would be described pursuant to Family Code Section 6211(c) as someone "with whom the (defendant) is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship."  Penal Code Section 1203.097 is applicable for sentencing purposes."  Since the spring of 2013, when LA Superior Court advised me that this order was a domestic violence order, I have attempted to obtain confirmation that the original Boulder, Colorado order was or was not a domestic violence order.  Leonard Cohen and I were never in a statutory required "dating relationship."  On April 10, 2014, I received email confirmation from Feng Xie, Judicial Assistant - Research, Boulder Combined Courts, confirming that the original Boulder, Colorado restraining order granted to Leonard Cohen on September 8, 2008 was not a domestic violence order.  This email stated in relevant part:  "This case is not a domestic violence case which can be verified on the top right of the first page of the ICON;  noted as "Type: Protection Order". On the motion for civil protection order, the Petitioner only checked off Stalking and Physical Assault, Threat, or Other Situation but not Domestic Abuse."  The Boulder, Colorado order can only be modified by the original court.  However, this foreign order was registered with Los Angeles Superior Court as a domestic violence order.  I was not served this document which merely appears to provide the Court with the Boulder, Colorado order.  However,  it was fraudulently registered as a domestic violence order, when there was and is no domestic violence, and I was charged, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced for violating a domestic violence order.

4.         Much of what has occurred relates to the fact that on or about October 21, 2004, Leonard Cohen and I parted ways.  I had worked as his personal manager - and in other capacities - since April 1988.  The issues also relate to my friendship with Phil Spector and an "anonymous" tip placed to the District Attorney's office about that friendship.  According to Investigator Brian Bennett, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, a woman allegedly placed that "anonymous" tip.   I have been unable, as of this date, to obtain any information from the DA's office with respect to the circumstances surrounding this call.

5.         In the fall of 2004, Leonard Cohen heard that I was reporting his tax fraud to Internal Revenue Service.  At that time, he repeatedly attempted to force me into meeting with him and his tax lawyer, Richard Westin.  Westin planned to fly into Los Angeles the last weekend of October 2004.  According to Cohen, he wanted me to assist with the unravelling of various entities including, but not limited to, Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., LC Investments, LLC, and Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Cohen also demanded that I hand over corporate books and records for Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., LC Investments, LLC, and Traditional Holdings, LLC.  I refused to meet with them and/or privately provide them with the corporate records.  In the alternative, I asked my lawyers to transmit the corporate books and records to Cohen's lawyers at Greenberg Glusker.  On April 15, 2005 and thereafter, I reported Leonard Cohen's tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service.  I had previously contacted the State of Kentucky Revenue Cabinet and spoke with Michael Maunts about the Kentucky entity known as Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Mr. Maunts concluded, at that time, that this entity did not have a business purpose and questioned its presence in Kentucky.

6.         In September 2004, following extremely disturbing conduct on the part of Leonard Cohen, Richard Westin, and Neal Greenberg (Cohen's financial and investment advisor), receiving inconceivably unconscionable emails and letters, suspecting that these three individuals (and possibly others) engaged in tax fraud and/or tax evasion, I hired an accountant, Dale Burgess, who referred me to the law firm of DiMascio & Berardo.  I met with DiMascio & Berardo, reviewed the corporate books, records, and other evidence, and sometime around October 20, 2004, they attempted to contact both Leonard Cohen and Richard Westin.  Both Cohen and Westin evaded  DiMascio & Berardo's calls.  The number of IRS inquiries regarding Leonard Cohen's tax planning and corporate schemes was becoming alarming.

7.         In September 2004, a Grand Jury indicted Phil Spector for the murder of Lana Clarkson.  I was ultimately advised by Mick Brown/UK Telegraph that he reviewed the Grand Jury testimony/transcripts and confirmed that Leonard Cohen's statements/testimony was presented to the Grand Jury.  I found this appalling as Leonard Cohen advised me for approximately 20 years that Phil Spector never held a gun on him and his stories to the news media were highly embellished good rock 'n roll stories.  This situation would come back to haunt me and, according to the City Attorney and Leonard Cohen, my repeating what Mick Brown told me was an intent on my part to annoy Leonard Cohen.  This situation was used, from what I could tell, to permit testimony about Phil Spector to come in during my 2012 trial.  The prosecutor had an obligation to investigate her witness and provide my lawyers with Brady materials.  She failed to do so.  Given the fact that Streeter advised the Court that the District Attorney's Office contacted her with respect to me, and former District Attorney Steve Cooley had his investigator in the courtroom for the proceedings, it would seem reasonable to assume that any Cohen statements/testimony presented to a Grand Jury could easily have been verified.  In fact, this issue was raised in Ann Diamond's draft article from July 2008.  Leonard Cohen was well aware of this article and his lawyer wrote and threatened her for publishing it online.  In any event, there are motions readily available at LA Superior Court's website proving that one version of a Leonard Cohen gun story with respect to Phil Spector was raised in Spector's trials.  Unfortunately, that version is directly contradicted by Cohen's testimony in my 2012 trial and further in his email to Streeter of April 5, 2012.  There are now three different versions of Leonard Cohen's highly embellished gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court.  On another note, my court appointed trial lawyers failed to respond to Mick Brown and/or obtain a declaration from him clarifying this situation.  Exhibit A:  Ann Diamond Article

8.         On October 27, 2004, I advised DiMascio & Berardo to fax a letter to Richard Westin c/o of the University of Kentucky where he worked as a law professor.  They asked Westin to explain, as the architect of certain entities, the structures and any liability these entities may have exposed me to.  Cohen and Westin agreed to meet with DiMascio & Berardo the last weekend of October 2004.  I refused to attend.

9.         Leonard Cohen attended that meeting with his lawyers, Richard Westin, Ricardo Cistero of Greenberg, Glusker, and others.  Their response to DiMascio & Berardo's letter was to falsely accuse me of receiving overpayments from Leonard Cohen and various entities.  The assertion was based on the absurd theory that I received overpayments for my fees as Cohen's personal manager and willfully disregarded my ownership interest in numerous entities, corporate books, records, stock certificates, and other documentation and information.  This evidence was replaced with a fictional and fraudulent narrative.  The corporate records legally reflect the fact that I am a 99.5% owner of Traditional Holdings, LLC and a 15% owner of Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. and all intellectual property assigned thereto.  Furthermore, I should be (and this may have been corrected after the entity was formed) a 15% owner of Old Ideas LLC and am owed commissions for a tremendous amount of work I did on Cohen's behalf. 

10.       Leonard Cohen and his lawyers (including his now personal manager Robert Kory) also began  pointing fingers at many people including, but not limited to, Neal Greenberg, Richard Westin, attorneys Arthur Indursky, Stuart Fried, Don Friedman, consultant Greg McBowman, and Ken Cleveland, Cohen's accountant.  The key issue was and remains tax fraud although it has been distorted and obscured through the various accusations and allegations.  Cohen, Westin, and Greenberg all moved to protect themselves.  In the fall of 2004, these three individuals were hysterical.  Cohen personally called me morning, noon, and night - sometimes as early as 5 AM.

11.       My lawyers and accountant communicated and met with Cohen and Cohen's representatives including, but not necessarily limited to, Ricardo Cestero, Robert Kory, and former Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner.  Cohen repeatedly attempted to force me into a settlement and my representatives were advised that he wanted me to assist with mediations involving Richard Westin, Neal Greenberg, and possibly others.  Robert Kory personally advised me that he/Cohen planned to go after all of Cohen advisors.  At one point, I advised Steve Lindsey (my younger son's father) that my lawyers were informed by Cohen's that he planned to go after Ken Cleveland, his accountant, as well.  Steve Lindsey repeated this to songwriter Mike Elizondo who, in turn, repeated it to Ken Cleveland.  This caused Cohen to personally phone Mike Elizondo to assure him that he had no such plan.

12.       While an accounting that would address corporate ownership interests was warranted, Cohen refused to participate and has steadfastly refused to provide me with corporate and personal bank statements, royalty and IP income statements, corporate profit and loss statements, statements addressing Greenberg's commissions (as Cohen's investment and financial adviser), agreements and contracts, and other information that would allow me to have an accounting prepared.  Cohen's loans/transaction fees were and remain willfully disregarded.  As Cohen's personal manager, I received a 15% commission and it was Cohen and my understanding that he would pay me the full 15% due me from April 1988.  For years, he did not pay me the full standard personal manager commission.  I also did a tremendous amount of other work for Cohen and, in those capacities, was compensated with 15% of Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. which was assigned all of Cohen's intellectual property and advised that I would receive 15% of Old Ideas, LLC, a company formed by Westin in or around June 2004.  Cohen planned to use that entity for all publishing with respect to the "Dear Heather" studio album.  Leonard Cohen attempted, but failed, to assign assets owned by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. into his wholly owned entity LC Investments, LLC and then Traditional Holdings, LLC.  These assets have never been valued.  This information is needed to address certain issues on my federal and state tax returns.  My ownership interest in these entities were not held in trust for Leonard Cohen's benefit.  Nor was there an agreement to hold them in trust.

13.       From October 2004 - August 2005, I was offered a variety of settlements by Cohen/Kory that included:  50% community property, all commissions due me, confirmation that my ownership in all intellectual property totaled 15% dating back to 1967 (per the non-revocable assignments).  Much of this information was documented at the time for Boies Schiller who represented Cohen's financial and investment advisor, Neal Greenberg.  Since June 2005, I have documented everything I have gone through since reporting the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud for the Internal Revenue Service and others including FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan (Phil Spector's appellate attorney), and the news media.  According to DCA Susan Schmitter, who handled the response to my Appeal Brief, these are irrelevant parties.  Her statements are follows:  "Appellant copies many irrelevant people on these emails; the numerous utterly unnecessary additional recipients ... constitutes evidence of appellant's malicious intent."  The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan (Phil Spector's appellate attorney) are not irrelevant, utterly unnecessary, and do not prove malicious intent on my part.  I have been documenting everything I have gone through since reporting the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud for IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, and others.  Regardless of Schmitter's absurd remarks, my intent is to document everything I've gone through since reporting the tax fraud.  Therefore, these recipients are not evidence of my "malicious intent." 

14.       From October 22 - 24, 2004, Cohen phoned Greenberg to accuse me of taking money from the Traditional Holdings, LLC account without his authorization and claimed I was using the money to support a "gigolo."  Leonard Cohen is an extremely devious and dishonest man and story teller.   Cohen has also told extremely embellished stories about Phil Spector and Janis Joplin and as well as his alleged roles in the Yom Kippur War, Bay of Pigs, and about Janis Joplin.

15.       In or around January 2005, I was advised that Ira Reiner was representing Leonard Cohen.  Robert Kory evidently was not a litigator and Reiner would handle the mediations with Greenberg, Westin, etc.  I refused to participate.  In an early draft memorandum, dated January 5, 2005 (with Ira Reiner and Kevin Prins copied in), Robert Kory raised very serious matters that were outstanding.  One of those issues was addressed as follows:  "Impact of phantom income to Lynch from profit allocations without distributions from Traditional Holdings."  It seems apparent that Leonard Cohen felt extremely comfortable shifting phantom income in my direction, instructing his tax lawyer, Westin, to prepare tax returns and documents, advising IRS and others that I received income, and then permitting me to pay taxes on this income.  Why would an individual, who is not a partner, receive K-1s from a corporate entity (and attached to the corporate return) by a lawyer representing the entity?  Another very serious tax matter is this:  "Impact on all parties of Traditional Holdings failure to report sale to Sony ..."  Richard Westin worked for Leonard Cohen as his personal tax lawyer.  He prepared the tax returns for this entity.  It is truly astounding that Leonard Cohen would not only commit tax fraud but would then attempt to benefit from his fraud.  It's no wonder that in his shameless Victim Impact Statement, following my 2012 trial, he thanked the taxpayer.  Cohen and Kory proposed a schedule for the mediations that would include:  mediation agreement by January 21, 2005, notice to Greenberg and Westin, and a meditation target day - 90 days or less from date of mediation agreement.  On or around May 20, 2005, Robert Kory wrote and advised me that "I have extraordinary negotiating authority to resolve this matter, forgive improper loss of Leonard's money, if any, and put this matter behind you and Leonard with the least damage to all."  I was also advised that Cohen would pay outstanding commissions and my 15% ownership interest in all intellectual property.  I could easily have made this deal but the confidential settlement required my testimony against Neal Greenberg, Richard Westin, and possibly Ken Cleveland, Arthur Indursky, Don Friedman, Stuart Fried, and Greg McBowman.  Some of these individuals were close friends and colleagues of mine and I view them as entirely innocent. 

16.       In a January 14, 2005 memorandum to my lawyers, with Ira Reiner and Kevin Prins, CPA copied in, Kory addressed potential fraud in the inducement claims against not only Greenberg and Westin but also Arthur Indursky, Stuart Fried, and Don Friedman (all transaction attorneys with the Grubman, Indursky firm) and Greg McBowman, royalty consultant and CPA/lawyer, of committing fraud in the inducement.  I do not believe anyone had to "induce" Leonard Cohen into pursuing these deals.  I found that accusation laughable given Cohen's disdain for ordinary income taxes; aggressive tax planning; demands for complex stock deals; and Neal Greenberg's January 2004 "IRS Dangers" letters.  The danger with respect to IRS had to do with Cohen's loans from certain entities including Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Greenberg wrote Cohen that the IRS might take the position that his "loans" were actually "disguised salary."  In other words, income.  Greenberg was clear in his letters to Cohen:  there would be millions of dollars in back taxes if IRS successfully challenged the original Traditional Holdings transaction.  Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin repeatedly advised me that Cohen's loans were dangerous to this structure.  Leonard Cohen was well aware of the need to repay these loans within three (3) years with interest.  The letters Greenberg sent were clearly "cover your ass" letters with remarks about Cohen spending too much.  Leonard Cohen understood he would receive $1 million advance shortly after these letters; I was working on a multi-million deal with Sony - at his direction; I was working on a multi-million lithograph deal; and, he planned to tour (and was contractually obligated to do so) regardless of the stories he fed the news media.  Leonard Cohen, according to industry estimates, has grossed approximately $50 million on tour.  There was nothing dire about his financial situation.  Cohen did not, however, want Greenberg to know about his future income including the $1 million album advance.  
17.       On or about June 6, 2005, Neal Greenberg filed a lawsuit against Leonard Cohen and his lawyer, Robert Kory [U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado Civil Action No. 05-CV-01233-LTB-MJW].  To paraphrase Judge Lewis Babock, the allegations of the Complaint are substantially the following.  In 1997, Leonard Cohen retained Neal Greenberg and his companies to create charitable trusts and manage the assets placed into those trusts.  Leonard Cohen drew extravagant sums from the trusts, depleting the principal amounts.  Cohen and Kory allegedly conspired to extort the depleted monies from Greenberg by tarnishing his reputation, asserting spurious claims, and coercing a settlement from his insurance carrier. This they intended to accomplish by using Leonard Cohen's fame as a prominent recording artist to provide defamatory statements about the Greenberg to the press. Cohen and Kory tried to compel Kelley Lynch to participate in their project by, among other tactics, having her arrested on false pretenses and initiating proceedings to deprive her of her children. The Complaint does not indicate that this purported thuggery was effective.  According to the Greenberg Complaint, on November 7, 2004, Cohen emailed Greenberg stating:  "please to talk to the insurer.  A great deal of suffering can be avoided."  Exhibit B:  Hellalujah Article

18.       Greenberg also alleged in his complaint, and this is precisely what I witnessed, that Cohen and Kory were working with Steve Lindsey (the father of my younger son, Ray Charles Lindsey) and his friend, Betsy Superfon.  Dan Scheid, one of Greenberg's lawyers, confirmed that he has evidence that Cohen, Kory, Lindsey, and Superfon engaged in witness tampering and conspired to have me falsely arrested by LAPD on May 25, 2005 when a SWAT team descended on my former Brentwood, California home.  In a declaration dated May 26, 2005 (in connection with the coordinated custody matter), Lindsey confirms that "Mr. Cohen and his attorney, Robert Kory, have been attempting to negotiate with Respondent to avoid filing a lawsuit against her.  Mr. Kory's attempts to negotiation have been without success ..."  It is my absolute opinion that the custody matter was brought about to crush me into a deal with Leonard Cohen.  Judge Craig Karlan removed Ray Charles Lindsey from my custody, based on a fictional and fraudulent narrative and perjured declarations.  This destroyed my sons' lives and my elderly parents have not seen my younger son in nearly 10 years. 

19.       I was told, by my lawyers, that Cohen planned to go on tour and speak to media outlets - such as "Oprah" - to "blow the whistle on Greenberg and Westin."  Instead, they ultimately used the news media to falsely blame and discredit me.  This slanderous and defamatory conduct continues to this day.  Exhibit C:  Issimo Article

20.       Both Cohen and Kory had asked me to assist them in "going after" Neal Greenberg, Richard Westin, and others.  I felt they were asking me to provide false testimony and possibly help them commit insurance fraud.  Cohen, according to the Greenberg Complaint and what I personally witnessed, continued to press for private "mediations" until approximately June 5, 2005.  Cohen evidently demanded $8 million from Greenberg although he personally had spent millions of the Traditional Holdings, LLC assets.  The 2001 Sony deal re. Traditional Holdings did not actually involve payments of $8 million as contractual obligations had to be fulfilled.  In November 1999, Leonard Cohen personally received $1 million prepayment from Sony with respect to the 2001 deal.  This prepayment ultimately became the subject of an IRS audit. 

21.       The Greenberg Complaint confirms that Cohen/Kory had the support of my then-attorney, Dianne DiMascio.  Cohen/Kory sought to purchase or coerce or purchase my cooperation in their scheme to extort money from Neal Greenberg, and other advisors, through a forced "mediation" and "settlement."  Kory continually advised my representatives that he had generous and extensive settlement authorities with respect to Lynch.

22.       On January 11, 2005, Kory wrote DiMascio that Ira Reiner believed "properly framed letters to Greenberg and to Westin would cause their insurance companies to show up." 

23.       I continued to refuse to attend meetings that Leonard Cohen planned to attend.  Nevertheless, in February 2005, DiMascio attended a meeting after which she advised me that Cohen and Kory "want your cooperation in pursuing Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin."  Cohen  and Kory wanted me to acknowledge that Neal Greenberg and Richard Westin defrauded Cohen.  I found the notion absurd.

24.       In the spring of 2005, I had lunch with Robert Kory.  Boies Schiller advised me that they felt Cohen/Kory were attempting to engage me in criminal conduct and suggested that I have DA Investigator Brian Bennett wire me for this meeting.  Bennett was one of the investigators on the Phil Spector case and Phil Spector is a very dear friend of mine.  At that lunch meeting, which was documented for Boies Schiller, Kory advised me that Cohen wanted to settle with me, would give me anything I wanted, he himself had the authority to offer me a considerable settlement, there was tax fraud on all Cohen-related entities (including Stranger Music, Inc., Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., LC Investments, LLC, and Traditional Holdings, LLC), the holding periods re. Intellectual Property assigned to these entities were illegal; I had a cause of action against ALL of Cohen's advisors/representatives and Cohen would support me in those matters; and confirmed that Cohen wanted my assistance in going after Neal Greenberg, Richard Westin, and others. 

25.       According to the Greenberg Complaint and what I personally witnessed, Steven Clark Lindsey and Betsy Superfon attempted to assist Cohen/Kory in "brokering" a deal with me.  Superfon advised me that "Leonard and Kory are trying to get you out of this situation.  I asked Superfon to phone Cohen/Kory to request that they fax me a written settlement agreement.  According to Superfon, when she asked Kory to fax me the settlement document, he said "this isn't the type of deal you can fax."  Superfon felt the deal was "illegal."

26.       When these (and other) tactics failed to draw me into Cohen /Kory's extortion plan, they turned to far more aggressive tactics.  Cohen and Kory vowed to "crush" me and, according to the Greenberg Complaint, planned to use restraining orders to prevent me "from serving as a credible witness regarding both Cohen's affairs and in regard to the scheme into which they had tried without success to draw her."

27.       According to the Greenberg Complaint and my personal experience, consistent with that vow and plan, Cohen and Kory engaged tactics meant to terrorize, silence, and disparage me.  This included coordinating a custody matter with Steve Lindsey.  At one point, Cohen and Kory actually went into Steve Lindsey's office and advised him that while we were together I had sex with Oliver Stone.  This was clearly meant to stir up a custody matter and was essentially one of their first lines of defense with respect to the allegations that Cohen committed tax fraud.

28.       In the winter of 2005, Investigator Brian Bennett of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office stopped by my former Brentwood home unannounced.  He advised me that the Los Angeles District Attorney had received an "anonymous tip" from a woman about my friendship with Phil Spector.  My lawyer, Dianne DiMascio, advised me that she felt Bennett actually stopped by with respect to Cohen's tax fraud. 

29.       On May 25, 2005, in a coordinated fashion with Lindsey's child custody petition, Cohen/Kory encouraged or directed Lindsey to call in a warning to LAPD that caused a police or SWAT team to descend, guns drawn, on my home.  This resulted in an absurd and lurid situation with LAPD demanding to know who my hostage was and using my older son as a hostage negotiator and human shield.  I was in my home alone wearing a bikini.  LAPD willfully and recklessly ignored Rutger who advised them that I was in the house alone and he personally had just picked up my younger son, Ray, and dropped him off at the bottom of Mandeville Canyon Road with Cloris Leachman, the mother of Lindsey's then girlfriend.  LAPD advised Rutger that they planned to "shoot" me and our dog.  I was literally held hostage in my home, in a bikini, for keeping my son home from school due to the fact that he did not feel well.  Lindsey, whose conduct had become increasingly aggressive with me and my sons, was someone I did not want on my property.  Inglewood PD advised Rutger that they were present as well.  Ultimately, LAPD advised Rutger that my "dog" was my hostage and they were taking "precautions."  Boies Schiller felt that I would have to be holding someone like Chelsea Clinton hostage to get this type of police response.  I had no hostage.  Steve Lindsey's Declaration dated May 26, 2005 states:  "I told Rutger to take Ray and meet me and my fiancé, Dinah, at the bottom of Respondent's street ... I then called the police, and the policeman with whom I spoke informed me that they had already received many phone calls regarding Respondent's behavior (presumably from her neighbors) and that the police were already on their way to her house ... He asked me to come to the house to describe the layout to the police officers there ... I went to the house and described the layout.  To the best of my recollection there were approximately 20 police officers surrounding the house.  One policeman asked me whether there were any guns in the house, and Rutger responded that he owned a shotgun, which he kept in the guesthouse."  My neighbors, Morgan and Steve Smith and directly across the street, Stanka and Bojan Bazelli are the only two neighbors close enough to really see or hear anything at my house.  These individuals did not call LAPD and were horrified by what unfolded.

30.       LAPD ultimately handcuffed me and took me nearly three hours (in traffic) to King Drew ("Killer King") although I lived approximately 8 minutes from UCLA.  Officer Maurice Hampton and SMART Officer Erma Oppenhein questioned me about Phil Spector and guns en route to Killer King.  I have no idea how they knew I was Phil Spector's friend but Oppenhein told me "this will be good for you" when I asked where they were taking me.  At Killer King, I was drugged without my permission and left in a very dangerous environment.  A nurse informed me that I was being transferred at which point I demanded a new doctor.  Dr. D'Angelo took my file, advised me to wait my turn, released me, disagreed with LAPD, and informed me, Rutger, and Evan Reiss that nothing in the file would cause me to lose custody of Ray.  The entire Killer King file is evidence of fraud.  Apart from my address and Steve Lindsey's name and cell phone, all information in that file is false including, but not limited to, the spelling of my name, social security number, place of birth, date of birth, religious affiliation, medical number, statements attributed to my son Rutger, and all medical information.  I phoned Yongzin Rinpoche, a friend of mine, numerous times from Killer King.

31.       While I was being taken to Killer King, Rutger received a call from Steve Lindsey asking him to go in and sign over/transfer my house to Cohen/Kory.  He immediately phoned his father, Douglas Penick, who advised him to speak with an attorney.  Rutger decided not to answer or return Lindsey's calls.

32.       Immediately upon my release, I was informed that a custody matter had been coordinated.  I phoned my former landlord, Congresswoman Yvonne Burke, to discuss the situation.  She advised me that she would look into the 9/11 call and could not think of one reason why a SWAT team would descend on my house.  I also discussed the absolutely vile conditions at Killer King with her.

33.       According to the Greenberg Complaint, Cohen and Kory's scheme might have succeeded if I had not refused to cooperate and, instead, made the decision to permit Boies Schiller to review three huge boxes of evidence and provided them with other information.  They understood that Cohen was attempting to blame his wrongdoing on me, owed me millions, and advised me to sue Cohen for wrongful conversion, intentional torts, fraud, ...

34.       According to the Greenberg Complaint, Cohen and Kory were unaware that I had provided evidence/information to Boies Schiller and continued, to take steps to further their extortion scheme.  Cohen and Kory informed Neal Greenberg that he had "proposed the sale of Cohen's illiquid assets, including Cohen's royalty interests" and contended that "Cohen was convinced by (Greenberg) of the financial necessity to sell off his royalty interest during his lifetime ..."  Cohen is the party that demanded these deals.  Greenberg and his lawyers were well aware of my 15% ownership interest in Blue Mist Touring (and all IP) and 99.5% of Traditional Holdings.  Leonard Cohen has attempted to explain away his role in these deals by falsely stating that he was told, by numerous parties, that he had less income than he thought.  Leonard Cohen was obsessed with his sales figures; understood that royalties are generally paid quarterly or bi-annually; and was keenly aware of advances, audit results, etc.  On August 30, 2000, in connection with a lawsuit filed against him by CAK Universal (breach of contract) Cohen stated:  "I receive what I view to be substantial royalties, on a regular basis, from sales of my albums and uses of my compositions."  Attached to that declaration is CAK's "Summary of Terms and Conditions" signed by Leonard Cohen on May 10, 1999 when he was contemplating a bond securitization deal with them.  Leonard Cohen was keenly aware of this agreement and this is the contract he breached.  This very short document, that I read with Cohen, states that CAK would enter into a bond securitization with Cohen up to an aggregate outstanding amount of $5.8 million; a good faith deposit of $75,000 was due; and, in order to do this deal, Cohen's royalty stream, from musical compositions and royalties, had to be $783,890. U.S. annually.  These are substantial royalties when you take into consideration that fact that Cohen had not delivered a studio album since 1992 and his next album would not be delivered for some time.  Cohen rarely did press, was not touring, and many publishing deals were voluntarily suspended in an anticipation of these deals.  That reduced Cohen's income and forced Sony, his advisors and me to come up with other forms of sales and marketing. 

35.       On June 3, 2005, Greenberg provided Kory with a draft complaint which revealed to Cohen and Kory, for the first time, that I and others had exposed their extortion scheme.  Specifically, the draft complaint demonstrated that Greenberg was aware of Cohen's scheme to use economic compensation, emotional intimidation, and other forms of undue pressure to coerce me to provide false testimony.  Cohen and Kory cancelled their planned meeting with Greenberg.

36.       Following the SWAT incident and my release from Killer King, I learned that I had lost custody of my son, Ray Charles Lindsey.  It most definitely appears that Cohen, Lindsey, Kory, Superfon, and possibly others, conspired to have me falsely arrested.  The Killer King incident was also raised in a deposition in connection with Rutger's Whole Foods accident.  It needs to be determined if this information was used to arrive at the settlement he was offered. 

37.       On August 15, 2005, Leonard Cohen retaliated against me by filing a complaint replete with fraud, perjury, concealment ... in an effort to obstruct justice.  Cohen granted Brian Johnson/Maclean's an interview which was published together with an article detailing Cohen's fictional narrative.  Immediately after filing this lawsuit against me and Richard Westin, Cohen filed a lawsuit (or what appears to be an attempt to mediate/arbitrate) against Neal Greenberg.  I only learned of this case two weeks ago or so.  This means that while Cohen was suing me for certain monies, he was suing Greenberg for the same monies, and would ultimately apply for and receive federal and state tax refunds for the same monies - much of which was spent by him personally. 

38.       To date, I have not been served a summons and complaint re. Cohen's lawsuit.  On August 9, 2013, I filed a motion to vacate Leonard Cohen's lawsuit.  At the hearing on January 17, 2014, Judge Robert Hess appeared to argue that the process server could get every detail of one's appearance wrong.  He refused to vacate Cohen's lawsuit and the default judgment which wrongfully altered previously filed federal tax returns and wrongfully converted my property to Cohen.  Due to this default judgment, I have been forced to amend at least one of my federal tax returns and will need to do so with respect to other periods.  I have also filed an Identity Theft Affidavit with IRS regarding the illegal use of my social security number in connection with refunds based on this entirely fraudulent and unconscionable situation.  In April 2012, I discovered that Leonard Cohen obtained a federal tax refund using some version of the fraudulent expense ledger used to support the default judgment.  In December 2013, I discovered that Leonard Cohen obtained a refund from the FTB using some version of the fraudulent expense ledger used to support the default judgment.  I have now challenged both of these refunds, with IRS and FTB, as fraud. 

39.       It is important to note that as of the date I filed the motion to vacate, plaintiff LC Investments, LLC listed its place of business as my former P.O. Box; Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. continues to use my former P.O. Box as its business address; and Traditional Holdings, LLC is a Kentucky entity, with no ties to California, continues to list its business address as Cohen's tax lawyer's residence address.  These entities appear to be shell corporations that engaged in sham transactions.  Neither Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc. nor Traditional Holdings, LLC were named as parties to this lawsuit; LA Superior Court did not obtain jurisdiction over these entities; and yet they were inserted into a default judgment and my ownership interests were wrongfully conveyed to Leonard Cohen.

40.       On or around October 18, 2005 and thereafter, Sergeant Fernandez and others from LASD wrongfully entered my property to seize items Leonard Cohen had abandoned after failing to respond to my lawyer's letter of October 27, 2004 instructing him to make arrangements to pick up his personal property.  Cohen was well aware that I had an office in my home and, for years, had stored boxes of old documents as a courtesy to him.  On or around October 7, 2005, I received a letter from Scott Edelman advising me:  "You may arrange to have these items delivered to my office on Monday, October 10, 2005 before 5:00 PM at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher."  I was not in a financial position to arrange to ship items to Cohen nor was it my responsibility to do so.  LASD seized property belonging to me (partnership documents), Machat & Machat, Phil Spector, and others.  LASD did not provide me with an inventory. 

41.       At some point in mid-October Leonard Cohen, who together with his lawyers refused to communicate with me, requested and was granted a restraining order against me.  That order was a civil harassment order and I have no details regarding the allegations or hearing which I was not present for apart from Leonard Cohen's testimony at my 2012 trial before LA Superior Court. 

42.       In November 2005, according to the LAPD report I discovered after my 2012 trial, Leonard Cohen met with a member of the Beverly Hills Police Department.  Streeter advised my jury in closing arguments that Cohen had never reported me.  This LAPD report was forwarded to the City Attorney and became the basis for my prosecution.  Someone spoke to individuals at the DA's office (Bill Hodgman was mentioned) and Cohen was advised that "stalking" would not apply and instructed to file 653m charges.  In Closing Arguments, Streeter advised the jurors: "He never reported her.  So, of course she's going to think restraining order, yeah, I'll agree to that."  I was advised that this order expired on February 15, 2009.  That's what I thought and knew.  Streeter simply made of fantastical statements and theories.  At various times, I witnessed Streeter gushing into her cell phone about Leonard Cohen.  She was advising someone that he was wonderful and calm.  I also witnessed numerous prosecutors advise judges that my case was rare or unusual because it involves a "celebrity."  The U.S. Constitution does not carve out a special area of justice for "celebrities." 

43.       On December 28, 2005, Rutger and I were evicted from our home.  The eviction was videotaped by LASD.  At this point, Rutger went to live with a friend and I ended up homeless.  Both of my businesses - Stranger Management and Amazing Card Company - were destroyed.  I was forced to leave my home without my animals - two Akitas and an African Grey parrot.

44.       I was homeless, in Santa Monica, from approximately December 2005 until November 2006.  During that period of time, I was relentlessly targeted and harassed by Santa Monica Police Department who told me that they understood I knew Phil Spector.  I later heard from Betsy Superfon that Leonard Cohen and his legal representatives contacted Santa Monica Police Department.  I documented all conduct with respect to the Santa Monica Police Department for the IRS, DOJ, Phil Spector, and others.  It was around this time that I contacted Bruce Cutler.

45.       At some point in or around November 2006, I briefly lived with a woman by the name of Idelle Port.  She was going through a very tumultuous and dramatic divorce so I left and moved in with a friend of hers in Santa Ana.

46.       In December 2006, I filed a Complaint with the DA's Major Fraud Unit regarding Leonard Cohen's theft and fraud.  I spoke with Jeff Jonas and never heard back from anyone.  In fact, Jeff Jonas advised me that he did not know if he should be speaking to me which I found rather bizarre.  Leonard Cohen was never prosecuted.

47.       After filing this Complaint, individuals with the District Attorney's office became rude, hostile, and increasingly aggressive with me.  One such individual is an investigator by the name of "Marko."  At one point, Investigator Brian Bennett advised me that I could call downstairs but not upstairs (Executive Suite); told me if I did call upstairs he would have to "report" me; confirmed that he recalled my informing him that Leonard Cohen was attempting to blackmail me; addressed the federal matters I was dealing with; and asked me to send him the complaint I filed with Major Fraud.  I advised Bennett to obtain a copy of my Complaint from the Major Fraud Unit.  A FOIA request I submitted failed to uncover this Complaint.

48.       At some point in or around January 2007, I contacted the Orange County District Attorney's Office and discussed the situation with respect to the conduct of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and some of what had occurred.  The individual I spoke with advised me to file a report with the District Attorney's Internal Affairs Division and a complaint with the Attorney General of California which I did.

49.       On or around February 3, 2007, my son Rutger lost three fingers in a meat grinder accident at Whole Foods in Brentwood, California.  I spoke to OSHA's attorney and he advised me that if there was criminal negligence, the District Attorney's office would investigate and prosecute.  As it turned out, there was indeed criminal negligence, which potentially exposed many individual to harm, and yet the District Attorney's Office failed to investigate or prosecute and has treated me reprehensibly with respect to that situation. 

50.       Sometime at the beginning of March 2007, Agent Sopko and her partner from the U.S. Treasury met with me in Santa Ana.  On March 6, 2007, Agent Sopko emailed me the name of an individual in a fraud group at the IRS in Los Angeles.  I was advised to provide Agent Luis Tejeda with information, details, and evidence related to Leonard Cohen's tax fraud.  I contacted Agent Tejeda, reported the tax fraud, and have provided the IRS and other tax authorities with an abundance of evidence.  Prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter advised Judge Vanderet, at a sidebar, that the IRS had a holding with respect to Leonard Cohen's May 2006 default judgment.  The IRS binder she presented my court appointed lawyers (on April 9, 2012) contained no evidence of an IRS binder.  They did, however, contain newly discovered evidence regarding Leonard Cohen's December 2005 federal tax refunds.

51.       Sometime following this meeting, I met with Investigator John Thompson and Detective Silva of the DA's office.  We discussed a variety of topics including my friendship with Phil Spector, Agent Sopko's meeting with me, Leonard Cohen's tax fraud, Ray Charles Lindsey's custody matter, Rutger, and so forth.  At that meeting, I was told I was "probably" a witness in the Phil Spector matter.  At some point, I wrote Detective Silva and sent her evidence including documents from the Killer King file which prove that file does not relate to me.  I also spoke to them about the curious fact that I was questioned about Phil Spector and not Oliver Stone since he is a high-profile individual who I know.

52.       In the summer of 2007, Yongzin Rinpoche and his wife invited me to stay with them in Erie, Colorado.  Shortly after arriving, I ended up taking a long-term temporary position with Deneuve Construction in Boulder, Colorado.  Leonard Cohen and Steve Lindsey's lawyers contacted Phil Shull/Deneuve Construction on numerous occasions.  I was relentlessly harassed by the Boulder Police Department.  When I addressed this situation with attorney David Moorhead, he felt that Leonard Cohen/Robert Kory were behind some of this activity.  At one point, an officer from Boulder PD came into Deneuve Construction with the Police Chief's secretary.  He advised me that LAPD contacted Boulder PD to advise them that I was dangerous to myself or others.  The two left without incident but the situation was outrageous.  I immediately phoned Phil Spector and contacted the Denver FBI about this matter on numerous occasions.  I was ultimately advised to contact the Boulder District Attorney and Attorney General of Colorado to ask them to investigate, which I did.  I was recently advised that former DDA Pat Dixon may have been involved with the situation at Deneuve Construction.  I documented all Boulder Police Department conduct with respect to me to DOJ, IRS, FBI, Treasury, Phil Spector, and others.  In his April 2012 letter to Judge Robert Vanderet, Spector attorney Bruce Cutler confirmed that he had spoken to Pat Dixon about me as early as 2008.  I also addressed issues related to Leonard Cohen and Pat Dixon in my September 2009 letter to Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.  Investigator William Frayeh, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, advised me that he hand delivered this letter to DA Steve Cooley, DDA Alan Jackson, and DDA Truc Do.

53.       I remained in or around Boulder, Colorado until approximately September 2008.  A journalist by the name of Ann Diamond had written an article she planned to submit to Rolling Stone.  This article detailed much of what had actually gone on between me, Leonard Cohen, and others.  Diamond published this article online and was promptly threatened by Leonard Cohen's legal representative over it.  Shortly thereafter, Leonard Cohen made a dramatic flight into Boulder, Colorado (he was in the middle of a European tour) to take out yet another fraudulent restraining order against me.  I did ask Judge Enichen to make the order permanent.  However, after the hearing, I went back to the Court; reviewed the file; read the excessive perjury and false statements in Cohen's declaration; and filed a Motion to Quash.  An excerpt of an internet post, by Cohen fan Susanne Walsh, indicates that the actual problem leading to the fraudulent California registration of this order were my online posts and comments.  During my 2012 trial, prosecutor Streeter also commented on these posts and comments.  This blog page is evidence of a highly coordinated campaign of cyber-terrorism on the part of lawyer Stephen Gianelli, Cohen fan Susanne Walsh, an individual by the name of Kelly Green, and others.  Cohen testified at my 2012 trial that he obtained the Boulder order as a precaution.  He felt I might attend his concert that was scheduled one year following his trip to Boulder.   I advised my public defenders of this but they failed to obtain the readily available online tour schedules. 


Leonard Cohen is not a great man. He appears to have committed criminal tax fraud that I reported to the IRS, probably perjured himself in Phil Spector’s grand jury, defrauded me of millions, and seems to think it’s acceptable to lie in every courtroom he shows up in. There is nothing great about a calculated fraud liar. I am praying that Phil Spector nails him on his probable perjury and I personally will be litigating my own situation against him in the not too distant future. While journalists may be awed by a man who also appears to have a pattern of stealing from his advisers (Marty Machat comes to mind) ordinary folks are not impressed with his involvement with the destruction of my life. I’m not particularly impressed by his lawyer’s Declaration in my young son’s custody matter (which I view as coercion, witness tampering, an attempt to obstruct justice, etc.) and I found it truly deranged that he went into my young son’s father’s office to “allege” that I had sex with Oliver Stone. This just confirmed, to me, that Cohen is obsessed with me and keenly interested in my sex life. I never had sex with Oliver Stone and I was not Leonard Cohen’s lover. He is merely a pathological liar who believes Phil Spector and I will take the fall for him.

Kelley Lynch [former manager of Leonard Cohen]


To those of you who have not yet been “lucky” enough to meet Kelley Lynch on the internet, you are hereby warned that she is a very disturbed woman so filled with hate and desire for revenge that I believe she can be dangerous to anyone who gets involved with her and her crazy rantings.

Ms. Lynch was indeed Leonard Cohen’s personal manager for several years. However, a few years ago Leonard Cohen discovered that Ms. Lynch had stolen and mismanaged his entire savings. Cohen fired her, sued her and won a kelley-lynch-et-leonard-cohen.jpgjudgement of $7.9 million. However, Ms. Lynch vanished and never made an attempt to pay back the money she stole from the old poet, instead she (from where ever she was hiding) started to harass Mr. Cohen and his lawyer (E-mails and phonecalls). In 2008 Leonard Cohen obtained a restraining order against Ms. Lynch, which she accepted, but she then started a vicious hate campaign against Leonard Cohen by targeting every newspaper/magazine forum and blog who would bring a favorable review of a performance. Ms Lynch has in the most disgusting manner slandered and lied about Mr. Cohen and his family; she has accused him of every crime in the book from tax fraud, thief, child molester, perjurer and much more. Any blogger who will respond and disagree or object to her brutal attacks, she will verbally abuse and often threaten to “report” to the Department of Justice or even at one point to “Department of Crimes against Humanity” in Haag, for making her look and sound “not credible” and for obstructing justice. She will also turn things around and play the “Victim”, accusing all who in a disagreeable way replies to her postings, that we are “l stupid, insane liers that are cyberstalking and harassing her, her children and parents and destroying her life.

In the past few years Ms. Lynch has sent several hundred E-mails to the IRS and other public offices and demanded that they investigate and punish Leonard Cohen and everybody she believes are in conspiracy with him to destroy her life. For several years she has “been waiting” for Bruce Cutler or some other high profile lawyer from Phil Spector’s legal team” to knock on her door and take her law suit against Cohen and others.

Ms. Lynch has been banned from practically every blog and forum she has posted on as most of the blogs she has established herself have been removed for “Slanderous and hateful content”.

It should be noted that Leonard Cohen has never been arrested, charged or prosecuted for any wrong doing as well as he has never responded to Ms. Lynch’s slanderous hate campaign, and since the legal matters were finalized he has never publicly spoken of Ms. Lynch or her bertrayals.

Susanne Walsh

54.  Susanne Walsh, Stephen Gianelli, and others, relentlessly harassed and stalked both of my sons.  At the time this web posting (and others) occurred, my younger son was a minor.  I am convinced that any adult stranger, who attempts to lure my then minor son into communicating privately with them, could be a potential member of NAMBLA.  I was banned from Blogonaut's Law Blog after I commented that I believe Phil Spector is innocent and told the truth about Leonard Cohen.  Stephen Gianelli was the owner, author, poster, and controlled the comments on this blog.  One of his closest blog pals was Kelly Green who posted this comment on the Darwin Exception's blog:

kellygreen said
September 3, 2007 at 2:15 am

The evidence will show, the evidence will show Cutler is a fucking pig, a fucking pig!  So much of Cutler’s OS makes me angry–but I find it truly disgusting that he never refers to Lana Clarkson by name, he always refers to her as the decedent–he is a fucking pig, a fucking pig. The man really loves to repeat himself.

55.       It is my personal opinion that Stephen Gianelli also attempts to infiltrate matters and that would explain his call to Bruce Cutler, using me as a pretext; communications with IRS, Treasury, and FBI in an attempt to discern what they are doing with respect to Cohen and the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud; and others.  It also seems rather apparent that Gianelli would post probable cause theories online with respect to Phil Spector's trials so that they could then be attacked and refuted by individuals such as Michelle Blaine, Sprocket, Clarkson publicist Ed Lozzi, and others.  I was told by a private investigator that Sprocket (a/k/a Betsy Ross) is the mouthpiece for Lana Clarkson's mother.  She and Michelle Blaine are huge fans of Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.  Stephen Gianelli publicly stated many times that, in or around May 2009, he heard directly from Cohen's legal representatives and has repeatedly referred to Michelle Rice.  At one point, Stephen Gianelli and my former landlord, Ray Lawrence, conspired to without evidence and personal property I stored at Lawrence's and threats were made to send my evidence/property to Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, who has spent years targeting me and was promoted to partner for her work.  Ray Lawrence was used against me in the probation matter.  While I had emailed the City Attorney my reply to his fraudulent restraining order application, this was not presented to the court when his allegations were.  While I was aware of this document, it proves that there is indeed a pattern and practice of concealing the totality of circumstances from the triers of fact.  In other words, it seems like an attempt to obstruct justice.  Rutger was relentlessly targeted by Gianelli after reading some of his blog posts and comments on Blogonaut Law Blog.  Rutger was then sent an article "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead."  The witch is Rutger's mother. 

56.       From approximately September 2008 through February 2009, I stayed with the Southard Family in Northern New Jersey.  They are very close friends with my family and I have known them since I was a teenager.  John Southard, Sr. had me speak to two of his attorneys and, following those conversations, I attempted to address some of the matters and evidence related to Leonard Cohen and my situation.  While I was in Northern New Jersey, I phoned the DA's office in an attempt to ascertain certain information and was threatened by Marko who told me "I'm the individual who's going to pick your ass up and arrest you."  I phoned Rockaway PD and explained this matter and was advised to come in and file a complaint.  I also phoned an FBI field office in New Jersey.  Previously, when attempting to gather information related to the June 13, 2005 automobile accident (as LA Superior Court requested a status conference), Marko advised me to call the Denver FBI and tell them "Merry Christmas."  A colleague of mine thought this sounded like something the Sopranos would say prior to riddling a car with bullets.  I was attempting to determine if the District Attorney's office planned to prosecute Thomas Bradshaw who rear-ended me on June 13, 2005 leading to an unconscionable situation with LAPD.  His insurance company advised me that he lied to the police and wanted me to testify against him.  I was knocked unconscious by Thomas Bradshaw; my dog slammed into the dashboard; I suffered head trauma and a broken nose; my dog later died; and LAPD's response was to take me out of my house in handcuffs.

57.       At the middle of February, I left Northern New Jersey and planned to meet my friend, His Holiness Kusum Lingpa, in California.  Unfortunately, His Holiness only made it to Bejing (from Tibet) where he fell ill.  He ultimately passed away on February 26, 2009.  I did not return to California at this time.  In fact, I would not return to California until approximately January 2009 when I stayed with my son, Rutger, for approximately six months.  I then spent a number of months in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my friend, Eric Salter.  Eric Salter and I were relentlessly harassed and stalked by Stephen Gianelli and others.  We filed a police report with Ft. Lauderdale Police Department and I contacted the USPS Inspector regarding a letter Gianelli mailed Salter.  I was advised that they opened a criminal complaint.  Stephen Gianelli also managed to locate my ex-husband, Richard Dallett, who also lives in Ft. Lauderdale.  He then proceeded to publicly lie about their conversation.  Another individual contacted Richard Dallett previously and advised him that they were my case worker, told him not to help me, and explained that I was addicted to crack.  I do not and did not have a case worker or do drugs and this was someone calling my ex-husband in an attempt to stop him from assisting me financially. 

58.       From approximately June 2009 until March 2014, my family members, friends, business associates, and I have been relentlessly harassed, stalked, threatened, and intimidated by one Stephen Gianelli.  This individual frequently worked in tandem with Leonard Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, and at times Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, would be copied in on these utterly unconscionable emails.  Prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter was copied in on emails from November 20, 2013 for nearly a year.  Phil Spector's former personal assistant, Michelle Blaine, joined forces with these individuals at one point and - together with Gianelli/Blogonaut (and probably others) - targeted my email accounts and blogs and had them shut down.  The purpose was to silence me and prevent me from speaking honestly about what I had gone through and my views on Phil Spector and Leonard Cohen. 

59.       In October 2011, I moved to Berkeley, California and worked with Grassroots Campaigns on ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Campaigns.  I worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in the Bay Area community every week for nearly a year.  Prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter, in her successful attempts to deprive me of bail, advised the Court that I was dangerous to my community and also noted that I was estranged from my sons.  Of course, Rutger was forced to pay my rent initially while I was in jail, drove to the Bay Area to pack my belongings, and was utterly supportive and offered to testify.  I did not want Ray brought into this matter because he has suffered enough and is younger than Rutger.  Stephen Gianelli evidently contacted Ray while I was in jail.  Streeter was aware that Rutger was willing to testify and we had issued a subpoena to Agent Tejeda/IRS.  These matters were discussed at sidebars.

60.       At some point in or around mid-September 2011, my wages were garnished.  I was advised of this by Grassroots Campaigns and immediately contacted the California Franchise Tax Board.  I ultimately spoke with Doug Davis, a tax advocate, who advised me that he would remove the wage garnishment for sixty (60) days giving me time to gather the information I required to file my 2004 and 2005 tax returns.  I explained to Mr. Davis that Leonard Cohen refused to provide me with IRS required form 1099 for the year 2004 and all my business paperwork had been destroyed for those periods of time.  Mr. Davis advised me that the FTB garnished my wages because I had not filed returns for 2004 and 2005 and relied on my 2003 income/expenses to guesstimate my taxes.  My income/expenses for 2004 and 2005 in no way resemble those in 2003.  My expenses were considerably higher.  For example, I was forced to move my office and my rent increased four-fold.  I phoned the IRS to request a copy of my 2003 federal return so that I could copy my business deductions/expenses and was told that they too would like me to file my 2004 and 2005 returns.  I do not owe taxes to either IRS or FTB.  Doug Davis and I also discussed the fact that my former bank would probably no longer have my information from that period of time and I would be forced to contact Leonard Cohen.  City National Bank confirmed this.  Cohen testified that he did not hear from me until September 20, 2011.  He would recall this date because he was born on September 21, 2011.

61.       I had been told since 2009 that the Boulder, Colorado order expired on February 15, 2009 so I attempted to contact Leonard Cohen and his representatives for the information I required - a 1099, financial and accounting information, corporate documentation and financial statements, and to ask that Leonard Cohen rescind K-1s he transmitted to the State of Kentucky and Internal Revenue Service for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005.  Those K-1s related to LC Investments, LLC, a company wholly owned by Leonard Cohen, and this entity transmitted these forms indicating that I was a partner; owned 99.5% of this entity; and had zero income for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005.  Furthermore, I had received at least one K-1 from Traditional Holdings, LLC for the year 2003. This listed substantial income to me and I paid taxes on that income.  The default judgment in LA Superior Court Case No. BC338322 wrongfully altered my federal and state tax returns and converted my property to Leonard Cohen.  The expense ledger, which in no way represents an accounting, attached to that default judgment shows income from LC Investments, LLC for certain periods and did not divulge income reported by Traditional Holdings, LLC.  These issues totally undermine and prove the ledger is evidence of fraud.  There are other outstanding legal, business, and corporate matters.

62.       On March 1, 2012, I was arrested in Berkeley, California for violating the Boulder, Colorado order.  This order had evidently been registered as a foreign order in Los Angeles, California.  I was not served or notified of that order although Cohen lawyer, Michelle Rice, wrote and lied to me about a material issue on February 14, 2011 that this order was registered in California.  When I contacted LA Superior Court they had no evidence that the foreign order was registered.  I was denied bail due to, among other reasons, numerous lies told by prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter at the bail hearing on March 23, 2012.  One story Streeter told to the judges in both the bail hearing and during my trial proceedings involved a young man by the name of Jonathan Maihart.  I employed him to work for my greeting card company briefly in 2005.  At one point, he stopped by the offices of DiMascio & Berardo, Mike Taitelman, and Robert Kory to pick up documents I needed.  Streeter referred to Jonathan Maihart, a Persian, as a Latino gang member, ETC.  I contacted Congressman Waxman about the SWAT incident, Killer King situation, Jonathan Maihart incident, etc.  I have not seen Jonathan since 2005.  In an email dated May 20, 2005, Robert Kory advised me, in relevant part:  "Seventh, we did not assert that we had obtained a TRO.  My associate, Michelle Rice, simply told your representative that we expected professional communication, not sudden, unannounced visits that disrupted our office." 

63.       Although I tried repeatedly to obtain the transcript of the March 23, 2012 bail hearing, I was unable to locate the court reporter until June 17, 2014, and have repeatedly been told that Judge Mayerson retired and the transcript is no longer available; misdemeanor hearings are recorded but the whereabouts of the tapes are unknown; etc.  At the bail hearing, Cohen correctly testified that we had a purely business relationship and confirmed that I never stole from him.  This testimony completely undermines his lawsuit against me and the IRS/FTB refunds I have recently discovered.

64.       On April 6, 2012, I went to trial, was not advised of a plea deal, was not properly represented by public defenders, and witnessed unconscionable prosecutorial misconduct and a tremendous amount of perjured testimony.  Judge Vanderet refused to permit Agent Tejeda/IRS or Rutger to testify ... The issues raised at trial were whether I had knowingly and willfully violated a valid restraining order; whether or not I had intended to annoy Cohen or had legitimate business purposes for contacting him; Phil Spector, Oliver Stone, Bob Dylan, Paul Shaffer, District Attorney Steve Cooley, DDA Alan Jackson, Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, federal tax fraud, federal tax forms 1099 and K-1, whether or not Leonard Cohen's exposing his penis to me was my intent to annoy him, the Aryan Nation and meth labs (a situation, potentially involved a murder, related to information I reported to FBI and DOJ), Rutger's Whole Foods accident, Ray's custody matter, Cohen's former drug usage which he testified assailed his reputation, and the default judgment.  Former District Attorney Steve Cooley actually had his investigator in the courtroom for all proceedings.  At the time, former DDA Alan Jackson and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich had announced their plans to run for District Attorney.  DCA Vivienne Swanigan raises the situation with the Aryan Nation and my use of the word murder in her thoroughly perjured declaration.  LA Superior Court seems to have a total lack of understanding of compulsory witnesses, impeachment evidence, Brady motions, the need to verify foreign orders, etc.

65.       Domestic Violence Unit prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter's theory of the case was entirely fraudulent and false:  "So the People believe that the evidence will show in the case of People of the State of California vs. Kelley Lynch that during the 80s, Mr. Leonard Cohen who was a singer -- was and is a singer-songwriter, but also a poet, struck up a relationship with Ms. Lynch.  They had a [statutory required] brief intimate relationship and then at some point after that the relationship ended in the late 80s when Mr. Cohen's business manager died.  Mr. Cohen hired Ms. Lynch, first as his personal assistant, and then ultimately as his business manager."  Streeter then advised the jurors that "The evidence will show that shortly after the termination of the business relationship by Mr. Cohen that Ms. Lynch began an onslaught, a campaign of harassment on Mr. Cohen."  Streeter also advised the jurors as follows:  "The evidence will show, that she talks a lot about is tax fraud and the need to have the tax return.  But the People will submit to you or show to you that this so-called business relationship or not honoring their business relationship, indeed the most important thing that she mentions every so often the tax statement is merely a ruse ... Let's talk a little bit about Ms. Lynch's need for the tax form or tax return -- The evidence will show that Ms. Lynch was Mr. Cohen's business manager.  The evidence will show that Ms. Lynch -- Mr. Cohen has no clue as to what a ... 1099 is, a K-1 form.  The evidence will show that Ms. Lynch is the one that had all that information, knew all that information.  Mr. Cohen did not have it, does not have it, and does not understand what it means."  I was Leonard Cohen's personal - not business - manager for approximately 17 years.  The IRS requires the employer to provide the employee with a yearly tax form.  I am not in possession of a 1099 from Leonard Cohen for the year 2004 and neither is IRS.  Leonard Cohen is the individual with that information.  The evidence proved that Leonard Cohen does indeed know what a 1099 and K-1 is.  Furthermore, he has professional representatives who could easily advise him about these forms. "  In Closing, Streeter advised the jury:  "What this is proof of is not a woman who legitimately wants her IRS records or documents" and engaged in one of the most absurd arguments I have ever heard in my entire life:  "This is the other thing the People found a little interesting.  She knows what a 1099 is, a 1099, a K-1 -- a K-1.  Whoever heard of a K-before this case?  The FTB and the IRS.  Did anyone know there was a difference between the FTB and the IRS?  Or what the FTB is?"  This is a government lawyer, paid with taxpayer dollars, and she has the audacity to ask these questions.  Every studio musician in Los Angeles knows what a 1099 is and anyone who is a partner in a corporate entity should know what a K-1 is.  The IRS certainly knows what a K-1 is.  They have advised me to contact Cohen to ask him to rescind the illegal K-1s he transmitted to them, naming me as a partner, on behalf of his wholly owned entity (LC Investments, LLC) for the years 2004 and 2005.

66.       I was convicted of violating this restraining order and attempting to annoy Leonard Cohen for no legitimate purpose.  The jury was led to believe that I was Cohen's ex-lover (which is false); had no legitimate outstanding business with him; was not in need of tax information; the tax situation was a ruse (although I was recently forced to amend my 2003 federal tax return); and it was possible I might show up at one of his concerts.  This is utterly farcical and appears to mimic statements Jeff Dunn, LAPD's TMU, has made to the news media about "stalking" cases.  Cohen may also have drawn from his experience on set while Rebecca DeMornay filmed "The Hand That Rocked The Cradle."  There are problems with the charges levied against me that I have asked the DOJ to investigate.  It is also my position that the "intent to annoy" statute is unconstitutionally vague.  Crucial meanings are not given for the words "annoy," "legitimate" (with respect to legitimate purpose for contacting someone), good faith, harass, and so forth.  Other states have found these statutes unconstitutional.  The fact that this statute was used against me with respect to the government is unconscionable.  The trial also appeared to serve as some form of discovery with respect to Phil Spector, federal tax matters, IRS, and FTB.

67.       LA Superior Court appears to have granted Robert Kory and Michelle Rice "domestic violence orders."  Judge Vanderet also granted Bruce Cutler, a New York resident and lawyer, a "domestic violence order" although he did not request one.  All of these orders were granted without an evidentiary hearing or evidence.  Bruce Cutler's letter was nothing other than hearsay.  There are statutory requirements related to domestic violence orders and one of them is that the parties must have been involved in a "dating" or "engagement" relationship.  I do not know any of these individuals.  The term "dating relationship" is also unconstitutionally vague. 

68.       In the sentencing phase of my 2012 trial, Judge Vanderet advised all parties as follows:  "Well, I'm not going to prohibit any citizen from contacting the government office."   Judge Barela, in the probation violation matter, informed me that I was not permitted to contact the City Attorney.  Also during sentencing, Streeter attempted to have me committed to a locked facility and drugged - based on the suggestions of a "domestic violence" counsellor, Sandra Baca, who evidently saw 5 emails.  I do not know what 5 emails were presented to me.  Her organization has confirmed that she does not "diagnose" people without seeing them.  I have never met this individual.  Captain Jack Horvath, Los Angeles District Attorney, wrote the judge with respect to my sentencing.  He advised the Court that I had contacted the DA's office in 2007.  In fact, the DA's office came to my house in 2005 and contacted me thereafter.  Horvath attached a parody email to this letter but what I found almost more interesting was the fact that "Steven Machat's" name was highlighted.  Steven Machat views Leonard Cohen and his lawyer as "evil," has publicly addressed the fact that Cohen has stolen from him and his father, understands that Cohen falsely accuses his representatives of ripping him off in order to breach contracts, and concluded that Leonard Cohen is a hustler. 

69.       I filed an appeal.  Unfortunately, the Public Defender's Office refused to provide me with my file and I had to fight for the handful of items they ultimately provided me with.  I still am not in receipt of that file.  My appellate attorney, Francisco Suarez, advised me that the record was a mess; he had difficulty understanding the complex issues; and felt that this was actually an IRS matter that demanded an investigation.

70.       On or about November 20, 2012, Stephen Gianelli wrote prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter copying me in on that email.  The City Attorney and Streeter herself, from my perspective, intentionally permitted Gianelli to harass me while writing them or copying them in on emails slandering me.  My children, family members, and friends were also copied in on these harassing emails. Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, was also copied in at times.  After one year of this harassment, DCA Swanigan finally saw fit to advise him that he no longer needed to write them.  I personally believe this email should have been sent immediately after I emailed and phoned their office on November 20, 2012 and thereafter.  Stephen Gianelli may be the individual who sent me an email discussing my older son's "bloody stump" and slandering Oliver Stone while falsely accusing me of abusing my children.  Gianelli creates monikers such as the 14tth Sheepdog to slander and demean individuals such as the 14th Sharmapa.  Exhibit D:  Oliver Stone slander/bloody stump email

71.       At some point in the spring of 2013, while working on my Writ of Habeas Corpus, I phoned LA Superior Court and was advised that the Boulder, Colorado restraining order had been registered in Los Angeles, California as a foreign domestic violence order.  The Boulder, Colorado order was NOT a domestic violence order and I have just recently received written confirmation of this from the Boulder Combined Court.  I have also received evidence supporting the fact that Paulette Brandt and I were advised, many times, that the Boulder, Colorado order expired on February 15, 2009.

72.       At some point after February 14, 2013, I phoned Detective Viramontes at LAPD's Threat Management Unit.  I had originally contacted him due to the fact that there was an inconceivable amount of false and misinformation in his report about me and the circumstances involving my situation with Leonard Cohen.  I also explained the situation with respect to the IRS and FTB and confirmed that I still was not in receipt of IRS required form 1099 regardless of the fact that prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter lied about this to the jury.  My appeal was filed in December 2012 and raised very serious issues related to prosecutorial misconduct.  On February 14, 2013, I sent an email card to the FBI and DOJ as an example of the type of false threats Los Angeles City Attorney's Office uses against people.  I added a facetious P.S. to that card.  QUOTE.  This led Streeter to conjure up further false accusations against me.  The card had an image of a drone and humorous statements.  I had worked on ACLU campaigns that involved drones and thought it would be amusing to send these email cards to FBI and DOJ.  This time, Streeter evidently feared for her life.  I found that absurd and preposterous given the fact that this woman refused to ask Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and others, to cease and desist copying me, members of my family, and others in on their harassing emails being directed to her.  It is my opinion that prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter, and others, gave their implicit consent to these individuals and their unconscionable conduct with respect to me.

73.       After consulting with my appellate attorney, I decided to abandon my appeal.  The Appellate Division, perhaps concluding that they might be endorsing my position in the appeal abandonment attempt, refused to permit me to abandon the appeal.  They, of course, denied my appeal.  My Writ of Habeas Corpus was also denied.  My appellate attorney, Francisco Suarez, was also relentlessly harassed by Stephen Gianelli and others. 

74.       On or about June 4, 2013, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I have resided with Paulette Brandt.  Paulette Brandt is an old friend of mine and worked as Phil Spector's personal assistant for approximately 12 years.  Almost as soon as I arrived, Paulette, I, and others, were relentlessly harassed by Stephen Gianelli, Ray Lawrence, Susanne Walsh, and others.  DCA Swanigan, in her declaration attached to probation violation documents, she noted that they had received reliable information about my Los Angeles whereabouts.  Stephen Gianelli wrote and provided the City Attorney's Office of this information.  Neither Paulette Brandt nor I know this man but he has relentlessly harassed and stalked us.  Paulette Brandt also received a phone call from an individual purporting to be Stephen Gianelli.  He threatened to kill her. 

75.       On August 9, 2013, I filed a motion to vacate Leonard Cohen's default judgment.

76.       On September 13, 2013, while allegedly attending a probation hearing, I was advised - vaguely - that I had violated probation.  An "anonymous" attorney, who apparently felt she was before the FISA court, now began lying about me.  The City Attorney's Office appears to have a pattern and practice of concealing the totality of circumstances from jurors and the triers of fact. 

77.       On January 17, 2013, Judge Robert Hess denied my motion to vacate Leonard Cohen's default judgment.  This fraudulent judgment continues to accrue 10% interest per year and I am potentially facing a state wage garnishment.  The default judgment is evidence of nothing other than theft and fraud.  Paulette Brandt and Palden Ronge attended this hearing and planned to testify.  Cohen's lawyer made no objection but I was not given an opportunity to present witnesses.  Both of these individuals have known me for quite a long time, visited me throughout the summer and fall of 2005, and know for a fact that I did not resemble the individual Jane Doe described in the proof of service. 

78.       On January 22, 2013, in what was nothing other than a show trial, Judge Barela advised me that I violated probation; refused to review the evidence I had submitted with various documents; refused to address the Brady Motion I filed; and viciously attacked me when I responded to a lie DCA Vivienne Swanigan told about me on the stand.  A "material witness" is not an individual willing to take the witness stand and lie.  Furthermore, she was one of the individuals directing the harassment of me and possibly divulged details about my whereabouts and what I was wearing, the color of my hair, etc. to individuals engaged in criminal conduct with respect to me and others.  It had recently come to my attention that Swanigan, in emails, had expressly directed Stephen Gianelli to send me emails.  In other words, she advised him to continue harassing and stalking me.  Swanigan also instructed Gianelli to advise me, on behalf of the City Attorney's office, that he was not in a "conspiracy" with DCA Sandra Jo Streeter.  Swanigan testified that she does not know Gianelli.  She has also been the subject of another lawsuit, brought by Steve Miller, for retaliation.  Barela sentenced me to six months at LA County Jail.  He terminated probation and the fines/fees LA Superior Court charged me with during sentencing.  Of course, some of these fees relate to domestic violence and assistance of counsel and I view them as nothing other than an extortion attempt as there was and is no domestic violence order and I was not represented - at all.  My court appointed lawyers did not have the facts straight, provided the jurors with a tremendous amount of false information (including re. a "sexual relationship" that they picked up from the LAPD report), and did not obtain declarations from my mother and father, sister, Rutger, Agent Sopko, Agent Tejeda, Doug Davis/FTB, Steven Machat, and others.

79.       While in LA County Jail, I received a letter from Stephen Gianelli.  I reported this to LASD and they advised me that they would speak to LAPD's Threat Management Unit about the matter.

80.       Sometime after my release from LA County Jail at the end of February 2014, two officers from LAPD visited me at Paulette Brandt's house.  They had evidently received information from Boston PD that, On June 11, 2013, I may have placed a "bomb threat" in an employment application to GCI.  I have never heard of anything so insane in my entire life. 

81.       Within the past two weeks, I received a call from Probation Department 47 advising me that approximately $2,500 in fines/fees were still due in accordance with the terms of my probation.  At some point in March 2014, I phoned Department 47 and was advised that probation was terminated and, therefore, the fines and fees were.  I phoned Judge Barela and he advised me that the fines/fees were terminated with the probation and the file put away.  There seems to be a true lack of clarity with respect to this matter.

82.       This declaration addresses some, but not all, of the issues I am addressing in my Complaints to both the City and County of Los Angeles. 

I declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this 30th day of June 2014, at Los Angeles, California.

                                                                        Kelley Lynch

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015:

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I have now sent you the very first rough draft of my RICO Complaint against Leonard Cohen; declarations from Linda Carol (and others); the ongoing criminally harassing emails; and other information.  This Criminal Stalker (Gianelli) continues to copy in Investigator Frayeh and Vivienne Swanigan.  I would like you to review his emails with Swanigan instructing him to harass me with further emails and pass along an official message from that office to me:  they are not in a legal conspiracy with Stephen Gianelli.  This office permitted Gianelli, beginning with his November 2012 email to Streeter, to harass, slander, and target me and others for well over a year.  Finally, in 2014 Swanigan advised him that his emails were no longer necessary, helpful, or wanted.  I supose they were up until that point.  Who is this woman to copy in my sons and sister?  

Please review the emails I've received from this Criminal Stalker for the past couple of days.  The issues related to Phil Spector, Cohen, IRS tax matters (related to Cohen), Cohen's lawyers, Bruce Cutler, LAPD's TMU, the vile and vicious email this criminal probably sent me, threats, Coyote Shivers, Mike Conzachi, witnesses (Dan Meade, Paulette Brandt, Linda Carol), and an attack on Ann Diamond.

I have asked Gina Brandt to provide me with any emails she receives that appear to be from me, anyone impersonating me, or an email address that uses my name.  I am fully aware of LA Superior Court's shabby evidence standards and Gianelli pretends that my emails (posted on my blog) are forwarded to him.  I can prove they were not.  Anyone with a subpoena can now.

I would like you to review my son's declaration, Linda Carol's, the other declarations I've sent privately, and my RICO Complaint that I continue to work on.  This criminal is out of control.  Witness tampering hardly begins to describe this situation.  I phoned Agent Wynar/Oakland FBI today as Gianelli advised me in writing that he worked with Agent Wynar on a case.  I will subpoena all information related to Gianelli's calls to Agent Wynar at a later point in time.  

All the best,