Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS, FBI & DOJ With Factual Corrections Re. Her Views On Leonard Cohen

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 8:01 PM
Subject: Re:
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I want to address certain issues that are not absolutely factually correct.  I suppose I do have a perspective on Leonard Cohen that his fans don't.  The reason for that is that his fans don't know him.  They fantasize about him, listen to his songs, and project what they feel about this man onto him.  Leonard Cohen is a micro-manager and I think Gianelli and Walsh would fall into the network of "spies and informers" who do this man's bidding.  However, Gianelli appears to be a member of Cohen's defense team although he has not entered a formal notice of appearance.  I wouldn't take legal advice from this liar and criminally harassing me is not providing free legal advice.  Leonard Cohen bad mouths people.  That's simply a fact.  I thought he was a Buddhist.  He and Streeter set me straight on that when Cohen lied that he sat Sabbath for 15 years.  Anjani Thomas gave me the name of the therapist she was seeing re. Cohen and his brutal conduct towards her.  See all Anjani Thomas' emails to me about this situation and Cohen's conduct towards her.  She wrote them.  Cohen has publicly addressed (for years) his psychiatric problems as well as his drug and alcohol issues.  I didn't assail his reputation and was not allowed to use impeachment evidence.  Vanderet had other plans that included prohibiting me from having defense witnesses such as Agent Tejeda/IRS.  Why?  Vanderet permitted a federal tax matter to be heard and lied during the Sidebar where he falsely stated that I was aware of the IRS matters.  How would the man know?  I never discussed this with him.  I was unaware of the fraud refunds or the evidence in the "IRS binder."  There was no 1099 for 2004 in that binder.  No IRS holding re. the "default judgment."  The prosecutor just lied about that.  Is there an issue re. lying during Sidebars?  There should be.  During Cohen's late 80s breakdown, he told me he felt homicidal and had to lock himself in his house in Montreal.  I brought that to the attention of Machat & Machat.

All the best,

Kelley Lynch's take on Leonard, based on the 20 years she worked for him,confirms the impressions I have. Her perceptions paint a portrait few fans would recognize. In her e-mails she describes him as:
A tireless micro-manager who employs a network of spies and informers who work for money,favours, or the sheer joy of belonging.
An insatiable gossip who, over the years, has turned against all his friends, and constantly slanders them in private.
A narcissist totally obsessed with polishing his image as a modest genius who is also an enlightened Buddhist scholar, gifted poet and songwriter.
An artist deeply envious of people above him in the music business (e.g. Bob Dylan, Phil Spector,the Beatles etc.), and also of genuine spiritual teachers like Chogyam Trungpa An abusive misogynist whose current girlfriend, Anjani Thomas, regularly sees a therapist specialized in treating combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress.
A recovering alcoholic addicted to prescription methamphetamines and hard core internet pornography.
A delusional megalomaniac who actually believes he "wrote the Bible" and whose secret hobby is studying serial killers.
A tormented manic-depressive who told Lynch he sometimes locks himself up at night because of an overwhelming urge to "go out and murder people."

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 7:35 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I am reviewing evidence for the motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order Cohen obtained in Los Angeles.  As you know, I wrote Doron Weinberg a letter on August 17, 2008.  It related to Ann Diamond who wrote her article and published it on her blog shortly before this.  On August 17, 2008, Robert Kory (representing Leonard Cohen) wrote and threatened Ann Diamond legally over her article.  One of the main issues appeared to be the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud.  I don't work for IRS and it is not my obligation to prove those allegations.  I was told his tax fraud is criminal, reported it to IRS on April 15, 2005 and thereafter; and Cohen retaliated against me.  I have emails from Kory confirming that he understood this as early as May 2005 and the lawsuit is not only retaliation but was used to argue Cohen's defense to Agent Tejeda, head of fraud at IRS/Los Angeles.  I wasn't served Cohen's lawsuit and the Complaint is entirely perjured.  That Complaint was submitted to IRS in or around December 2005 when Cohen filed his tax returns and amended his 2003 and 2004 returns.  This information was provided to me in the "IRS Binder" presented to my lawyers during my 2012 trial and in declarations Cohen submitted to Judge Hess.  Kory also resubmitted this information (including the "Complaint") to Agent Tejeda when he wrote that Agent Sopko's email to me was a "game changer."  Indeed it was.  So, tremendous fraud and perjury has been presented to the IRS.  I wasn't served the summons and complaint.  I am receiving legal opinions from Gianelli (who is clearly part of Cohen's defense team) but he has not yet filed a formal notice of appearance and therefore I refuse to discuss these issues with him.  I privately addressed the email he sent today cc'ing employees of the City and County of Los Angeles who have no jurisdiction over federal tax matters.

Why did Kory attach this letter to his threatening Ann Diamond?  I have evident proving that every word she wrote is factual and she did confirm that information with independent witnesses and via declarations I provided her, etc.  

I want to point out that I won the Boulder trial re. the only issue I was falsely arrested over.  The jury understood that Boulder PD was lying about me.  I understood that I went outside and attempted to find the police to report that I was convinced a man had his penis out in front of a young girl.  Boulder PD can actually testify that they know pedophilia is a problem in Boulder.  I have heard it time and time again and Jean Benet Ramsey was brutally murdered there.  In any event, that issue is over in terms of the trial where I prevailed over the ONLY Issue I was arrested for.  I asked the restaurant to call the police.  

After threatening Ann Diamond on August 18, 2008, Cohen personally flew into Boulder, Colorado - in the midst of a European tour - to obtain another fraudulent restraining order that he uses as litigation tactics and to discredit me.  Gianelli argued Cohen's defense re. that matter in harassing emails today as well.  Leonard Cohen was in the midst of a European tour and his concert in Denver (that he "feared" I might attend which is farcical) was not scheduled for nearly a year later.  So this was all planned and it has been used against me.  

In any event, people in Boulder think Boulder PD is vindictive.  I have no idea.  Speak to David Moorhead about Boulder PD.  He deals with them all the time, hired a private investigator on his own re. my matters, and felt Cohen/Kory were behind the Boulder PD activity.  Gianelli, a criminal stalker, publicly stated that "Pat Dixon" was behind the Boulder PD incident at Deneuve Construction.  Pat Dixon doesn't know me.  He fears for his life over Eminem's song PUKE and Eminem's lyric about "dry humping" Mariah Carey so he thinks like LA Confidential and sounds insane and gravely unstable.  Is he a friend of Pellicano's?  What a crowd.  I would like an investigation into any and all conversations Dixon had with Bruce Cutler in 2008 about me (when the Boulder incident occurred - I phoned Phil Spector personally) and have advised Cutler to maintain all material and relevant evidence.  I have no interest in talking to Cutler.  I have heard directly from Phil Spector now and we will keep him posted on what is unfolding in LA Confidential and with respect to these matters.  

Kory slandered me in his letter to Diamond.  He does that intentionally and used that tactic in his letters to Agent Tejeda.  I didn't attempt to extort a civil settlement from Cohen and Lindsey's declaration confirms that Cohen/Kory attempted to negotiate with me for 7 straight months but I refused to enter into a settlement.  Everyone heard that Cohen offered me 50% community property, etc.  My lawyers put it in writing at the time.  I refused to settle with Cohen because there were stipulations (related to false testimony from my perspective) attached to my being paid what I am rightfully owed.  

So, why did Kory attach this email to Doron Weinberg?  And why did Gianelli just decide to harass and insult Dan Meade (who provided me with a declaration that was submitted to Judge Hess recently) today?  Why is Susanne Walsh attempting to elicit information re. my blog posts?  Cohen said he was in CIA's MKULTRA, told the stories about the Bay of Pigs, and he has the long and publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse and psychiatric problems. 

These are tactics.  Gianelli and Walsh work in tandem.  They are agent provocateurs and infiltrators.  They are also dangerous unstable liars.  That is extremely clear.  I will submit their harassing emails to the court and obtain additional declarations now.

All the best,

Hi Mr. Weinberg,

Ann has updated her letter to Simony. I will comment on it but my first thought - after briefly scanning this - is that I couldn't possibly address whether or not Cohen used Southam to blacklist Ann Diamond. I have no idea. assume anything is possible with him and given the fact that Nancy Southam's behavior has been so appallingly horrendous, I wouldn't put anything past her either but that's my personal feeling and I have no idea what these people can actually accomplish. I was thinking about the weekend I left my car at Phillip's house (causing"Bennett" to roll by - upsetting me and my son, Ray) - and, while I know for a fact that I told this story to Ray's"father" I cannot say for certain that I told it to Cohen. Nevertheless, their emails regarding[my girlfriend]'s suicide are evidence - to me - that as of that moment in time they were in collusion. Having said that, I'm not certain that being opposed to suicide proves that I couldn't call Berkeley Hall a cult - after hearing that the"nurse" receives two week's training as a "Christian Science" nurse which always makes me think of Mark Twain.In any event, I will read this and comment and make any corrections I feel are necessary so that I am absolutely accurate in recounting what I have seen, witnessed, etc.

All the best,


P.S. Situation with the Boulder City Attorney is shocking and appalling to me. The Boulder Police Department is out of it's mind from my perspective, I continue to hear that they will retaliate against me, and there's nothing I hate worse than a liar in a uniform. I am thinking over my voir dire questions and these questions come to mind: are you afraid a police officer will retaliate thereby causing you to ineffectively serve on a jury; do you feel it's possible that a police officer can lie and/or falsify a report. I think these are entirely valid questions. Or, "do you think Boulder Police Department is vindictive?"