Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kelley Lynch Addresses The Criminal Stalker's Harassing Email Re. The Coyote Shivers/Pauley Perrette Restraining Order Terrorism Matter

Email to Investigator Mike Conzachi:

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 2:14 PM
Subject: Fwd: People v. Shivers
To: m conzachi <mconzachi@yahoo.com>, Stephen Gianelli <stephengianelli@gmail.com>, "irs.commissioner" <irs.commissioner@irs.gov>, Washington Field <washington.field@ic.fbi.gov>, ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>, "Division, Criminal" <Criminal.Division@usdoj.gov>, "Doug.Davis" <Doug.Davis@ftb.ca.gov>, Dennis <Dennis@riordan-horgan.com>, MollyHale <MollyHale@ucia.gov>, nsapao <nsapao@nsa.gov>, fsb <fsb@fsb.ru>, rbyucaipa <rbyucaipa@yahoo.com>, khuvane <khuvane@caa.com>, blourd <blourd@caa.com>, Robert MacMillan <robert.macmillan@gmail.com>, a <anderson.cooper@cnn.com>, wennermedia <wennermedia@gmail.com>, Mick Brown <mick.brown@telegraph.co.uk>, "glenn.greenwald" <glenn.greenwald@firstlook.org>, lrohter <lrohter@nytimes.com>, Harriet Ryan <harriet.ryan@latimes.com>, "hailey.branson" <hailey.branson@latimes.com>, "stan.garnett" <stan.garnett@gmail.com>, "USLawEnforcement@google.com" <USLawEnforcement@google.com>, Feedback <feedback@calbar.ca.gov>, mike.feuer@lacity.org, "mayor.garcetti" <mayor.garcetti@lacity.org>


Stephen Gianelli, a lawyer who has been criminally harassing and stalking me, my sons, Paulette Brandt, and others for approximately six years now, appears to have an interest in the Coyote Shivers matter.  He has mentioned an investigator who I assume is you.  Therefore, I do believe that you personally should review this information.  This criminal is moonlighting for someone.  I have contacted LAPD's TMU, District Attorney, and City Attorney about this ongoing criminal conduct.  After all, many people being harassed, stalked, threatened, and intimidated are residents of Los Angeles.  This man, who I do NOT know, was privately communicating with my then minor son.  I can assure you that I do not know if this man is a sexual predator, member of NAMBLA, or someone out front with a gun.  My son addressed the fact that these criminally harassing emails made him physically ill.  I have now provided LA Superior Court with this declaration which was also submitted to a court in Contra Costa.

The issues this man writes about are, as my son noted, Phil Spector, IRS, and Leonard Cohen.  I have filed a motion addressing Cohen's fraud and perjury and a hearing is scheduled for June 23, 2015.  I am filing a motion asking LA Superior Court to vacate the fraud domestic violence order.  The Boulder order was NOT a domestic violence order and the Boulder Combined Court confirmed that in writing and provided evidence explaining why Paulette Brandt (who already testified about this situation) and I were told repeatedly that the order expired on February 15, 2009.  I was not aware that the order was domestic violence during my trial, when my appellate attorney wrote my appeal, or when I was researching information for the writ of habeaus corpus I filed detailing much of the insanity that has arisen since I reported Leonard Cohen's tax fraud to IRS on April 15, 2005.  LA Superior Court asked me "Is this your boyfriend?"  The Colorado order was registered using Domestic Violence Form 600.  I did not agree to any order (specifically) Colorado based on fraud, perjury, or lies.  Leonard Cohen confessed, on the witness stand during my alleged trial in 2012, that he changed his testimony from one hearing to the next.  He also testified that I never stole from him.  I suppose he'll now lie and say he meant I never stole a potted plant from his front porch.

I have sent your articles (on restraining order terrorism) to the DOJ and suggested that they read them.  

I want to be clear about something:  I have no issues with LAPD's TMU.  I have spoken to Detective Viramontes numerous times and he was honest, professional, and helpful.  He did advise me that Leonard Cohen was not comfortable with my requests for tax information and wondered why he didn't simply provide me with the IRS required tax information.  Good question and that is now before the Court as well.  I have asked Judge Hess to clarify the ambiguous judgment and there is precedence for doing so.  Leonard Cohen does not even bother attending hearings.  He simply sends his lawyers, who are paid witnesses, to court.

Stephen Gianelli is a criminal.  He is moonlighting for someone and refuses to cease and desist.  He is an absolute bald-faced liar and psychopath.  Paulette Brandt and I have personally spoken with LAPD detectives about this criminal conduct.  He works in tandem with Leonard Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh and worked with Phil Spector's former assistant, Michelle Blaine, to have my email accounts and blogs shut down.  She stole nearly $1 million from Spector and is the female Leonard Cohen:  a bald faced liar and thief.  Leonard Cohen stole from me; embezzled approximately $6.7 million from his so-called retirement account, and failed to serve me the summons and complaint.  Gianelli belongs in prison.  I want you to be clear about that fact.  I wouldn't view his interest in Coyote Shivers as benign.  And, do note - he cc'd the District Attorney's office (investigator on the Phil Spector case) and Swanigan of the City Attorney's office.  She is the individual who encouraged him to continue harassing me and to pass along an insane message from their office to me.  I've seen her on the witness stand and have provided IRS, FBI, and DOJ with my personal opinions.

I've asked Mayo Garcetti what he feels can be done to bring this criminal harassment to an end.  I am awaiting his response.  Gianelli now has it out for Paulette Brandt and just contacted a lawyer, Gina Brandt, while attempting to gather information.  Gina Brandt does not know Paulette Brandt.  I would like to advise you that the Phil Spector federal appeal matter should be decided in the not too distant future.  Gianelli argues, from my position, prosecution theories.  You can look here.  According to Spector's experts, Clarkson's DNA was on the ammunition.  Gianelli is also targeting and harassing (slandering) a former friend of Leonard Cohen's, Ann Diamond.  He is harassing every witness who has provided me with a declaration.  This man is dangerously unstable and has alluded to the fact that he may have connections with the mafia.  

Stephen Gianelli has been advised countless times to cease and desist.  He refuses to do so and appears aggressive and amused by his vicious tactics.

All the best,

P.S.  If you're interested in Paulette Brandt, Ann Diamond, and my interviews with this small internet site, have a listen.  You can also review Gianelli's slanderous comments and what his focus is.  That would include, but is not limited to,Leonard Cohen's criminal tax fraud, the woman who shot herself at Spector's, and the Spector forensic science and DNA.  Another individual, who I do not actually know, responded to Gianelli re. the issue with Clarkson's DNA being on the ammunition.  It's addressed in the appeal brief.

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Restraining Order Terrorism:


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <stephengianelli@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 6:48 AM
Subject: People v. Shivers
To: kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com
Cc: wfrayeh@da.lacounty.gov, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <vivienne.swanigan@lacity.org>

Ms. Lynch,

Although I am retired, I am still licensed and try to keep up with the appellate decisions coming out of the California Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court. In reviewing the decisions of the last week I came across the opinion of the Appellate Department of the LA Superior Court AFFIRMING the criminal conviction of your “buddy” Francis “Coyote” Shivers for violating a restraining order and for criminal harassment using an electronic communications device a/k/a Twitter.

I put “buddy” in quotes because (although you have reached out to Shivers and contacted an investigator hired on his behalf and championed his “conspiracy” theory on your blog) even Mr. Shivers knows you are a crazy lunatic and he has had nothing to do with you.

In any event, the opinion now puts to rest the nonsense claims that he was “targeted” by a conspiracy between a celebrity and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has you have claimed. Instead, he ran into the protected person at a restaurant and instead of simply leaving as the injunction required him to do he approached her table, shouted “she is harassing me” and filmed the protected person’s table with his camera phone. He then took to Twitter, and using a hash tag for NCIS, announced that he was returning to the same restaurant for dinner that night, falsely claimed that he was the protected person under the restraining order, and urged the public – if they saw her enter the restaurant – to call the police. In other words, Shivers was simply GUILTY as the jury found him to be, and no error was committed at his trial. The two of you do have that in common, although the similarity ends there. (Shivers is in a relationship and gainfully employed.)