Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS, FBI & DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen's Conspiracy Theories & Other Embellished Stories

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 8:15 PM
Subject: Re:
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

This might be the reason Kory attached the email to Doron Weinberg to the letter threatening Ann Diamond.  Maybe they were focusing on "conspiracy theories."  Well, Leonard Cohen is the individual who told stories about MK ULTRA, LSD and sensory deprivation experiments, Bay of Pig, Yom Kippur War, etc.  However, none of the issues i raised are conspiracy theories that involve aliens or things like that.  Streeter was clear - the DA elected not to prosecute Leonard Cohen.  I have no idea why and have been unable to obtain any information about any potential quid pro quo between Cohen and the DA although Cohen's testimony about Phil Spector and a gun (during the DA 2012 re-election campaign) is certainly quite telling.  Matt Green is a lawyer who wanted to buy my house on Mandeville.  He worked for the DA's office and Gibson, Dunn.  I spoke to him about much of what had gone on and he did tell me that Ira Reiner had the power to reach into the DA's office.  I suppose that's why Cohen hired him, no?  Why would Leonard Cohen hire a former DA, and litigator, if he didn't have serious issues on the horizon?  Kory wrote that Ira Reiner felt that "properly framed" letters would cause Greenberg, Westin, and their insurance companies, to show up for mediations.  But what about Cohen's nearly $6.7 million in loans from TH alone?  Greenberg and I have been clear - Cohen's transaction fees are not expenses of Traditional Holdings and that's why they were not deducted from the federal tax returns as such.  Ira Reiner was also the City Attorney?  I didn't know that.  A highly connected man.  

I suppose the Guttman statements also disturbed Cohen.  Well, he should address those comments with his daughter who made the statements publicly at Concordia.  

There's a nexis between Cohen's tax fraud and the custody matter.  People who have reviewed Kory's declaration believe it reads like a business negotiation.  Was he protecting my son?  I suppose that's why Cohen's fan has been harassing my sons for years - copying in Kory's partner (Rice) - until the emails made him physically ill and thereafter.  I've spoken to him about his recollections of dropping by Kory's office and Kory's testimony.  I was advised, by my son, that Kory's legal definitions of "interrogation" are extreme.  They're also bullshit.  He and Cohen went into Lindsey's office, told Lindsey I had sex with Oliver Stone while I was with him, and intended to stir up a custody matter.  Lindsey wrote that they were encouraging him to take Ray away from me.  That was a tactic.  I do believe a federal court will understand this.  Judge Babcock wondered about Cohen and Kory's "thuggery" and whether or not it was effective?  The answer is NO.  I don't negotiate with terrorists.

All the best,

Why had Mr. Cohen refrained from pressing criminal charges? Well, maybe because he's not "the District Attorney?" who doesn't seem to press criminal charges about anything criminal in any event -so "whatever." I wonder what pull "Ira Reiner" has with "Steve Cooley" - I know he has the ability, according to Matt Green, to reach into the "DA's" office and make them miserable.

Yes, there is no legal nexus between any of the actions involving Cohen, money, and my so-called custody dispute with Lindsey which one would assume a judge could figure out. But, Lindsey saw an opportunity and swooped in with Bergman - an absolutely disgusting liar. Anyway, it's a kidnapping aided and abetted by LAPD and Inglewood PD and the party that I feel has the "motive" and "power" is the "Lost Angeles District Attorney" and his colleagues - and, of course, LAPD/SMART's "Erma Oppenhein" and "Maurice Hampton" who "Garrin" was protecting. Well, they should take a close look at legal fees because it appears that four legal documents totaled $300,000 and then another $77,000 to have the fees analyzed. And yet, there's no case. Also, it looks like an attempt to cover up criminal tax fraud and I believe Cohen, Greenberg, Posel, Lindsey, Superfon, Westin, et al have and continue to act in collusion - with the help of the "Los Angeles District Attorney," and others. 

Oh, Mr. Cohen was greatly concerned about my ability to damage him so he set out to crush me.  What about Freda Guttman's allegation that Lorca Cohen was telling people at Concordia that her "father" REDACTED her.