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Kelley Lynch & Ann Diamond Discuss Leonard Cohen, Cohen's Fan (Susanne Walsh) & Other Issues

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Stalking Leonard
To: Ann Diamond 

Hi Ann,

Thank you for sending me a copy of this.  I will post this on my blog as well.  Our side of the "story" deserves to be told.  And, Leonard Cohen has a pattern of falsely accusing women of stalking him.  He also uses operatives to target people.  I never once heard Susanne Walsh's name in the 20 years I knew Cohen.  She appears to be a psychopath and simply targeted my sons and family members, friends, etc. for years (sometimes copying in Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice).  My younger son wrote her, Gianelli, and others (and provided me with an declaration) that these slanderous emails confused him and made him physically ill.  Do these people care?  No.
Susanne Walsh is entitled to her opinions.  She is not entitled to lie about us, stalk and harass me (or you if that's happening), target members of my family and Paulette Brandt, or slander us.  But, she lives in Denmark and obviously feels she is outside the arm of the law.  She works in tandem with Gianelli who is out of control right now.  He just suddenly decided to target my friend, Dan Meade, and wrote insulting emails to Dan who does not know this man and rightly noted that Gianelli's emails are deranged and he sounds like he needs psychiatric help.  Gianelli'ls on a fishing expedition as well and insults people to obtain a response.  That's part of his M.O.  He wrote me a long email arguing Leonard Cohen's legal defense vis a vis IRS matters and the fraud restraining order.  He's not the attorney of record in either matter and I have advised him that I will only address these matters with the attorney of record.

I am aware that you and Cohen had a real relationship.  As I said, I never once saw any evidence that you stalked Leonard Cohen.  I did hear that you were in Los Angeles studying with Roshi and do keep in mind that I served on the Board of Directors of Rinzai-Ji and knew Roshi quite well.  Also, many of his monks, nuns, and students.  It was only after Freda Guttman questioned you about Lorca Cohen's public statements at Concordia that Cohen began slandering you.  He was concerned the comments might end up on the front page of the Montreal Gazette and was particularly worried about Hazel Fields.  I suppose it is true that Hazel gossips.  In any event, I have Van Penick's legal opinion - written to me - about this incident.  I am going to submit it to a court of law because there was no investigation and I am not a criminal investigator and under no legal obligation to to investigate or verify what was referred to as "criminal" conduct.  I found the video of Lorca Cohen jumping on a bed, with her father peering through the window, rather disturbing.  Cohen showed me that before we parted ways and said it was "cutting edge" music video material.  I thought he was insane.  It just seems thoroughly inappropriate.  I am relieved to be far away from the Cohen family and their insanity.

You are correct.  We know Leonard Cohen.  I never heard that you stalked him and, although you were seeing him in Montreal at the time, you never heard that I had an intimate dating or engagement relationship with Cohen in the mid to late 80s.  You did meet Dominique Issermann and other women he was involved with in the late 80s and we both know he had a complete mental breakdown at that time.  Cohen's long history of psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse is well documented and he has given many interviews about these matters.  They need to be taken into consideration.

I love Alexander David-Neel and her stories about Gesar of Ling were extremely fascinating.  One of Cohen's favorite books was "Morning of the Magicians."  I couldn't relate to that genre.

I have seen countless people, news outlets, and others, questioning the Boston bombings.  It was confusing to learn that the Russian FSB had written CIA and FBI about the two individuals involved.  I personally believe people have a right to explore these matters and use critical reasoning skills to determine what may have occurred.  One problem is that our representatives lie to us constantly so, at some point, everything looks like a lie.  That problem was created by the political class - not the citizenry.  The mainstream media cannot be trusted and they sound like government press releases.  Is it a crime to question what actually occurred?  I did see that former FBI Director Bob Mueller flew to Moscow to speak with the FSB and one of the issues appeared to be the FSB emails or letters to FBI and CIA about these two brothers.  It's interesting that Walsh raised the Boston bombings though.  I wonder why this is on her mind.  In any event, Cohen is the individual who said he was in the CIA MK ULTRA program, participated in LSD/sensory deprivation experiments, explored hypnosis and mind control, was involved in the Bay of Pigs matter, etc.  No one has ever challenged Cohen over these issues, from what I can tell, and they are merely taken as fact.  Either they are factual or these are conspiracy theories and fabricated tales that Cohen uses to advance his career.  

Susanne Walsh cannot disagree with us about what we witnessed and experienced.  She wasn't there, does not know us, and - from what I can tell - didn't know Cohen for the 20 years I did.  She has publicly noted that she met Robert Kory and does cc. Michelle Rice (Cohen's lawyer) from time to time.  She also has an interest in the Phil Spector matter, targeted the FB account, and is arguing issues related to Leonard Cohen's three versions of the alleged Spector gun incident now before LA Superior Court.  We don't have to speculate about that matter because the three versions are before LA Superior Court.  What version does the government believe?  That's not clear. 

Does Susanne Walsh actually know Leonard Cohen?  She must.  No one would go to these lengths otherwise.  Then again, I did see your comment about Lizzy Tish not having the time to listen to the Truth Sentinel programs but having time to post approximately 25,000 comments on the Leonard Cohen/Jarkko fan site forum.  I am relentlessly slandered there and Gianelli's slanderous comments are obviously approved.  
What I believe is that Susanne Walsh should cease and desist writing me and harassing me, Paulette Brandt, and others.  I have been extremely clear about that fact.

Take care.

All the best,

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On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 4:08 PM, Ann Diamond <> wrote:
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From: "Ann Diamond"
Date: Apr 19, 2015 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: Stalking Leonard
To: "susanne walsh" <>

Dear Susanne,

Of course you're entitled to your opinions. If you believe The Man Next Door is fiction, not memoir,  that's an interesting theory, but it happens to be incorrect. Every event described in my memoir actually happened, and much more. I admit some of it stretches credibility, but then you have never gone out with, spent time with, or lived next door to Leonard Cohen and are therefore not in any position to know what is or is not possible, or true for someone who has. In that respect,  Kelley Lynch and I are quite similar in having had real contact and real relationships with Mr Cohen, incredible as the details may seem to someone who has not been in our position.

I expect you have read other memoirs that have made you wonder if such events and situations are really possible.  MAGIC AND MYSTERY IN TIBET, by Alexandra David-Neel, is one of my favourites in that genre.
If you really look into what has been published about Sandy Hook and the Boston Massacre, you'll find plenty of documentation including photographs,  videos, and critical analysis that conflicts with the official story. Although no one knows every detail of what happened at the scene of those events, there are many credible reasons to question the superficial and contradictory accounts in the mainstream media.
Because you may disagree with someone, or have different experiences from that person, does not give you the right to slander them or dismiss their life experience as "imaginary". Neither you nor I is a child soldier in Botswana, for example,  but neither of us has the right to say we know better than the child soldier what has happened in his life.

This seems like basic logic and common sense, doesn't it? Therefore, there are serious limits to our ability to make meaningful statements about others,  and especially about people we have never met who are far removed from us in every way.

Don't you agree?


On Apr 19, 2015 5:55 PM, "susanne walsh" <> wrote:

Dear Ann Diamond
Yes I did read  "The man next door", I found it well written and entertaining, however I do have some doubt to whether it was really memoirs or fiction, if Cohen really INVITED you to follow him around the world and indicate that he may wish to marry you, or if it was wishfull thinking on your part, and thoughts created and developed in your own mind.

 After all, you are the same woman, who for years insisted that The Newtown School shooting was all a hoax, that the 20 dead children are alive and well somewhere and that the grieving parents and teachers were all paid actors. You claimed some of the same things around the Boston Marathon shootings. As far as I remember, it should all have been planed by the US Government.Smiley Humørikon    So please forgive me if I am a bit suspicious to whether you completely understand the difference between  reality and imagination.
Susanne Walsh

From: Ann Diamond
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2015 10:44 PM
Subject: Stalking Leonard

Dear Susanne

Thanks for reading The Man Next Door, and for your comments to Mr Gianelli and Ms Lynch. Obviously you didn't read it too carefully or you would have noticed Mr Cohen, who was my neighbour for over 20 years in Montreal,  invited me to meet him on Hydra and also suggested I go to Mount Baldy.  In 1979 he also invited me along on his UK tour and generously paid for my hotel, meals and transportation for over a week of concerts in 6 cities.

If you think that shows I "stalked" him, I would welcome you to say so in a public forum where we can discuss the details in the open. Since you have read The Man Next Door, maybe you would like to post a review of it online. There is space for this at Amazon and Lulu.

As for my "hoping he would marry me" - that's also inaccurate. As I state in the memoir, I was mystified by his repetition of phrases like "We're getting married" or "My house is waiting for you" - why would he lie about something so personal? Later I learned he did this with many young women.  The point of writing about this was to expose the world of abuse and deception that surrounds some well-loved celebrities.

Thanks again for your interest in the truth.

Ann Diamond