Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Is One Sick, Twisted Individual

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 4:51 AM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Re; Cases BC338322 and BC 341120
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Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

This is one sick, twisted individual.  I believe I do understand how corrupt, out of control municipalities operate.

All the best,
Li'l Red by PhillyBoyWonder (print image)

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From: Stephen Gianelli <>
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:34 PM
Subject: Fw: Re; Cases BC338322 and BC 341120
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: blind <>

Dear Ms. Lynch,

The pleading rules, privileges and other defenses are of obvious application to the claims you keep saying you intend to file "next week" in federal district court. 

Of particular interest to you should be Rule 8 (e) - since I very much doubt that your illness will allow you to craft anything resembling a "clear and concise" statement of your claims in a few pages - as the 9th Circuit case authority I emailed to you admonishes. 

With all do respect, you don't have a clue how local governments  operate if you think that there is any way a city or county would trust the management of it's legal affairs to a retired lawyer with whom they have no formal relationship - nor would counsel for those entities or for Leonard Cohen approve of doing anything to educate you about your claims or how to plead them. 

Someone asked me a few years ago "why are you helping her by telling her what the law is"? 

I replied that Kelley Lynch thinks that every thing I am saying is either a "lie" or a "trick" by Cohen and/or Los Angeles anyway - so she never listens. 

I see this still holds true - despite the self-evident validity of these black letter legal authorities. 

In any event, file your federal suit or don't - but unless and until you do, hearing you repeat the same litigation threats to sue the County of Los Angels that you have been making for a decade now is getting really boring.

You have two options: Take action or stay in your chair and simply blog and email. 

Clearly you have AGAIN - chosen to simply talk about it.

Why am I not surprised? 

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

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From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 5:54 PM
Subject: Re: Cases: BC338322 & BC341120
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The proxy stalker is doing legal research re. my matters with Cohen and claims against the City and County of Los Angeles.  This individual worked with the City Attorney to have me arrested on at least two occasions.  The City Attorney expressly advised him to continue criminally harassing me and to communicate official messages from their office to me.  This man has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist.  He has obviously engaged in criminal witness tampering, criminal witness intimidation, stalking, harassment, threats, etc.  The City Attorney encouraged a criminal to further harass and stalk me.  And then there's his criminal conduct with respect to my sons, sister, Paulette Brandt, Clea Surkhang, The Scientist, my appellate attorney Francisco Suarez, my ex-husbands, etc.  

This has been going on since he communicated with Michelle Rice, Cohen's lawyer, in May 2009.  Investigator William Frayeh felt he may have found a sympathetic ear with Spector prosecutor about me.  My lawyers during the 2012 IRS/Spector trial (that almost had nothing to do with the fraudulent domestic violence order) were very clear that they could NOT understand why Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson were all over that matter.  The Stalker wrote today about Phil Spector and said it had nothing to do with my matters.  See the trial transcript, Cohen's testimony about Phil Spector and one version of his gun story, etc.  Also, see all testimony about the IRS and federal tax matters.  Then see all of the prosecutor's lies.  See also the judge's lies - including about what I knew re. the fraudulent IRS refunds and the IRS binder, Agent Tejeda, etc.  

I will continue to forward all of the Stalker Proxy's emails to you privately. 

All the best,

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