Friday, November 7, 2014

Lies The Stalker Tells

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Date: Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 8:47 AM
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Li'l Red by PhillyBoyWonder (print image)

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 8:46 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

As I recently wrote, Gianelli has not been on my blog but Walsh has.  This is a new game the Stalker is playing.  I did NOT blind copy this lying criminal on anything and will forward you the original email - OR, in the alternative - I have provided you with my email account passwords and you should feel free to review all emails.  As you know, Gianelli & Walsh work in tandem and Walsh frequently copied in Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice.  In any event, Gianelli has now come up with some new deranged strategy to harass me - and that includes lying to me that i blind copied him.  I did not and this man is a dangerously unstable individual who has relentlessly targeted me and my family.  These emails are indeed harassment.  They are also evidence of stalking, witness intimidation, and other seriously illegal activity.  It is of particular importance to note that this Stalker worked with the City Attorney (and Cohen, no doubt) to have me falsely arrested re. the fraudulent "domestic violence" order.

The Jury in my trial advised the public defenders afterwards that they wanted to hear from the IRS.  They were lied to by the prosecutor, Cohen, and his lawyers and essentially advised that I was this man's "ex lover," who was not in need of tax information, and may have wanted to attend one of his concerts.  I have never heard anything more pathetic in my life.  One juror wrongfully relied on the prosecutor's lies about the value of assets in TH accounts.  Leonard Cohen's loans/expenditures totaling approximately $6.7 million from the alleged "retirement' account alone were concealed.  And, my PD told me that he viewed my alleged trial as an attempt to sabotage IRS, discredit me, and the DA does not want the Phil Spector overturned.  He also felt there was a potential jury plant which demands an investigation and should have been addressed with the Court although the Court prohibited Agent Tejeda from testifying, lied about numerous matters on the stand, and permitted a tremendous amount of garbage to be presented to the jury.

I was not served Leonard Cohen's fraudulent lawsuit complete with fabricated narrative that essentially serves as his defense to the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  An email to Scott Edelman stating IF is evidence of what?  Nothing.  In any event, the Stalker continues to argue Cohen's legal matters.
The Psycho Stalker was NOT copied in on anything - blind cc or otherwise.  

All the best,

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