Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To Steve Lindsey Re. The Assistance He Offered Leonard Cohen In A Variety Of Matters; Cohen Evidently Repaid That Kindness By Helping Out With The Coordinated Custody Matter

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 12:40 PM
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Steve Lindsey,

At this time I do not have the declaration(s) you provided to Cohen.  On October 27, 2004, my lawyers advised Cohen's lawyer to have him make arrangements to pick up all property.  He and his daughter, Lorca Cohen, went into my offices and too whatever they felt entitled to - that included boxes of archived materials that appear in a documentary on Cohen filmed, in part, in my offices.  Your involvement with Cohen/Kory is extensive and obscene.  You were never involved in my business relationships with Cohen for the entire 17 years I worked as his personal manager.  Rich Feldstein was Cohen's business manager and I adviesd Cohen, in writing and orally, that i did not handle tax, accounting, corporate, loan documentation, or legal matters.

How would you know, as of October 2005, what I had in my home?  You and I had not seen one since prior to your outrageous and unconscionable coordinated custody matter on May 25, 2005.  I have your declaration where you clearly state that you called 911 re. SWAT and advised the Court that my neighbors called as well.  My neighbors did not.  

Cohen's declaration states that he understood I had this property in October 2004 but failed to make arrangements to pick it up.  That is known as abandoned property and I did not have his water color journal, it was not found in my home, and this man is the last person who had possession of it and scanned it using his home computer.  

Do you mean I had a water coloring painting Cohen did for me and noted that on the painting itself or an of the other items he gave me and signed?  Or, did you mean I had corporate and partnership documents, including tax returns, Phil Spector's master for "Hard On," documents belonging to Machat & Machat, etc.  Perhaps you meant master tapes belonging to A&M Records re. the tribute album?  Or Adam Cohen dats, etc. that do not belong to Leonard Cohen and were copies of dat tapes?  Perhaps you meant my boxes of Cohen books that i collected online and paid for personally?  I'd love to hear the details of what you advised Cohen.  

You advised me that he and Kory came into your office and informed you that I had sex with Oliver Stone.  Did they bring evidence?  What was the point of that conversation?  Obviously, to stir up a custody matter.  

It was helpful that Cohen and Kory understood that you were wiling to destroy your son's life.  After all, your daughter lived with Cohen's and you did the same thing to her.  

You owe me a tremendous amount of money and you will repay me what you owe.  What man would owe a woman a tremendous amount of money, refuse to repay her, destroy his son, and permit the woman to end up homeless?  Look in the mirror, Lindsey.  I see you ripped Bennett Kaufman off also.

What man would permit his son to communicate with individuals like the stalkers known as Stephen Gianelli and Susanne Walsh - when he was a minor?  Any adult stranger on the internet should be viewed as a potential child molester.  The FBI is very clear about that.  Evidently you simply did not care.  Truly revolting.

Kelley Lynch

Supplemental Declaration of Leonard Cohen
Case No. BC341120
Filed:  October 12, 2005

“Although I suspected nearly a year ago that Ms. Lynch was in possession of a notebook containing my original water color drawings which she did not return upon my request, we had worked closely together for nearly two decades, and I was hoping that she and I might be able to resolve our differences without resorting to litigation.  Accordingly, I refrained from filing an application for writ of possession at that time.  It was not until two weeks ago in a conversation with Steven Lindsey that I learned that Ms. Lynch maintained at her home an extensive collection of my personal belongings, and it was just over one week ago that Ms. Lynch reported in two emails that her home was going into foreclosure today, October 11, 2005.  Those emails are attached to my initial declaration as Exhibits B and C.”