Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email To IRS, FBI, & DOJ Re: Leonard Cohen, the City Attorney, LA Superior Court, & The Stalkers

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Hello IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

The Stalkers continue to criminally harass me over a variety of issues.  Those issues include the fact that Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory went into Lindsey's office, falsely accused me of having sex with Oliver Stone, and clearly intended to stir up a custody matter.  Sandra Jo Streeter felt that incident annoyed Leonard Cohen which is quite perverse.  It's as perverse as her belief that a man can expose himself to his female colleague and view that conduct as annoying to the man.  Lindsey coordinated a custody matter with Cohen and others.  I lost custody of my son via a default which is completely pathetic.  The judge should have rescheduled the hearing  We are talking about someone's life that was destroyed by "default."

I have every right to write Oliver Stone, Kevin Huvane, and Bryan Lourd.  My emails to them are not the business of these Stalkers.  Walsh frequently copied in Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, so it's clear that Leonard Cohen condones this conduct.  His lawyers also spoke with Gianelli in May 2009 and that is when this Stalker began criminally harassing me and others.  How would a man who does not know me know anything about my friendship with Oliver Stone or whether or not I've spoken with him.  I most certainly have said nothing about that.  

The Stalker does not know Oliver Stone but has the audacity to write and tell me what Oliver Stone thinks.  Oliver Stone should wonder why Cohen and Kory went into Lindsey's office and lied about us; why Cohen and the City Attorney dragged him into this situation; and why he was maliciously slandered in a horrifying email I received - probably written by "Gianelli."  

I will send you a copy of my federal lawsuits when I am ready to file them.  At this time, I am finishing up the Schedules I will attach to my Motion asking Hess to refer Cohen for a perjury prosecution.  As someone intimately familiar with the facts and evidence repeatedly asks:  how much perjury and fraud is acceptable?  I am also finalizing my motion to dismiss the fraudulent "domestic violence" order.  

Leonard Cohen doesn't want the judgment vacated because he amended his tax returns using fraud and perjury and further defrauded the U.S. taxpayer.  The refunds have been challenged as fraud.  Perhaps the IRS would like to explain why Cohen issued K-1s for LCI showing $0 income for 2003, 2004, and 2005; refuses to rescind them; and submitted a fraudulent expense ledger to IRS showing income on LCI.  Perhaps the IRS can explain why Cohen, his lawyer, and Streeter LIED and advised the jury (who wanted to hear from IRS) that Cohen provided me with IRS required form 1099 for 2004 when he did not.  Perhaps the IRS can explain why TH K-1s were transmitted to IRS for 2001, 2002, and 2003 confirming that I am a partner.  And, perhaps IRS can explain the BMT corporate books and records, stock units, agreements, non-revocable assignments, etc.  Cohen's complaint confirms that none of this was formally unwound.  The federal tax and corporate matters will be litigated in federal court.  I have asked Cohen's lawyer to confirm that Cohen views all corporate tax returns as fraud.  After all, his lawyers and accountants prepared them for him and they did not work for me.  

Leonard Cohen knows that the LA Superior Court justice system works beautifully for the criminal.  They have now aided and abetted theft; appear to be engaged in obstruction of justice; and the judges themselves lie on the bench.  It is astounding particularly given the fact that they have no jurisdiction over me in either matter.  

All the best,

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