Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kelley Lynch's Email To Her Son Re. The Dangerously Unstable Cyber-Terrorists

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I have received three criminally harassing emails from the Stalker this morning.  He is, once again, obsessed with you.  This individual, and others (including Cohen’s fan, Susanne Walsh), have harassed, stalked, and attempted to intimidate many people since May 2009 when Gianelli heard from Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice.  He had a blog whose focus was Phil Spector.  Investigator William Frayeh, DA’s office, advised me that he felt Gianelli may have found a “sympathetic ear” with Phil Spector’s prosecutor about me.  During my 2012 alleged trial, Cohen, the DA, and City Attorney, joined forces to target me.  The prosecutor lied about many issues – that would include IRS and federal tax matters.  My appellate lawyer, Francisco Suarez (who has been criminally harassed by these dangerously unstable individuals), felt my trial was an IRS matter that demanded an IRS investigation.  My lawyer, during the trial, told me this:  the City Attorney is attempting to sabotage the IRS; they are attempting to discredit you; and, the DA does not want Phil Spector’s verdict overturned.  He also felt there was a “prosecution plant” on the jury and should have addressed that with the Court.  My lawyers failed to meet with me and had many, many facts wrong.  Paulette has confirmed, numerous times, that Boulder Combined Court advises people that Cohen’s 2008 order expired in February 2009.  She has testified about that fact in court.  Leonard Cohen’s reason for flying to Boulder (in the middle of his European tour) seems to have been Ann Diamond’s draft article for Rolling Stone, my emails documenting all we have gone through since I reported Cohen’s tax fraud in April 2005, and my communications with journalists or online posts refuting the slander.

Gianelli and Walsh have once again, as you know, begun harassing you, Ray, my sister, Yongzin Rinpoche’s wife, Paulette and others.  You were copied in on emails with the City Attorney’s office.  I want you to be very clear that the City Attorney’s office has lied about me extensively and retaliated.  In fact, my appellate lawyer felt my prosecutor engaged in criminal obstruction of justice.  Cohen fraudulently registered the Boulder, Colorado Order (that I requested due to their insanity) in Los Angeles as a “domestic violence” order.  It was not and is not.  He then worked with the City Attorney’s domestic violence unit to imprison me.  The man is vicious.  He has stolen from me, Steven Machat, and evidently sold Phil Spector’s master tapes to Sony.  During my trial, he testified about Phil Spector.  My lawyers could not figure out why but given the fact that he joined forces with Phil Spector’s DA, and was hanging out with the DA’s investigator, I think you can draw your own conclusions.

I was not served Leonard Cohen’s lawsuit.  You are aware of this.  I did not resemble the woman described in the proof of service.  I had short, very dark hair; was extremely thin; and have blue eyes.  No one attempted to evade service.  Neal Greenberg’s lawsuit against Cohen and his lawyer was tossed outside the front door.  Chad, with me and a friend of mine present, called Cohen’s lawyer and told him I was not served and I would hold that individual personally accountable for mental duress.  Cohen’s legal team is now arguing that this means I was served.  It does not.  Richard Cromelin of LA Times contacted me, prior to writing his August 17, 2005, article on the lawsuit and advised me that Cohen filed it.  Other articles named the lawyer – Scott Edelman.  Steven Machat was clear in our discussion (that he confirmed in an email):  Cohen probably told his lawyers to willfully disregard all corporate records, my ownership interest in Cohen’s intellectual property, etc.  Machat advised me to sue Cohen for theft and recently wrote me that he will correct any misinformation in his book.  He wrote that I settled with Cohen.  That is not true and I refused to do so.  As you know, he offered me 50% community property, and other compensation, but wanted me to falsely testify against his representatives.

Leonard Cohen attempted to say that Neal Greenberg was responsible for monies he invested.  Greenberg represented Cohen – not me.  Leonard Cohen has concealed the fact that he personally borrowed or expended approximately $6.7 million from his alleged “retirement” account.  He was contractually obligated to repay those funds within 3 years with interest.  He refuses to do so.  Cohen has not provided me with tax documents for the year 2004.  The IRS requires him to provide me with that information.  The prosecutor, during my trial, simply lied about many federal tax and corporate issues. 

I have no mental health problems.  We have been relentlessly targeted.  As you advised my lawyers, His Holiness Kusum Lingpa advised me to document everything.  Lawyers have as well.  It is a record of what has and continues to unfold.  When Gianelli wrote you last summer, he was working with the City Attorney to have me arrested again.  He has now written that he helped the City Attorney arrest me on two occasions.  His obsession with us is dangerous.  Paulette and I have spoken with LAPD, the Sheriff’s Department, FBI, and others about this criminal conduct.  Leonard Cohen is the individual who has embezzled money – not I. 

As you also know, Steve Lindsey after the SWAT incident, asked you to go in and sign over/transfer our house to Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen did NOT own our house.  That request was illegal.  LAPD advised you, following SWAT, that our dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions.  You advised LAPD that I was alone in the house and you had taken your brother down the hill.  The situation was and remains unconscionable.  You also spoke to Dr. D’Angelo (Killer King).  He advised both of us that there was nothing in the file that would cause me to lose custody of Ray.  The file does not relate to me.  It is someone else’s file.  Dr. D’Angelo advised us that Lindsey called him and was threatening, aggressive, and Dr. D’Angelo did not agree with Lindsey.  He also didn’t agree with LAPD.  He was well aware that I was concerned that I was taken to Killer King so that Lindsey could coordinate a custody matter.  I felt certain Cohen was involved and Neal Greenberg’s law firm confirms that Lindsey, Cohen, and others conspired to have me falsely arrested.  That does not explain why I was questioned about Phil Spector en route.  I asked investigators why they didn’t question me about Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone and I were seriously slandered in a horrifying email that Gianelli probably sent.  He creates monikers, like the 14th Sheepdog, to slander my teachers.  Cohen and his lawyer went into Lindsey’s office and advised him that I had sex with Oliver Stone.  They obviously planned to stir up a custody matter and, as you know, Lindsey is unhinged, aggressive, and was abusive to us.  He has a pattern of removing children from their mothers.  What has happened to you and your brother is unconscionable.  His Holiness Kusum Lingpa believes LA Superior Court judges were maniacs.

I have no issues with substance abuse issues and this man does NOT know me.  I have not seen Lindsey in approximately 9 years and do not plan to.  He does, however, owe me a tremendous amount of money but preferred to let me end up homeless.  Had he repaid me, we would not have lost our home.

Stephen Gianelli, Michelle Blaine (Phil Spector’s former assistant who stole approximately $900,000 from him), Susanne Walsh, and others, targeted my blogs and email accounts and had them shut down.  I have reported this to Google and have also advised Google that Gianelli, using a gmail account, has relentlessly targeted us.  Karen’s lawyer advised this man to cease and desist.  Paulette has advised him to cease and desist.  Other people have filed police reports about this situation.

Gianelli does not know Douglas so I have no idea why he refers to him as though he does.  His obsession with us is frightening.  He doesn’t know anyone in our family.  Richard Dallett, my first husband, wrote and confirmed that Gianelli repeatedly contacted him and noted that he lied about their conversation and Richard had no idea what the man was talking about. 

I intend to file two motions related to Cohen matters in the near future.  Gianelli is harassing me over that and has publicly threatened me when I have stated that I am pursuing legal remedies against Cohen.  I have also filed claims against the County and City of Los Angeles advising them that I intend to file a federal lawsuit.  LA Superior Court is uninterested in obtaining jurisdiction over people; condones perjury and fraud; and, I will note, the judges themselves lie on the bench.

Gianelli did write me in jail.  I filed a Complaint with the Sheriff’s Department and they advised me that they would contact LAPD and FBI.  Paulette and I also discussed this situation with two LAPD detectives who we met with. 

Please do not communicate with Gianelli, Walsh, etc.  LAPD advised me to maintain these emails.  If Walsh copies Michelle Rice in on her emails, please forward them to me.  LAPD advised me that they will handle that situation. 


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