Friday, May 31, 2013

Question From An Astute Blog Reader Re. Phil Spector, Michelle Blaine, & Social Media Influence On Jurors

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 10:23 AM
Subject: Fwd: re quote in Spector blog
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Hi Paulette,

Do you have anything to add to this?


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From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: re quote in Spector blog
To: Chuck Harter <REDACTED>

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your refreshing email.  I think one of the problems with Phil Spector's trials is the lack of critical reasoning, questioning  obvious flaws, and the social media assault on Mr. Spector.  Certain blogs - such as those of Michelle Blaine, Sprocket (who I was told by an investigator is the mouth piece for Lana Clarkson's mother), and others, were clearly coordinated to influence the news media, public opinion, and the jurors themselves.  Paulette Brandt (Phil Spector's personal assistant for approximately 11 years and close personal friend of Mr. Spector's for years prior to that) is the individual Phil Spector informed about Clarkson's statement re. what she could do to his cock.  There is evidence that Clarkson was a prostitute who played with guns and her Madam, Baby Doll Gibson, was prohibited from testifying and gagged during the trial.  It is of great import, from my perspective, that the DA and other investigators never met with or spoke to Paulette Brandt who is the source of the quote.
Michelle Blaine is also a former assistant who worked for Mr. Spector for a very short period of time and essentially appears to have targeted him, stole $900,000 from him, was the individual the driver originally called (no doubt fearing the authorities due to his illegal presence in this country), and a woman who clearly has a vendetta against Phil Specctor.  Her blog posts and comments suggest a jealous and hostile woman who was angry that Phil Spector was involved with his current wife.  Blaine evidently manipulated Mr. Spector into ridding himself of people familiar with him and loyal to him - including his ex-wife, Janice Spector, personal assistant, Paulette Brandt, and driver, Morgan Martin.  I am friendly with all of these individuals who I have known for years. 

Phil Spector told everyone who knows him, and the police at the jail, that Clarkson shot herself.  Blaine had motive to lie and there is a reason the prosecution didn't use her as a witness.  My thoughts on Blaine's contradiction is her motive.  It is deeply disturbing that her father, Hal Blaine, worked with Phil Spector for 27 years and never once saw him with a gun in the studio.  I met with Phillip after the incident and he told me what happened.  I know him well and can easily tell if he is embellishing a story.  Lana Clarkson was in his foyer, with a gun, dancing around and singing his songs (Da Doo Run Run).  For reasons no one will ever know (although the vicodin, other drugs, and 8 glasses of tequilla obviously affected her ability to think correctly and she was down and out, and suicidal - the DA advised the coroner not to do a forensic autopsy which is highly suspect) Clarkson then shot herself.

I will say this - Phil Spector, who was wearing a white dinner jacket, would have been covered in blood had he shot her in the mouth.  It defies logic to think that a 6' 160 pound woman wouldn't have attempted to defend herself or struggled in what the prosecution would like us to view as an execution style murder.  Phil Spector didn't have to shoot anyone to have sex.  He was involved with Nancy Sinatra who was completely in love with him - although she too betrayed him.  The prosecution's theory is laughable.

Let me know if you have any other questions.  What happened to Phil Spector is an outrage.  And, his hair didn't help.

All the best,

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Chuck Harter <REDACTED> wrote:

Hello, I have read your various blogs regarding Phil Spector and found them interesting.
I have been researching the incident, trials and outcome for a long time and have formed some definite conclusions.
Both trials were unfair, the judge was prejudicial toward the prosecution and in the second trial...
a blogger...favoring the prosecution...must have influenced the jury.
I have a question for you...
Did the movie commit suicide like Lana Clarkson did at Phil Spector's house after, according to his former assistant, telling him "This is what I can do to your cock?"
The quote above is from a blog that you posted in March at the time of the HBO film.
The "former assistant" is obviously Michelle Blaine...
What is the source of her quote...?  and is there any more?
On a site called "Wall of Guilt" a blog from 2009...a bitter Michelle Blaine posts that
Spector told her that he shot Clarkson the morning after the event...
Any thoughts on this contradiction?
I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you furhter on this matter.
Chuck Harter ( in L.A. near Culver City)