Sunday, May 26, 2013

But Deranged Leonard Cohen Fan, Susanne Walsh, Cannot Stop Targeting Me, My Sons & Sister, While Copying In Leonard Cohen's Lawyer

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, May 26, 2013 at 7:05 AM
Subject: Re: Lynch is hopeless
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I've phoned the City Attorney's office about the fact that Rice is copied in on these emails criminally harassing me and members of my family.

All the best,

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 7:05 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Cease and desist criminally harassing me and members of my family with Cohen's lawyer, Rice, copied in.  I've contacted the City Attorney's office because this is harassment; witness tampering with respect to Rutger; and a third party restraining order violation on the part of Rice.

You are a sick individual who has relentlessly targeted me for years.  STOP contacting me and my family.  Leonard Cohen is obviously obsessed with me, condones this contact, and thinks it is acceptable to continue to target my family.  He's wrong and this will be addressed legally. 

Kelley Lynch

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 7:03 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the IRS and FBI,
I just phoned the City Attorney's office and left a message about this ongoing criminal harassment with the targeting of my family over Leonard Cohen with Michelle Rice copied in.  This is a third party restraining order violation on the part of Rice.  It is sick that Michelle Rice - on behalf of Cohen - would engage in criminal harassment (and witness tampering with Rutger, as I noted for the City Attorney) with respect to my family.  Gianelli - on behalf of Cohen - falsely accused my sister of starting her business with Cohen's cash and then attempted to blackmail her.  Her lawyer spoke to Gianelli and advised him to cease and desist.  Susanne Walsh - with Michelle Rice copied in - then writes to my sister.  This is ongoing criminal harassment. 
I didn't have a choice to have my case heard on the merits.  I was not served Leonard Cohen's summons and complaint; the proof of service is evidence of extrinsic fraud; and the judgment is void.  Gianelli publicly threatened me in 2010 when I announced I was filing a motion to vacate.  Perhaps Phil Shull/Deneuve Construction (who did not want me to resign) should explain to the IRS and FBI what he and my colleagues witnessed.  It was abject insanity - with Kory and Bergman contacting him.  I spoke, at length, to Phil Shull and others about Cohen's insanity. 

I have no issues with mental illness.  I reported Cohen's tax fraud; he has stolen from me and withheld commissions I am owed; and I have been relentlessly targeted since that time.  In fact, as I noted for the City Attorney in my voice message, Boies Schiller was closely monitoring 1) my meeting with Kory; 2) the meeting where Ray confirmed that he heard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud; I reported that; Cohen had stolen from me; state tax returns weren't filed; and Cohen/Kory were threatening me.  I have credibility with the people in my life.  They are convinced I have been railroaded and wonder why Cohen hasn't been arrested and prosecuted.  Susanne Walsh is a dangerously unstable individual who has relentlessly targeted me, slandered me, and thinks she is a victim?  These people are sick and she has been relentlessly advised to cease and desist. 
Leonard Cohen is irrelevant.  The only person in the courtroom impressed with him was Streeter who is a sycophant and, I suppose, the DA's investigator who was hanging out and lunch with him, his lawyers, and PI.  Why does that investigator have a job?  Was he able to uncover Leonard Cohen's three versions of his Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court?  Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Cohen has stolen from Steven and Marty Machat and Steven Machwt has been quite clear about that - in his book and in his conversation with my public defender.  Steven Machat has also been clear about this - Cohen uses corporations to evade taxes; has US tax problems because of his green card; falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts; and is a hustler who uses religion to con people.  I don't spend my life drinking and Walsh and Gianelli do not know me or anyone in my life.  It's simply slander.  No one that knows me would ever say I'm a drunk.  Leonard Cohen, on the other hand, has a lifelong history of publicly documented drug and alcohol abuse and psychiatric problems.  As I just said to the City Attorney's office - his conduct in this regard is not my plan.  It's his conduct.  He did the drugs.

Leonard Cohen has success and uses his celebrity to lie to the news media.  He contacted Brian Johnson/MacLean's in a well thought out defensive move when Greenberg sued him and Kory for conspiracy, extortion, etc.  Those matters haven't been heard on their merits and will be raised in my legal documents.  Kory couldn't simply acknowledge that Judge Babcock dismissed him from the case because he lacked personal jurisdiction.  He wanted my lawyer to listen to his logic - two people have to be engaged in a conspiracy. 

No one in my life has washed their hands of me and hat includes the Tibetan lamas I am in constant contact with; visit; speak to ; etc.  Gianelli has now written Lodi Gyari (who I know personally) impersonating a dog demeaning the Sharmapa.  Of course, Walsh doesn't know me and is just making this insanity up so that's quite psychotic.

Cohen made a charitable contribution to Mt. Baldy - of stock - that was audited.  I think the IRS should review that audit.

Keep Cohen safe?  Walsh and Gianelli are cxriminally harassing my family with Rice copied in. I have spoken to LAPD's TMU about this and just called the City Attorney's office again.  I haven't contacted Cohen and still do not have the IRS required form 1099 for the year 2004.  I owe no taxes.  Cohen doesn't have access to my tax returns.  He just lies about the iRS  pursing me.  The IRS should pursue Cohen - including with respect to the fraudulent refund I discovered in the IRS binder at my trial and the illegal K-1s Kory testified he understood I asked them to withdraw.  I have now formally challenged those items and the IRS advised me to file fraud form 3949(a) with respect to them. 

I am confident that the authorothies and Mr. Cohens legal teams have a good handle on what Lynch is up to, and how to keep him safe, and the rest of the world will go on just fine without Lynch, it is up to her how she will spend the rest of her life.

These people are obsessed with me and dangerously unstable. Please see Michelle Rice, Cohen's lawyer, copied in on emails to my sister and son.  That demands an investigation. 



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From: susanne walsh <>
Date: Sun, May 26, 2013 at 1:31 AM
Subject: Re: Lynch is hopeless
Cc: Kelley Lynch <>,, Ray Lindsey <>,

Mr. Gianelli, I agree 100% with everything you write.

Ms. Lynch did have choises, she could have chosen to take responsibility for her crimes and her her actions, she could have accepted the help from her family and friends to seek treatment for her various illnesses, pulled her life together, gotten a job, a home, a relationship with her children, she could have, with some hard and honest work, gained respect and credibility from people around her. Instead she chose to take the easy way out, to let her mental illness escalate, to attack and insult everybody who offered her a job or a home, to reprimand her children for telling her the truth, to commit more crimes against Leonard Cohen, to attack and insult every authority and legal counsel she was in touch with, she chose to expose herself as a victim of Leonard Cohen, the legal system, Mr. Gianelli, me and many others, she chose to live in temporary rented rooms, paid for by her family and spend her life drinking, smoking and writing hateful,  vile, vicious, again and again repeated stories about Cohens "crimes" against her, Phil Spector and Steven Machatt. No matter how much proof she is presentet with, she denies any wrongdoing on her part, but keep blaming others for "the destruction of her life".
While Lynch is, and will forever be, stuck in her own self created hell, alone and sick, the world around her goes on, Leonard Cohen is enjoying his life with succes after succes, her children are living good and healthy lives, her former friends hardly remembers her name, her sister and parents, I am sure, also get along just fine. One thing they all have in common is that they have washed their hands of Ms. Lynch, even her "Buddha buddies" seems to have lost interest in her, since she no longer is able to contribute cash to their organisations.

Susanne Walsh simply makes up deranged lies about me.  She does not know me.  She doesn't know my friends, or any Tibetan lamas I am in touch with, and feels it is acceptable to criminally harass me and my family over Leonard Cohen, his tax fraud, theft, etc.  It's outrageous.  She doesn't know my children, sister, parents, and has no idea what they think.  How would this lunatic know what kind of life my children are living?  She doesn't know them at all.  This woman is deranged.  An absolute psychopath whose obsession is clearly out of control.  No one's washed their hands of me.  Walsh knows no one in my life.  She's simply a liar.

I am confident that the authorothies and Mr. Cohens legal teams have a good handle on what Lynch is up to, and how to keep him safe, and the rest of the world will go on just fine without Lynch, it is up to her how she will spend the rest of her life.

Really?  The authorities think it is acceptable that I am being criminally harassed, as are members of my family, with Leonard Cohen's lawyer copied in - a violation of the fraud order I wasn't served or notified of?  Keep him safe?  My God.  These people are insane.  Leonard Cohen should pay his taxes and stop stealing.  

I too, will enjoy my retirement with family and friends in Europe and USA. I will no longer read her incredibly  boring "blog", I will not read or reply her E-mails.

I wish her children and other family members  the very best, and to Ms. Lynch, well, I hope she gets what she deserves.
Susanne Walsh

Walsh isn't responding to my emails.  She is being advised to cease and desist but her obsession continues as does her criminal harassment of members of my family with Cohen's lawyer, Michelle Rice, copied in.  She is aligned with Gianelli who has falsely accused my sister and attempted to blackmail her and wishes my family members well?  These people are sick.  Classic Cohen operative.  Steven Machat also received harassing emails from Cohen's "fans.'
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 5:50 AM
To: "Susanne Walsh" <>
Cc: "Kelley Lynch" <>
Subject: Lynch is hopeless


Ray Lindsey believes that is pointless to continue to state the obvious to Kelley Lynch.

I tend to agree at this point.

Pleas from her two son's and sister and some very harsh feedback in the last week or two from someone who she thought was a friend poised to support her and her former landlord simply fall on deaf ears I so profound is her psychosis and delusional  structure.

Given her mental illness she is quite simply incapable of sorting out the implications of simple events having obvious significance to a well person.

I don't have mental health issues and found the judge to be out of his mind - sitting there and essentially target an innocent woman with a fraud and perjurer on the witness stand.  Last I heard, these judges aren't mental health experts but it's a nice scam cottage industry.  The people who are mentally ill are the people criminally harassing me, my sons, sister, and others.  They are deranged.

For example, she is completely oblivious to the disconnect between a lawyer who is allegedly counseling her the appeal needs to stress certain issues - including "IRS issues" and the City Attorney's alleged "retaliation" - and appellate counsel's failure to even ATTEMPT to rebut the People's appeal brief by filing a reply brief, and her attorney's failure to even show up at the oral argument to oppose a tentative ruling by the court affirming the appeal.

 Well, at least my court appointed lawyer doesn't lie through his teeth in trials or lie in court documents.  The same cannot be said for the pathetic lawyers at the City Attorney's office.  They are unconscionable.  

That coupled with the attempt to withdraw the appeal is tantamount to a stipulated affirmation of the judgment convicting Lynch of criminal harassment.
The unconstitutional insistence that I continue with my appeal is going to be litigated in due course.  I gues the appellate court wanted to cover for the trial court.  That's what they do for a living, isn't it?  God knows why we pay them to do this superfluous job.  

Kelley Lynch is in her own dream world, blithely emailing people she has not spoken to in years like they are at all interested in her same tired hard luck story of harassment of poor Kelley - and her many hundreds of emails are the ones filling their in boxes every month.

Gianelli has no idea who I speak with.  The man doesn't know me.  He's a bald-faced liar with motive.

To Kelley it will always be 2006, she is still able to pass tens of thousands of dollars to her Buhdda Buddies and to pick up their tabs (and thus gain their ear), her celebrity acquaintances are still in touch, and her threats to take Cohen to the matt still have credibility.
Actually, the IRS should audit Cohen's charitable contributions to the Mt. Baldy Zen Center again.  The last of the big time spenders.  I have not threatened Cohen.  He's just a liar.

And this is how Kelley Lynch will remain for the rest of her life, long after Cohen has passed from this earth.

Kelley's writ, if it was ever filed to begin with (she prefers to not know whether it has or not) must be denied or a response requested by June 3. But fining out it was never filed or its summary denial will be just more confirmation of her delusional beliefs and certainly not any kind of reality check.
The writ has been approved and filed by Judge Ricciardulli.  Gianelli is just a bald faced liar about every single thing who has engaged in criminal harassment with respect to me, my family, and others since hearing from Cohen's lawyers in 2009.  

And I do not feel sorry for this wretch of a hateful, broke, homeless, hopeless human being on any level.

To me she is just an angry, mean, crazy and unrepentant thief turned stalker who prefers not to fix her mental issues - because her mental illness is the only thing keeping her from realizing everything she has done to Cohen, her children, her sister, and to many friends, acquaintances and strangers - even those who tried to help her along the way.
What a psychopath.   He has no idea how my family feels about me.  He just criminally harasses me.

The woman is irredeemable and unworthy of our time.

Says the lunatic obsessed with me and my family and relentlessly emailing us - lying, etc.  

I am ignoring this trash and getting back to enjoying the well earned fruits of an honest career.

Ignoring?  This man is criminally harassing me, my sons, sister, and others, unceasingly.  He is dangerously unstable.  I doubt his career was honest.  He's a lying sleazebag lawyer with motive and utterly deranged and delusional.  Also, a sycophant and arrogant idiot.  

You reap what you sew and if you embezzle and treat others badly you wind up like Kelley Lynch. A family that washes its hands of you and new "friends" every 90 days. Until they find out who you really are.

You do reap what you sew.  Let me quote His Holiness Kusum Lingpa on Leonard Cohen (a man he knew and saw right through) - he's an asshole going to hell.  My family hasn't washed their hands of me.  This man is simply a lying psychopath.  I didn't embezzle anything.  Leonard Cohen probably intentionally didn't serve me and ended up with a default I wasn't served or notified of either.  Leonard Cohen has concealed evidence from LA Superior Court; perjured himself; and stolen from me and others.  As Steven Machat said about Cohen:  He's  a hustler who uses corporations to evade taxes.  

In order to convict under Section 7201 of the Code, the basic elements that must be proven are (1) the existence of a tax deficiency, (2) an affirmative act constituting an evasion or attempted evasion of the tax, and (3) willfulness.