Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paulette Brandt's Take On Leonard Cohen's Guilt, Motive, & Phil Spector's Innocence

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, May 29, 2013 at 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: My take on things
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Hi Paulette,

That's all it is about.  Cohen didn't serve me and this justice system is about who can pay for justice, especially in Los Angeles with it's outrageous celebrity justice culture.  Cohen literally confessed to perjury on the stand and that was just fine with the judge, prosecutor, and jurors.  Nauseating.

The truth is apparent and Cohen has concealed the corporate books, records, etc. that prove I own 15% of all IP.  He also withheld my commissions for work I've done.  Thank you - many people believe I helped save his career but his arrogance is appalling.  Leonard Cohen does not like to pay for anything and Steven Machat advised me that he sold Phillip's masters (Death Of LP) to Sony.  Steven worked on that contract.  That's all this is about - Cohen's greed, fraud, and tax issues have caught up to him.  He testified that I only stole his peace of mind.  Leonard Cohen cares for no one and as Steven Machat said - he falsely accuses his representatives of ripping him off to breach contracts.  He's lucky he has the DA and City Attorney in his corner.  I can't tell you how sleazy it was to witness the DA's investigator hanging out with Cohen, his lawyers, and PI.  The man is so desperate.  It is pathetic.  No, I would not have found myself homeless.  Leonard Cohen intentionally bankrupted me and then took the stand in my Stalinesque Show Trial and testified about Phil Spector and a gun.  But he cannot stop lying (including to and about the IRS) so he now has three versions of his bogus gun story about Phil Spector before LA Superior Court which is psychotic.  A worm is right.  My lawyer views him as a snake. 

Phil Spector was set up and he murdered no one.  That's correct, Paulette.  Phillip is locked away for something he didn't do.  And, no one that really knows him testified for the prosecution.  My girlfriend said this - they dragged every gold digger they could find out of the gutter.  The prosecution's theory is insane - Phillip had to shoot someone to have sex? My God.  One does wonder about his jurors


On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Paulette Brandt <> wrote:
Dear Kelley,
Through my last 3 1/2 years of dealing with our Justice system it has become quite clear to me
that an honest average Joe, who cannot afford an attorney at the cost for one hour of their time
what an average Joe might earn in a hard week's work, will always lose out to a lying rich man  since Joe doesn't "have the resources to do anything about it".  This is a quote from the
rich auctioneer who kept about a quarter of a million dollars worth of collectibles that he had
taken from me, and who will not return them.
The truth is apparent.  Leonard Cohen made promises to you concerning payment for your services, which many consider saved his career and his ass some time ago.  Looks like Mr. Cohen doesn't like to pay for anything, and may have gotten caught not paying his share of taxes on the large sums of money he has been lucky enough to have made.  Of course, if he could blame you - then he wouldn't have to pay you - or his taxes!  What is right, ethical and moral doesn't enter into it.  He is a very lucky, very greedy man who appears to care for no one other than himself.  If you had stolen money from him - where is it?  Would you have found yourself homeless???  I think not.  I have seen what people with "fame" can get away with.  I have seen them take advantage and lie, with no second thoughts about how it will impact others.  This man should have been thanking you and showing his appreciation for you saving him - but noooo, he's a greedy worm.  Being faced with telling the truth and having no one believe you is enough to drive a person crazy!  It's the worst.
And about Philip - I have known him my entire adult life.  Is he an Angel?  No.  But he has ALWAYS  been there for me, so in some ways he has been an Angel to me.  Does he make no mistakes?  No.  But who has made no mistakes in their lives.  The one thing I can tell you is that he is no murderer.  And the jealous egos of men who can't compare to Phillip and his accomplishments have locked him away for something he didn't do.
That's my take on all of this.

In order to convict under Section 7201 of the Code, the basic elements that must be proven are (1) the existence of a tax deficiency, (2) an affirmative act constituting an evasion or attempted evasion of the tax, and (3) willfulness.