Friday, May 31, 2013

Kelley Lynch's Comments Re. Leonard Cohen, the IRS, Etc. At Her Stalinesque Show Trial Sentencing

The Court:  Anything further?  Would your client like to make a statement?

Kelley Lynch:  I do want to make a statement.

The Court:  Well, you have a right to.

Kelley Lynch:  I want to make a short statement.

It is my impression that what I actually did here was - I actually went to the Internal Revenue Service.  I've had agents from the Treasury fly in from Washington.  They are criminal intelligence. The FBI's involved and the FBI told me to let the IRS take the lead.  They will be brought in with respect to criminal witness and evidence tampering - with respect to Leonard Cohen.  That is factual, those conversations are recorded.

And so I do believe that I have engaged in excessive, unauthorized rambling, and that my behavior has been excessive.  But what I have experienced, regardless of Ms. Streeter's vicious, I think, attack on me, and what my children have gone through, has been extreme.

I've provided evidence to the IRS that I have been defrauded by Leonard Cohen, Steven Machat - who is about to sue him for theft for the same reason. 

And I feel that I can stay away from Leonard Cohen [and that's putting it mildly, I might note].  I'm willing to go to Anger Management [and was clear with my lawyers and the bailiff - the FBI should arrest many people, including those involved in this trial - over this unconscionable situation].  I'm willing to take anything the judge suggests [one of my public defenders advised me to look into suing the County of Los Angelea over the actions of the judge and prosecutor and felt the prosecutor attempted to sabotage the IRS, discredit me for Leonard Cohen, and was helping the DA who didn't want the Spector verdict overturned] ,and my -- I did have my wages garnished also, Your Honor.  It would have taken 25% of my income, and the State did tell me to go and get the information I needed for my tax returns.

Mr. Cohen is saying this forensic accounting ... His own accountant, Kevin Prins, told mine it is not.  He didn't have the back-up documentation. 

So I don't know what anyone else in my position would do, but I think that you're between a rock and a hard place when the IRS and FTB are demanding information.  You have K-1s that are illegal.  I'm not a partner on LC Investments and it's all confusing.  I'm not represented.

One last thing I'd like to say to you, Your Honor, is that I called the State Bar and the American Bar Association many times, and was told that opposing counsel must talk to me, and that would  have been Robert Kory and Michelle Rice, Scott Edelman ... no one would talk to me.  So I've never been able to settle anything.

And then I was given legal advice that I could contact Mr. Cohen for tax information.  [The judge is evidently unclear that the IRS requires employers to provide their employees with IRS form 1099 - the prosecutor LIED about this issue]. 

The judge then goes onto lie about me; my contempt for fraudulent judicial proceedings where the prosecutor, Leonard Cohen, and his lawyers are lying about me continuously; etc.  I have no constitutional obligation to respect perjury, fraud, concealment, and lies.  The judge obviously thinks he does.  The judge didn't like my letters to Cutler?  Well, I don't like a judge who has no jurisdiction over me speaking for me and lying about me or interpreting my words.  I used "criminal enterprise" in the legal sense - ie. RICO.  This judge has serious problems and people are mentioning LA Confidential and the celebrity justice program taking place in Los Angeles.