Friday, May 31, 2013

Kelley & Paulette Brandt's Emails Re. Celebrities, Leonard Cohen, & The Los Angeles Celebrity Justice System

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: The truth, and nothing but...
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Hi Paulette,
Well, the great news is that everyone who knows me believes me.  They also see right through Gianelli and he has been advised to cease and desist by me and others. 

Obviously, Cohen is rich and has lawyers.  He intentionally bankrupted me, withheld commissions he owes me, and stole my share of intellectual property.  The IRS, Phil Spector, Steven Machat, my lawyer, and others, have been given the evidence Cohen concealed from LA Superior Court.  In fact, I faxed quite a lot of that evidence to Iris Keitel at ABKCO Records when she and Allen Klein were managing Phillip.  I gave the IRS and Phillip the passwords to my email accounts and permitted them to review (and use) any and all emails between me, Cohen, his representatives, and others.  They are exceedingly revealing.  And then there's the LA justice system which favors celebrities.  I cannot tell you how many Deputy City Attorneys advised various judges that my case was unique because it involved a celebrity. A  celebrity, I might note, who confessed to perjury on the witness stand. 

Yes, Cohen's MO is to evade taxes.  I am aware of this.  Steven Machat is aware of this.  And, the IRS should be aware of this because of the evidence I've provided them.  Leonard Cohen falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts.  He is consumed by greed.  He bankrupted me; destroyed my life; targeted my sons and elderly parents; and has a sense of entitlement that''s unreal.  His testimony about Phillip was unconscionable - hanging out with the DA's investigator and lunching with him.  It was nauseating.
I have documentation of my ownership interest in these entities and all the IP dating back to 1967.  Cohen concealed all of this from the court and lied about overpayments re. my fees as his personal manager.  LA Superior Court does not require evidence.  That is quite clear.  Cohen used his tax problems, the news media, and LA Superior Court, to move offensively against me (and others) and then stole from me at the same time. 

Well, the targeting of my children and family members, etc. is deeply and gravely disturbing.  Gianelli has motive and I view his targeting of me, and others, since 2009 when he heard from Cohen's lawyers (Blaine was posting on his blog then) as witness tampering, an attempt to obstruct justice, etc.  And then, Gianelli and Blaine coordinated their efforts to target my blogs and email accounts. 

Thanks for your support, Paulette.  I appreciate it and am sorry that Gianelli continues to criminally harass you. 


On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Paulette Brandt <> wrote:
I don't think that anyone who has not been disbelieved when they are telling the
absolute truth can really understand what might become an uncontrollable and
persistent need to be vindicated.
I have worked in the entertainment industry all of my adult life and have seen, on
more than several occasions, a situation where a rich, famous person, when
caught doing something they shouldn't have done, will put the blame on an
unknown person who does not possess their public stature.  And, often times
it is someone who works for the famous person, and sometimes this is agreed
to by the unknown person in order to not blemish public opinion of the famed.
It seems easy to recognize that it has been Mr. Cohen's m.o. to try to evade
taxes.  I have also seen honorable people promised deals on a handshake, and
then get totally screwed...especially by those in high places who think it's okay
because the other person essentially can do nothing about it.  What is ethical
and moral be damned.

It certainly is not far-fetched to believe that Mr. Cohen made you promises, had
his tax problem, and saw not only his way to get out of it, but also a way to get
out of paying you what you are owed.

This is all so obvious.  It can MAKE you crazy!!!$!