Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leonard Cohen's Retaliation & The Ongoing Criminal Harassment of My Family, WitnessTampering With My Son, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 09:51:48 -0700
Subject: Re:
To: Kelley Lynch <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, Susanne Walsh <>, Ray Lindsey <>, John Penick <>, "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, Karen Lynch <>, "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <>, Robert MacMillan <>, "" <>, a <>, "" <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>,,

To the IRS and FBI,

What a psychopath.  I was advised, by a Tibetan lama, to contact law
enforcement over this harassment and he also spoke to my roommate.

Gianelli has been advised to cease and desist.  He has copied in
members of my family.  This man falsely accused my sister and
attempted to blackmail her.  He was advised by her lawyer to cease and
desist and is using her to argue his point?  The man is dangerously

He's clear - this is retaliation over Leonard Cohen and my reporting
his tax fraud to the IRS.  Sophisticated lawyers?  Perjury is real
sophisticated - at LA Superior Court where you can confess to it and
the judge will idolize you and lie.  Pathetic.

All the best,

On 5/26/13, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Gianelili,
> Walsh was clear in her FB message to me - the criminal harassment of
> me and my family is coordinated with you, Kelly Green, and others.  I
> view Susanne Walsh as a deranged lunatic fan of Leonard Cohen's who
> has criminally harassed me and members of my family, slandered me, and
> targeted me.  Nothing on earth will change my position on that fact.
> Steven Machat has also received harassing and disturbing emails from
> Cohen's lunatic fans.  The fact that Walsh has copied Rice in on so
> many emails confirms that Leonard Cohen and his lawyers condone and
> support this criminal harassment, the targeting of my family, and
> witness tampering with respect to Rutger - who you have once again
> copied in.  I understand that you are attempting to pressure me over
> my legal issues with Cohen and consider this an attempt to obstruct
> justice.  Walsh has targeted me relentlessly for years, has been
> relentlessly advised to cease and desist, and is exasperated with me?
> She's insane.
> I haven't seen Ray since he was 12-1/2, approximately 7 years or more.
>  Get your facts straight.  Your obsession with my children is insane.
> My sister's attorney spoke to you and advised you to stop contacting
> her and her husband and to cease and desist but you have copied her in
> on countless emails criminally harassing me and her.  Your cover your
> ass letter is pathetic and transparent.  You, Walsh, and many others,
> have relentlessly targeted me, slandered me, and are criminally
> harassing me and my family and witness tampering with Rutger.  Rutger
> does not think I have psychiatric problems and you do not know Rutger
> but attempted to infiltrate his Whole Foods matter. My sister's lawyer
> was quite clear with you lunatic.  Where are you going with your
> argument about her?  You falsely accused her of starting her business
> with Cohen's cash and then attempted to blackmail her.  I haven't seen
> Ray Lawrence since February and he advised you not to contact him
> again.  Ray Lawrence never said I was harassing you, lunatic.  Are you
> going to lie about Ray Lawrence now?  Ray Lawrence doesn't want to
> receive emails from you, Kelly Green, and others.  He's been quite
> clear about that.
> Legal battle?  You threatened me publicly and in emails when I
> announced that I was moving legally against Cohen and are now
> targeting me, my family, and friends over the same issue.  That's why
> people think you're on Cohen's payrolll.  I wasn't served Cohen's
> summons and complaint.  The proof of service is evidence of extrinsic
> fraud and both of my sons understand we had no female co-occupant.
> The judgment is void but evidence of theft, the wrongful altering of
> my tax returns, and the fact that Cohen views himself as the alter ego
> of these entities who engaged in self- dealing, etc.  That's correct -
> I only read the complaint (and a handful of other documents) when you
> posted them online in April 2010.
> Leonard Cohen still has not provided me with the IRS required form
> 2099 for the year 2004 - even if the Deputy City Attorney lied about
> this.  He has not withdrawn the illegal K-1s.  I am aware that the
> Stalinesque Show trial - featuring Phil Spector and one of Cohen's
> psychotic versions of his gun story (there are now three before LA
> Superior Court - God knows which one Cooley, Dixon, and Jackson
> believe) - was an attempt to discredit me while sabotaging the IRS.
> I attempted to abandon my appeal for, among other reasons,
> prosecutorial misconduct and Streeter's lies to LAPD about me during
> my appeal.  She lied about an email I sent the FBI showing them the
> type of bullshit these people use as threats to target innocent people
> for fraud celebrities with civil liability on the horizon.  They also
> use fraudulent restraining orders to abuse people.  I also have filed
> a writ of habeas corpus that Judge Ricciardullli accepted a and filed
> on May 3, 2013.  Cohen's perjury, theft, concealment of evidence, etc.
> was fully addressed in that document.  The appellate division covers,
> from what I can tell, for the County and so they didn't abandon my
> appeal.  This is a very serious legal issue for me.  The appellate
> division has no right to command me into an appeal.  It's
> unconstitutional and absurd.
> The writ will be appealed to higher courts.  That's a simple fact.
> The system is corrupt and that's why frauds, like Leonard Cohen, who
> perjure themselves (and even confess to it on the stand) prevail.
> My meeting with Agent Sopko, her email, and my communications with
> Agent Tejeda/IRS are not embarassing to Leonard Cohen.  He committed
> criminal tax fraud.  My communications with the iRS and Treasury are
> not secret.  I do not work for the CIA.  I didn't sign a
> confidentiality agreement with the IRS but I am aware that I have been
> targeted for speaking honestly to the news media and others.  Sandra
> Jo Streeter, Leonard Cohen, you, Susanne Walsh, and others, have been
> clear about this.  Kory presented Streeter with an IRS binder
> containing Agent Sopko and Agent Tejeda's contact information?  Since
> when are IRS and Treasury email or contact information private?  Is
> that the issue?  You are now representing the IRS and Treasury?  You
> have repeatedly lied to the iRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and FTB about.
> You have transmitted fraud to the IRS about me.  These are criminal
> issues.  You attempted to infiltrate the IRS - via Agent Sopko and
> Agent Wynar/FBI for Leonard Cohen.  I am very clear about your MO.
> Leonard Cohen has a sophisticated legal team?  Well, not according to
> Steven Machat and others.  Yes, I saw Robert Kory's pathetic letters
> to Agent Tejeda.  Evidently Kory thought Agent Tejeda was an idiot
> because the iRS Commissioner's Staff and Agent Sopko - who referred me
> to Agent Tejeda/IRS (who Kory likes to name drop while lying about the
> IRS and tax documents he did NOT provide me or my advisers and some
> psychotic testimony about an ad i saw when Agent Betzer/IRS advised me
> to report Cohen's tax fraud to the fraud unit) - were aware of Cohen's
> lawsuit.  Did they pre-empt the criminal probe with a fraudulent
> expense ledger, willful concealment of evidence, and their assertion
> that Cohen is the alter ego who engaged in self-dealing? Agent Tejeda
> was not permitted to take the witness stand.  Judge Robert Vanderet
> simply sabotaged my defense and lied about my knowing about the IRS
> refund that has now been challenged formally with the iRS.  The IRS
> has not said I am guilty and there is no evidence of that anywhere.
> That's Cohen's defense?  My requests for tax information gave the
> lunatic a defense to criminal tax fraud?  Did lying about Oliver Stone
> also?  We didn't have sex.  Interesting first of line of defense.  I
> never said LAPD tried to assassinate me.  They had my son in harm's
> way and there was no hostage as they found out.  Lindsey was lying to
> them and willfully ignored Rutger who had just been with me.  They did
> kidnap me and the doctor didn't agree with them.  Why didn't they take
> me to UCLA, eight minutes from my home?  Why did they question me
> about Phil Spector?  The entire Killer King file is falsified.  Ray's
> custody matter was coordinated.  He should be embarrassed by his
> father's outrageous about him and me in those documents - including
> intimating that Ray and I might have had sex or something because
> occasionally he slept in my bed as a young child.
> You are engaged in witness tampering and criminal harassment.
> My life is none of your business.  You and Walsh are obsessed with me
> and my family and have targeted us relentlessly for years.  You've
> really moved on - that's why you are criminally harassing me, my
> family and others, and engaged in witness tampering with Rutger.
> You belong in prison.  I've been clear with the IRS and FBI about that NUT.
> Kelley Lynch
> Email from Gianelli with my family copied in:
> 1. It is not Susanne Walsh who is "insane" - although she is clearly
> as exasperated with you as I am. The 99.999% of humans who do not view
> the world through the lens of a psychotic delusional structure
> instinctively believe that we can reach you with logic. We cannot. You
> view even random events as confirmation of the conspiracy against you
> by Leonard Cohen - who you see as the force even behind this email and
> Ms. Walsh's.

I think one definition of INSANE is a lunatic fan relentlessly targeting someone and their family - for years - and criminally harassing them.  The same is true for stark raving madman, Stephen Gianelli, who appears to be affiliated with Pat Dixon, Alan Jackson, and Michelle Blaine, of Phil Spector trial fame.  
> 2. While it may be true that your son Ray Lindsay has not seen you
> face-to-face since age 7 (although, since he is now almost 21 that
> should give you an idea of how long you have been waging your cyber
> campaign), that does not mean his belief that you need psychiatric
> help is nonsense.

I think it's his father that needs psychiatric help.  Perhaps my son would like to comment on the legal documents his father filed in court.  They also humiliate his son.  Furthermore, Lindsey should learn to repay his debts.  The obsession with my children - by these individuals with motive - is shocking. 
You recently lived with Rutger (in 2009 and 2010),
> and he - along with Karen have been recently in communication with
> you.

Karen?  My sister who was falsely accused by stark raving lunatic, Gianelli, who he then attempted to blackmail publicly?  She then had her lawyer speak to Gianelli and advise him to cease and desist.  He refused.  This man appears to be dangerously unstable and doesn't mind witness tampering with Rutger - who the judge in my Stalinesque Show Trial refused to let take the stand.  Grotesque situation. 
And while Ray Lawrence may be cordial to you in his emails, that
> is beside the point of his email of two weeks ago describing you as
> "drunk, crazy and out of control...harassing me with hundreds of
> emails about Leonard Cohen".

I've heard from my former roommate (who I haven't seen since February).  He never said I was harassing Gianelli and last I heard my former roommate is not an idiot or moron.  I am also not drunk, crazy, or out of control.  The people targeting my family are and my lawyer is very clear about this fact.  My former roommate did, however, advise Gianelli NOT to contact him again.  Gianelli, of course, targets everyone in my life. 
e point that you studiously avoid is
> that all of these people - the most significant people in your life -
> share the view that while you may have suffered from events not
> entirely your fault, you are not thinking clearly, need psychiatric
> help, and it is inappropriate for you to be constantly emailing all of
> these government officials and "random people", none of whom have any
> interest in your issues and problems.

I've been clear with the IRS and FBI.  I believe Gianelli - and others - need to be arrested.  Clearly, Leonard Cohen's lawyer (Michelle Rice) condones the criminal harassment of me, members of my family, and others - as well as the witness tampering with respect to Rutger.  
> 3. Whether you realize it or not, your "legal battle" with Leonard
> Cohen was over in May of 2007 without a single shot fired by anyone
> when your default judgment was entered and you failed to take prompt
> and diligent steps to set the resulting judgment aside immediately
> after learning of it - whether or not you did not read the suit until
> April of 2010.

It's impossible to fire a shot when you're not served the summons and complaint (or default judgment) and had no opportunity to read the lawsuit until it was posted online - by Gianelli - in 2010 who then immediately began threatening me publicly and in emails over my intention to move to vacate the judgment.  I didn't fail to take prompt and diligent steps and I think it's illegal to threaten someone over legal issues before a court.  It's an attempt to obstruct justice. 
> 4. Given the many emails you sent to Leonard Cohen and the voice
> messages you left on his home answering machine AFTER a restraining
> order issued AT YOUR REQUEST in 2007, many of which are angry and
> abusive in tone and also stray from the subject of taxes - which was
> your articulated trial defense - once the jury rendered its verdict of
> guilt and thereby resolved all credibility issues against you, that
> matter was over as well.

Leonard Cohen simply doesn't want to hand over the 1099 for 2004; withdraw the illegal K-1s; provide me with an accounting (that addresses corporate ownership interests; assets; liabilities; equity - and his loans in the millions from TH).  God knows what the jury thought and I really could care less.  One relied on the prosecutor's lies about the assets. Then there's that issue - the prosecutor lying through her teeth while Cohen and his lawyers perjure themselves.  Cohen even acknowledged lying under oath.  It was and remains pathetic.  What credibility issues?  The slander that continues to take place.  
> Although you exercised statutory right to one direct appeal, given the
> undisputed facts presented at trial - including that you sent the
> emails and left the voice messages after you signed for the 2007 order
> you were charged with violating, your appeal was an exercise in
> futility. Your court appointed attorney Francisco Suarez implicitly
> recognized this in his anemic opening brief, by failing to rebut any
> of the City Attorney's appeal points by filing a reply brief, and when
> - in the face of a tentative ruling by the Appellate Division that
> your appeal presents no issues requiring a reversal of your conviction
> - Suarez elected to not even appeal at your oral argument and instead
> to submit the matter on the briefs (giving the City Attorney and the
> Court the final word in the matter, without even trying to get up off
> the matt and fight).
The prosecutor engaged in egregious misconduct - including lying about the IRS, IRS matters, a tax form I do not have (that the IRS requires people to provide employees), and many other things.  She concealed evidence, misstated facts, etc.  And my lawyer is being slandered?  Well, I suppose corruption advances your career in LA. The City Attorney's lies are on the record and in the Reply Brief. 
> 5. For the same reasons - and also for many procedural reasons - your
> pro se "writ" application is also an exercise in futility, as you will
> learn shortly. Not because the system is "corrupt" but because the
> granting of such writs is the exception and not the rule, and no good
> grounds exist to do so.

The system is indeed corrupt and that includes any judge who doesn't understand that they do not have personal jurisdiction over someone who is not served or notified of an order - fraudulent and unlawful or otherwise.  The Writ will be appealed if it's denied.  
> 6. While your meeting with Agent Sopko of the Treasury Department (and
> related communications with the IRS Criminal Division) had the
> potential to cause Leonard Cohen real embarrassment (if not cost him
> penalties, interest or even more), you immediately sabotaged this
> gambit by going public with your IRS tip, even informing the world of
> the IRS personnel involved and their private email addresses, job
> titles and other contact information.

Criminal tax fraud embarrassed Leonard Cohen?  His theft from me, Steven and Marty Machat, and Phil doesn't embarrass him.  His perjury doesn't embarrass him.  Targeting my children and elderly parents didn't embarrass him.  Agent Sopko advised to report Cohen's tax fraud to Agent Tejeda/IRS. 
> As a result, not only was Leonard Cohen and his sophisticated team of
> legal and tax advisers and advocates alerted to the possible need to
> review the situation and possibly to preempt any criminal probe with
> amended tax filings, Cohen lawyer Robert Kory was able to schedule a
> meeting with the agent in charge on day-one, and to present evidence
> highly supportive of the theory that you were the only guilty party.
There's nothing sophisticated about Cohen's rotten lawyers.  Well, Leonard Cohen's fraudulent refund from the IRS and illegal K-1s have now been challenged - by me - with the IRS but I do completely understand that he retaliated against me over his criminal tax fraud.  I hope Agent Tejeda/IRS enjoyed Cohen's fraudulent narrative.  I would assume he understands that the ledger is fraudulent; completely undermined by the illegal K-1s and other documents; and conceals or omits corporate ownership interests; assets; liabilities - and Cohen's loans.  Perhaps he also understands that Cohen has taken the position that he is the alter ego of sham companies created for him and engaged in self-dealing.  

> You unwittingly gave support to Cohen's defense by the sheer volume of
> your daily, weekly and monthly communications to these beleaguered IRS
> officials, inundating them with everything from your theory that the
> LAPD plotted to "assassinate" you, then "kidnapped" you and took you
> to "Killer King" psychiatric hospital to "discredit" you as a "witness
> against Leonard Cohen" as a part of "the Phil Spector set-up", to your
> daily complaints that this or that blogger was guilty of "witness
> tampering".

Not a defense to criminal tax fraud and theft, etc.  Slander.  Lies.  Corruption.
> As a result your effort to embarrass Leonard Cohen with the IRS was
> over before the investigation could even begin.

I have provided the IRS with an abundance of evidence against Cohen whose conduct (and lies about the IRS) is appalling.
> 7. All of this begs the question of what do you plan to do with the
> rest of your life? Because continuing to flail at Leonard Cohen, me,
> Susanne, various police departments, prosecutors, and judges in emails
> and on the internet is leading you nowhere. Indeed, you are the same
> person, doing the same things, howling at the same people, and stuck
> in the same place you were at in 2006. Only the rest of the world has
> moved on. Not you though.

My life is none of this freak's business.  Gianelli and Walsh are criminally harassing me and my family and think I'm flailing at them?  What a nut.  I am moving legally against Leonard Cohen and this harassment will not change my mind.  Leonard Cohen has stolen from me, targted my children and elderly parents, etc. 
> If the people closest to you cannot get through to you then no one\
> can. Certainly not me and not Susanne Walsh.

What maniacs.  People close to me are horrified by this ongoing criminal harassment.
> From: Kelley Lynch <>
> Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 07:05:47 -0700
> To: *irs. commissioner<*>; Washington
> Field<>; ASKDOJ<>;
> Kelly.Sopko<>;
> Doug.Davis<>; Dennis<>;
> rbyucaipa<>; Susanne Walsh<>;
> Lindsey<>; John
> Penick<>;
> Francisco.A.Suarez<>; Karen
> Lynch<>
> Subject: Re: Lynch is hopeless
> Francisco,
> I've phoned the City Attorney's office about the fact that Rice is
> copied in on these emails criminally harassing me and members of my
> family.
> All the best,
> Kelley
> On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 7:05 AM, Kelley Lynch
> <> wrote:
>     Walsh,
>     Cease and desist criminally harassing me and members of my family
> with Cohen's lawyer, Rice, copied in.  I've contacted the City
> Attorney's office because this is harassment; witness tampering with
> respect to Rutger; and a third party restraining order violation on
> the part of Rice.
>     You are a sick individual who has relentlessly targeted me for
> years.  STOP contacting me and my family.  Leonard Cohen is obviously
> obsessed with me, condones this contact, and thinks it is acceptable
> to continue to target my family.  He's wrong and this will be
> addressed legally.
>     Kelley Lynch