Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why I Will Now - Together With My Appellate Attorney - File Declarations With The Trial Judge & Appellate Division Re. The Criminal Harassment - Including As It Involved The Prosecutor Being Copied In

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, May 4, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Subject: Fwd: No endorsed filed face page, no "filing"
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To the IRS and FBI,

I am speaking to my appellate attorney on Monday.  I am asking him to prepare a declaration for both the trial court and the appellate division advising them that Gianelli relentlessly contacted him with respect to me and also copied him in on emails he sent criminally harassing me with the prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter copied in.  I will also file a declaration.  The criminal harassment with respect to my appeal, writ, and oral arguments continues.  These people are dirty and ugly.  That's obvious - they set up an innocent woman, targeted the IRS over Cohen's tax fraud, and had Cohen on the stand testifying about Phil Spector and one of his countless good rock and roll stories about Phil Spector.  These people need to be investigated.  They are clearly completely out of control.  The corruption is obviously rampant.  That's why they have to monitor people online - to read about themselves.  As you know, a friend of mine is also being monitored by the City of Los Angeles - same IP addresses, naturally.  And then there's the situation with Coyote Shivers. 

All the best,

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From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Sat, May 4, 2013 at 9:41 PM
Subject: No endorsed filed face page, no "filing"
To: Kelley Lynch <>

I have a lawyer and remain uninterested in human beings impersonating dogs who lie and have motive.  
You write:
“My lawyer is telling the truth and the fact that he is being slandered here - due to Leonard Cohen's lies, prosecutorial misconduct, the ongoing fraud in the Respondent's Brief, and the City Attorney's Celebrity Justice Program - is unconscionable and should be addressed in litigation.  These people are completely out of their minds.”
The FACT is that the Los Angles County party index shows NO PENDING PROCEDINGS except for your pending criminal appeal, including any new habeas petition.
The FACT is that Los Angeles County has huge liability with respect to me.  They have aided and abetted theft, a fraudulent custody matter, fraud restraining orders, perjured testimony, etc.  This is how the Celebrity Justice System works in LA Confidential when Leonard Cohen commits tax fraud and will testify in my alleged intent to annoy trial about Phil Spector and one of his garbage versions of the gun story that he told me - for 20 years - never happened.  I know precisely why the DA's investigator was sitting in the courtroom even if the lunatic decided to lie in his letter to the court during sentencing ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME.  The arrogance of these people and what they are willing to do for a buck SHOCKS the conscience.  
ADDITIONALLY, checking the on-line docket for your pending appeal, no pleadings of ANY KIND were filed after April 10, 2013.
And, the point is?  I am aware of this.  No Reply Brief will be filed.  The City Attorney's lies are on the record, in the Respondent's Brief, and I am not wasting one more moment of my life addressing their ongoing unconscionable governmental conduct and lies paid for by the taxpayers.  
If your “writ” was ACTUALLY ACCEPTED FOR FILING by the LA Clerk’s Office, your attorney would be able to email you a pleading face page file stamped “ENDORSED FILED” with a date and clerk’s signature on it. If he cannot do that, the “writ” has not been filed.
A red flag is the admission that the “writ” was “too long” and that an application to file a brief exceeding the page limitation is required.
 My Writ is not the problem.  The lies, perjury, fraud, and concealment are.  If the appellate division doesn't accept the Writ that issue will be further appealed.  This matter is not going away.  The appellate division is clearly used to these tactics and thinks it has a right to force me to continue with this appeal and also thinks it has the right to expose me to dangerously unstable stark raving lunatics with MOTIVE.
Either that or they can grant permission for the ongoing prosecutorial misconduct, fraud, perjury, lies, and concealment.  What arrogance - permission to address unconscionable governmental conduct while the City Attorney continues to waste and abuse taxpayer dollars.  Nice scam.  
In any event, no endorsed filed face page, no filing.
Yes, sometime there can be a delay in updating the website, but you have been saying, per Suarez, that the “writ” has been filed for several days (since May 1), and updating does not take THAT LONG.
I see the obsession with my Writ is completely over the top. Maybe all the lying prosecutors and lawyers who have targeted me - including Cooley and Jackson - can weigh in on the response.  The lies, fraud, perjiury, and concealment were TOO LONG - not my Writ.  
Nor, even if an order to show cause was issued in response to your “writ” (the first step toward a writ of habeas corpus being heard in its merits), would the “writ” be “at issue” in time for the scheduled oral argument, setting aside that there has been no consolidation of the “writ” and the pending appeal.
Well, what's in my Writ and the Opening Brief are the only things vaguely resembling Merits - everything else on the record is a lie, perjury, fraud, or concealment.  Perhaps the appellate division can get out their crystal ball now. 
Apparently, if a lawyer is humoring you and paying lip service toward your wacky theories you believe anything you are told.
Is he?  Well, let's underestimate him then.  
Ask him for an ENDORSED, FILED COPY of the face page of the writ reflecting its filing. If he cannot produce this it was never filed.
I will ask him for NOTHING.