Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leonard Cohen, Oral Arguments, Restraining Order Terrorism & A Pattern Of Conduct With The City Attorney's Office, Celebrity Justice, Criminal Harassment, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, May 4, 2013 at 5:39 PM
Subject: Leonard Cohen, Oral Arguments, Restraining Order Terrorism & A Pattern Of Conduct With The City Attorney's Office, Celebrity Justice, etc.
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Would you please take a look at this article - link below.  Coyote Shivers is also dealing with restraining order terrorism, a celebrity, the City Attorney, false allegations, perjury, etc.  This investigator has referred to the LA City Attorney as DA Mike Nifong who helped set up innocent people.  It is an entirely serous matter and may explain why Los Angeles County and City are monitoring my Blog.  There are also very serious issues in my matter with respect to freedom of speech and due process.
I think other issues (apart from the fact that i would like you to reiterate to the appellate division my desire to abandon this appeal that has now exposed me to stark raving lunatics who criminally harass me daily and, I might note, Gianelli frequently wrote me criminally harassing me with prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter - and on one occasion Cohen's lawyer - copied in):  I wasn't served or notified of Cohen's California order; we weren't in a dating relationship which is a requirement re. the DMV statute; these restraining orders are abused; Leonard Cohen has concealed evidence from LA Superior court re. my ownership interest in two corporations he included in his default judgment; I own 15% of all his intellectual property; and false and perjured statements and testimony are not evidence of a reliable trial record.
The abusive situation with celebrities and this justice system in Los Angeles is totally out of control and the City Attorney seems to have no qualms - whatsoever - abusing taxpayer dollars to convict innocent people and, in my case, attempt to sabotage the IRS while presenting testimony about Phil Spector gun stories in my intent to annoy Cohen Stalinesque Show Trial which merely proved what I have said all along - Leonard Cohen lies about Phil Spector.  The City Attorney should have prosecuted him for perjury but instead they concealed further evidence of perjury, etc. 
Let's talk on Monday.  I continue to forward Gianelli, the 14th Sheepdog, and Cohen's fan Susanne Walsh's emails criminally harassing me to the FBI.  Evidently Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson - per an email I recently received - is affiliated with the 14th Sheepdog, a human being impersonating a dog who is absolutely obsessed with my appeal, writ, oral arguments, Leonard Cohen's tax fraud and theft, Phil Spector, etc.  The individual is a dangerously unstable stark raving lunatic.  I too feel as though I've run into escapees from Roswell.
For the record, Leonard Cohen's Victim Impact statement was one long lie and utterly shameless and embarrassing.  He is so narcissistic he feels absolutely comfortable lying about the IRS after defrauding the U.S. government of millions of dollars.  That is most definitely my opinion.  And then there's the California Franchise Tax Board.  Keep in mind that Streeter's argument was novel - no one knows the difference between the IRS and FTB.  Of course, in reality that is absurd as people must pay federal and state taxes.  Streeter clearly thinks that is not the case with respect to Leonard Cohen.  The City Attorney also seems to think that the Los Angeles taxpayer should foot the bill for Cohen's ongoing unconscionable tactics that relate directly to his tax fraud, theft from me, and his own wrongdoing. 
I think this investigator has really nailed the dark and ugly side of Los Angeles politics and this corrupt system.

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The most obvious possibility is of course that the prosecution of Shivers is just another typical false allegation scenario (which the record in this case bears out) that has resulted in the issuance of a bogus restraining order on behalf of an emotionally disturbed and vindictive plaintiff, in this case Pauley Perrette.
Perrette has been further facilitated by a legal system that rubber stamps restraining orders and a city attorney suffering from “Mike Nifong” syndrome. It has escalated into a legal apocalypse for Shivers by public servants who drool over the opportunity to rub elbows with “Hollywood A-Lister’s” and the potential for six figure retirement jobs

I have seen these types of convoluted, confusing, even delusional victim impact statements before.

Who knows, maybe the target of her next restraining order will be the aliens who crash-landed at Roswell.

Unfortunately, the fact is that this case reflects the severe misuse, abuse, and manipulation of the restraining order system in this country.  It happens in every city, county and state.  It is also a fact that there are virtually no sanctions against false accusers, no contempt or perjury sanctions, or any other criminal penalties when lies have been discovered.  From a practical and tactical perspective, there is simply no downside to lying to a judge to get and use a restraining order as a weapon, something Pauley Perrette is documented to be quite knowledgeable about.