Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kelley Reviews The Evidence With The IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan & Her Attorneys - An Example

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, May 4, 2013 at 7:40 PM
To: "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>

To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,

More criminal harassment. with respect to my appeal, Cohen's tax fraud, etc.  I have found further evidence proving Cohen perjured himself when he said I handled the IRS filings.   He testified to that and his tax returns prove that this is perjury - as do the tax returns for TH.  His tax lawyer prepared these returns.  I had nothing whatsoever to do with them and it was my lawyers and accountant who brought the fraud on them to my attention.  I am reviewing the 2001 TH tax returns for my attorney.  See the two that RW prepared.  I have no idea which one was filed but the discrepancies are grave.  They also are missing the income re. the sale of assets to Sony in 2001.  I believe both sets of K-1s are fraudulent. I would like an IRS opinion with respect to all TH tax returns as well as everything that is wrong with them.  Right now, as my advisers told me, I am aware that Cohen failed to report the TH sale in 2001; the promissory note was extinguished in 2002 - using a separate tax ID; and the annuity itself was extinguished in 2003.  Why is the promissory note listed on the 2001 return as bad debt when it is not bad debt.

And Leonard Cohen took the stand and lied that the IRS is pursuing me - and included that same insanity in his preposterous and shameless victim impact statement?  This man, as my lawyer pointed out, is indeed a performer.  Can he perform his lies for the IRS however?  I think not.  He can't perform them for my attorneys.

All the best,

The-14th Sheepdog

One more thing. Even if your writ was ENDORSED FILED (which it has not yet been - the tipoff was the need to file an application for permission to file an over long brief, which must be filed with or before the pleading in question) was on file, and the court was going to consider it by issuing an OSC, the People would have 30 days to file a "traverse" or answer (opposition).
Well, the People will be wasting further taxpayer dollars and will, no doubt, engage in further lies.  

No way could this happen in 1 week before oral argument.

Your lawyer is not telling the truth.

My lawyer is telling the truth and the fact that he is being slandered here - due to Leonard Cohen's lies, prosecutorial misconduct, the ongoing fraud in the Respondent's Brief, and the City Attorney's Celebrity Justice Program - is unconscionable and should be addressed in litigation.  These people are completely out of their minds.  The arrogance is unparalleled.  Their abuse of taxpayer dollars is utterly shocking and shameless. The ongoing criminal harassment over my appeal, writ, and oral arguments is further evidence that the Appellate Division - when it refused to abandon my appeal (which my attorney and I believe is unconstitutional and this will be addressed in litigation) - has further exposed me to dangerously unstable individuals with MOTIVE.  They appear to be a composite of Leonard Cohen, Alan Jackson, Steve Cooley, Prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter, the City Attorney, Cohen fan Susanne Walsh, lunatic lawyer and sleazebag Stephen Gianelli, and others. 

Richard Westin Fax dated February 28, 2002

Allocations with respect to 2001 return of Traditional Holdings, LLC
$74,576 income

Kelly as Class B preference:  $24,000 for 2001 and $855 for 13 days in 2000

That leaves $49,721

Of that 1% goes to Kelley as B owner, for $497

That leaves $49,224 for A shares

Of that 99.5% goes to Kelley $48,978

$246 goes to Leonard


KL:  $74,330
LC:  $246

I began the capital account at $25 (LC) and $240,000, (KL)  respectively.  

Two TH Tax Returns dated March 5, 2002 and March 10, 2002.  I have no idea which one was filed.  These were prepared by Leonard Cohen’s tax lawyer, Richard Westin, who - together with Cohen and Neal Greenberg - were the architects of this entity.  Cohen testified that i handled the IRS filings but clearly that was perjured testimony and I have evidence proving that.  Westin’s EIN is 61-1374294.  The EIN re. TH is 31-1754289.  The date business started on both returns is 12/18/2000.  One return lists $314,501 assets (return dated 3/5/2002) at the top while the other (dated 3/10/2002) lists nothing.  

Return Differences        3/5/2002                3/10/2002

Net Gain            115,000                75,000
Other Income         99,506                99,506
Total Income        214,506                       214,506

Total Deductions        140,030                       120,030

Ordinary Income         74,476                 54,476

The 3/5/02 return lists cash as $3,949,501.  The 3/10/02 return lists cash as $4,870,025.  Nowhere on these returns do Neal Greenberg/Agile Group’s commissions (which, according to Cohen, totaled 35% of the gross sale price or over $3 million; Cohen doesn’t specify a specific amount for 2001) appear.  KL’s promissory note is listed as trade note and accounts receivable.  It is also listed - with $25 additional - as a bad debt in 2001 although it was not.  The 3/5/2002 return lists investments as $1,255,000 while the 3/10/02 return lists investments as $50,000.  Attorneys fees on both returns - which represents what Westin billed for his services on behalf of Leonard Cohen personally - total $14,250 on both returns although Leonard Cohen has now stated that Westin’s legal fees were $100,000.  Schedule 9A on the 3/5/02 return lists loans to Leonard Cohen at $1,255,000.  The 3/10/02 return lists the above Allocation Schedule.  K-1 Partnership forms for KL and LC are attached to both returns.  On both, KL is listed as a 99.6% partner and LC is listed as a .4% partner.  On the 3/5/02 return KL has ordinary income listed as $74,330 while LC has $246.  On the 3/10/02 return KL has ordinary income listed as $149 and LC has ordinary income listed as $149.  Nowhere on these returns does Cohen’s tax lawyer list the sale proceeds from the TH/Sony deal that closed in 2001. Review these returns against the fraudulent expense ledger.  Contact the IRS to determine which return and which K-1s were transmitted.  Then file fraud form 3949a.