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Leonard Cohen Is Utterly Desperate & Terribly Embarrassing - He Came Up With One Absolutely Deranged Cover Story Re. His Tax Fraud, Theft, Concealment, Etc. & That Now Includes Perjury

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Date: Sat, May 4, 2013 at 9:57 AM
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Good Morning FBI,
The criminal harassment on the part of the 14th Sheepdog continues.  He seems to be a composite of individuals - DA Steve Cooley, DDA Pat Dixon (judge), DDA Alan Jackson, prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter, and utterly desperate and terribly embarrassing Leonard Cohen. 

Am I being triangulated by a gang of third grade girls with motive, power, and money?  Well, as he National Enquirer advised me - no one's interested in reading about Leonard Cohen although, as they noted, his three versions of the Phil Spector good rock and roll gun story are newsworthy.  But, the National Enquirer really seemed to think the story re. political entities (such as the City Attorney of Los Angeles) targeting innocent people for celebrities was of great interest.  I agree and also believe that - apart from the investigation taking place with respect to Pauley Perrette's use of terrorist restraining orders and abusing them - other agencies should investigate the corruption taking place in Los Angeles that involves a grave celebrity justice system using taxpayer dollars to fund it. 

Who is being funded by this insanity?  Leonard Cohen who committed tax fraud.  What's Trutanich's excuse for sabotaging the IRS?  Leonard Cohen is a Canadian citizen who cannot live there because (as I just discussed with Canada Revenue) - he has tax and residence problems there.  What should my lawyer (who is being trashed because of lying lunatics who target innocent people in LA) talk about at Oral arguments?  The fact that I want this appeal abandoned, Leonard Cohen's theft from me, the IRS, and the fact that I wasn't served the restraining order, and the record is replete with lies and perjury.  The appellate division should be used to this by now and will probably cover for the lower court.  That's how justice in California works.

All the best,

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Still no writ on file and no reply - despite filing an application and getting permission to file one - and obviously no motion to consolidate.

Sounds like Francisco is telling you one thing doing/saying another in court. Just like your PDs - managing you by going along with you and through the motions in court.  Sounds to me like LA Superior Court is incompetent.  How much money did they spend in an attempt to upgrade their computer systems?  The Writ was filed and I don't have to use their form to submit a Writ of Habeas Corpus and would like to see the body of law proving otherwise.  In fact, I also happen to find the CALCRIM, etc. jury instructions to be utterly incompetent. 

Cost of the effort to update and link court computers in all California counties has skyrocketed from $260 million to up to $1.9 billion, the report finds.

One can only imagine what Francisco is going to tell the court at oral argument ("I have a crazy client what can I do").  Actually, my lawyer has been clear - with the IRS and FBI copied in - my trial is an IRS tax case involving Leonard Cohen's tax fraud - and demands an IRS investigation; he believes the prosecutor engaged in criminal obstruction of justice when she retalitated against me by lying to LAPD; and, he has instructed me to forward the 14th Sheepdog's emails criminally harassing me to the FBI.  In other words, my lawyer (being trashed due to the fact that a prosecutor lied in court excessively and because Cohen and his lawyers perjured themselves unbelievably) is not a lying fraud engaged in unconscionable conduct before LA Superior Court.  The City Attorney of Los Angeles is wasting countless taxpayer dollars targeting people for celebrities with grudges, vendettas, and future civil matters.  They also appear absolutely intent on silencing people in direct violation to one's constitutional right to freedom of speech. 

Since you aren't attending you'll never know.  I'll know.  I speak to my attorney and he's extremely intelligent. 

PS: given your obsession with the County's visits to your blog you are clearly LOVING the attention. But if I were you I would figure out who "internal services" is. HINT: you're being triangulated.  I'm not obsessed with the county.  Au contrare.  The County's obsessed with me and continues to lie in documents before the appellate division now.  I'm being triangulated?  Interesting concept given the fact that I am clearly being targeted over my appeal, writ of habeas corpus, and other legitimate legal matters.  Then again, Gianelli publicly threatened me for months when I made my intention to file a Motion to Vacate Cohen's fraudulent and void default judgment public. 

Speak to you next week after we determine that no writ or new lawsuit is on file then either.  This obscene lunatic - speaking as a dog - is not speaking to me.  He's speaking to the FBI because that's where I am forwarding all the emails criminally harassing me.  It is also lying about the IRS and FBI.  And this party is obsessed with my appeal.  This is further evidence that I am being targeted and retaliated against due to my appeal and I intend to litigate this with the Appellate Division since I have attempted to abandon the appeal and these people don't seem to understand that I have a constitutional right to do so.  Instead, they have further exposed me to dangerously unstable individuals and stark raving lunatics with MOTIVE.
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