Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gianelli Continues To Lie & Target Me (And My Appellate Attorney) Over Leonard Cohen, My Appeal, Writ, Etc. - It's Criminal Harassment & Obstruction Of Justice

LA Superior Court could care less about theft, fraud, concealment, perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, etc. but worries about a form.   I wonder what's wrong with the justice system?  My God. What's the matter - do they need busy work on the taxpayer's dime while the IRS is sabotaged by LA County?  If the lunatics insist on a form, it will go onto a form with extra pages.  Their form is sophomoric. 

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, May 1, 2013 at 9:02 PM
Subject: Re: How unlucky (or mendatious) you must be!
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To the FBI,

Gianelli is insane.  I don't have to use this Judicial Council form and the fraud and perjury is so excessive it's impossible to address.

I wasn't fired by Deneuve Construction.  In fact, they asked me to stay.  Why would a company in Boulder have to call SMPD?  I have remained in touch with them.  I guess people (in Ft. Liquordale's yachting industry - all documented for the IRS and other agencies at the time) shouldn't sit around talking about their tax fraud, doing drugs and drinking, if they're concerned about what people hear.  Leonard Cohen did NOT fire me.  He heard I was reporting his criminal tax fraud to the IRS.  In any event, Gianelli didn't know Cohen at that time.  I did.  He may represent him now.  It certainly seems that way.   Forget it - Gianelli's talking Goudarzi.  I documented everything for the FBI re. that situation - I was concerned the Regime itself might roll in.  Goudarzi didn't call the police to have me removed.  He and his wife were fighting, he was involved in all kinds of insanity and out of his mind screaming at his wife and mother, and I went down and got his brother-in-laws.  One of them, Hamid, came upstairs with me to ensure that everything was fine.  Goudarzi, after hearing that Jerry/Treasury felt a deal with Iran (and Dubai was discussed) was illegal and criminal.  What happens next and I was thinking of betting Jerry $5,000 that this would happen - Goudarzi's on an airplane to Dubai.  I hope you enjoyed the copy of the contract between the Iranian government and the Great Satan, America.  The Secret Service was investigating issues related to money laundering, the Iranian Regime, and Goudarzi's partners, etc.  What's Gianelli doing - he's aligned with another criminal.  That's my personal opiinion and guess who shares it - The Scientist who saw right through Goudarzi.  He also spoke to Gianelli and knows - Gianelli lied to his face.  Gianelli's a bald faced liar and pathetic thug with motive. 

I'm busy right now.  Had a meeting about a book deal re. my Phil Spector/Leonard Cohen book.  Phil Spector never fired me either.  Leonard Cohen has stolen from me and the IRS should arrest him.  He thinks it is acceptable to slander me, lie about me, take the stand and perjure himself, and lie about the IRS.  The man is an unconscionable fraud.  I know how he operates.  He likes to know people are targeting his perceived enemies.  I know how he operated with the mother of his children.  Leonard Cohen is a thug.  The IRS knows the refund was challenged and the K-1s have been as well.  The IRS has the corporate books and records.

In any event, lunatic Gianelli - impersonating a dog while criminally harassing me - is having fun.  As someone just noted - the man should be under surveillance by the FBI and arrested.  People think he is dangerously unstable.  This much I know - he's a bald-faced liar with motive and a sleazebag. 
All the best,

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 8:32 PM, The-14th Sheepdog <> wrote:

Regarding your (attempted) court filings and need to now play catchup for violating the Rules of Court, as I told you in my email dated April 17, 2013:

Did the criminally insane talking dog with motive (who relentlessly targeted my children, elderly parents, sister and her husband, and others) tell me about form MC-275.  I was already aware of it and so was my appellate attorney.  The form is required for pro per petitions but not for people who are represented by lawyers?  I see.  What rotten logic.  The appellate division refused to abandon my appeal (which will be litigated since I do NOT want to deal with the lying lunatics at the City Attorney's office - including Streeter who lied to LAPD about me) but wants me to use a sophomoric form? My God.  No wonder people think LA is insane. 

“Another option is to use Judicial Council form MC-275, a copy of which is available from the California courts’ or ADI’s website. This form is required for pro per petitions, unless the Court of Appeal has excused use of it. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.380(a).)” (14th Sheepdog email to Kelley, dated 4/17/13, yellow highlighting, italics and underscoring original.)  

Had you not been so stubborn, you would not now be trying to “excuse” the nonuse of  mandatory Judicial Council court form. Frankly, I don’t think the Court has the discretion to do so. I thought your attorney was knowledgeable about appellate procedure?  
Stubborn?  At least I don't help set up innocent people and lie about them like certain judges I've witnessed at LA Superior Court.  
I think I can create my own document.  Of course the court can.  Plenty of Writs were NOT on their mandatory forms.  What's the issue - perjury, concealment, fraud, and theft is fine but preparing one's own document is not.  My attorney is just fine.  He doesn't lie like the people at the City Attorney's office we're dealing with.

Regarding you getting fired by every employer since Marty Marchat (including Cohen, Denuve, Gudazari (who had to threaten to call the Santa Monica PD to get you to leave), IMA) –I see you admit your “bad luck” (ha!) in the employment arena.
Leonard Cohen didn't fire me.  He heard I was going to the IRS.  I refused to meet with him and his lawyer to unravel their handiwork (otherwise known as tax fraud and shell entities).  Deneuve didn't fire me.  I resigned - due to the harassment on the part of Cohen's lawyers at my place of work and others - and they asked me to stay.  I quit working for Goudarzi.  I thought the Iranian Regime might roll in.  SMPD wasn't called.  I went down and got his brother-in-law when he was out of his mind (I don't know if it related to the syringe I found left in the office - documented for the FBI), screaming at his wife (she was divorcing him), and every single thing with that man was documented for the FBI.

Regarding your threat to file a lawsuit arising out of your criminal prosecution and testimony given therein, I suggest you have your counsel review the Anti-SLAP statute, including the attorney-fee provisions.
I intend to sue LA County over this situation.  Make no mistake about that.  Does Gianelli now represent City Attorney Trutanich whose employee tried to sabotage the IRS over a lying thief celebrity?  Great waste of taxpayer dollars.  What a bunch of lunatics.  Thank goodness I am nowhere near these maniacs.  My God - don't tell me I might have to deal with inconceivably rotten garbage known as Anti-SLAP statute.  I intend to sue the County of Los Angeles and attorneys have advised me to do so.  I don't listen to lying fraud lawyers with motive impersonating dogs while criminally harassing me.  I also intend to sue the County for Streeter's decision to permit Gianelli to criminally harass me while copying her in on the emails and for other reasons.