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Transcript - Kelley Lynch Interview with Truth Sentinel Re. Leonard Cohen & Phil Spector

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I'm working on my Truth Sentinel Transcript.  I really think the judge should listen because it is helpful.  Scott asked some very relevant questions.  I don't have time to transcribe Ann Diamond's portion and I would not be able to verify if Cohen was actually a participant in CIA's MK Ultra program.  I will transcribe Paulette and my interview as there is some informative information.  I don't really see what the big deal is.  People all over this country work every day.  Cohen's conspiracy to defraud, extort, discredit, and destroy is prolix.  What should I do?  Hand over crib notes or what?


Truth Sentinel Interviews Transcript

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra)
February 2, 2015

Transcription – Kelley Lynch Interview:

Truth Sentinel:  This kind of leads onto what we’re talking about today - the troubled lives of celebrities and the rich and famous, and the legal battles that occur.  So, we’re going to go and speak to Kelley Lynch now and hear what she says about her dealings with Leonard Cohen.  So I’m going to change the order slightly.  I’m going to go to Kelley Lynch first of all and talk about her messy legal battle between Leonard Cohen and herself.  Whilst the specific details some of them might be of interest to the parties involved, others relate to who people should believe and the tactics some people resort to.  For example, it was reported that Kelley Lynch was borderline psychotic which is pretty unfair.  I think that was just a tactic basically to discredit her. 

The media kind of went along with Leonard Cohen.  I just think both sides need to be heard.  You don’t have to agree with everything she says, or you may have done some things differently, but it still doesn’t excuse people from doing and saying the things that happened in this case.  I would wonder whether Leonard Cohen, as many of us could do in our everyday lives, could have maybe handled this better. I think we can all handle things better sometimes - even myself of course.  I’ve had disagreements and arguments in the past where I thought I was in the right.  At the end of the day sometimes you have to stop and realize “What’s important in life?” and decide what’s best for yourself in terms of peace of mind and for others too.  If children get involved you should definitely treat that situation with care, no matter how right or wrong you think some people are.  Everyone plays a part and the situations escalate to stages that they never needed to get to maybe.

But let’s have a look at what’s available online first and then we’ll go and speak to Kelley Lynch.  Afterwards we’ll speak to Ann Diamond, a writer who has written about the situation, and also has written about living next door to Leonard Cohen and her views on the MK Ultra aspects.  And then finally we’ll go to Anthony who will give us a more detailed account of MK Ultra.  So that will be towards the end.  That will conclude Part I, Episode 39.  Paulette [Brandt] will be in the background and she’ll be joining us more vocally in part 2 which is Episode 40 and our final episode of this season before we take a break.

Let’s take a look at the article.  If you go online you’ll find articles such as this [Leonard Cohen’s Poetic Thanks] which talks about how Kelley was harassing Leonard Cohen and Leonard thanks the judge for the cordial, even handed way he’s conducted the occasion.  Of course he would because he won that particular situation.  We’re going to be looking at whether celebrities have an advantage or disadvantage in court.  And we’re going to be speaking to Kelley.  Here’s an article by Ann Diamond.  We’re going to speaking to Ann Diamond afterwards.  She documents a lot of the details of the case in this article so go and check that out.  She talks about how Kelley feels that she was targeted by Leonard and his team, about what happened, and her children became involved, it wrecked her career, and she lost custody of her son and was homeless living on the streets as well.  So it was a pretty traumatic time and it’s important that her side of the story is told.  You can go and check out the details of that story.  Go to  Let’s go over to Kelley and hear her side of the story.

Truth Sentinel:  So, hello Kelley.  Thanks for joining us on Truth Sentinel.

Kelley:  Thank you for having me, Scott, I appreciate it.

TS:       It’s great to have you and we have got Paulette Brandt here as well listening on the side and we’ll be talking to her a bit later.  Kelley, you’ve been through quite a lot in the last 10 years.  I believe the court case with Leonard Cohen was in 2005 and that was about a year after you stopped working for Leonard.  Is that correct?

Kelley:  Yes, it was 2005.  It wasn’t actually a court case though.  It was a default judgment.  I wasn’t part of it.

TS:       Okay.  And you worked for Leonard Cohen for about 17 years as his manager.

Kelley:  Yes, that’s right.  I was his personal manager from after the time his lawyer/manager died in 1988.

TS:       The accusation Leonard put toward you is that you had stolen $5 million.

Kelley:  The $5 million is damages, I believe.  That’s what he asked the court and this is a default judgment.  That means the court entered it because I didn’t respond.  So they take everything as fact and I wasn’t served Cohen’s lawsuit.  And so yes, what he alleged is misappropriation of his retirement funds. 

TS:       Don’t they legally have to serve you with the writ? 

Kelley: Yes they do, indeed.  Indeed.  The court has no jurisdiction to do anything so I’m fighting that right now.
TS:       Okay.  Could you give us a bit of background about how you came to be working for Leonard Cohen and presumably you got to become quite close friends after all those years.  When did the relationship turn sour?  Can you give us some details, a bit of background, from your point of view?

Kelley: I’ll start very briefly.  I met Leonard Cohen in the mid-80s.  He had an attorney, a very famous industry attorney by the name of Marty Machat who was also his manager, and Marty also represented Phil Spector.  So this is how I met both of them.  Unfortunately, Marty developed cancer in 1988.  I was his legal assistant, secretary, everything.  And, he passed away in April of 1988.  At that time, Leonard Cohen asked me to work as his manager and then Phil asked me to intern with him which I did for about 2 years.  I worked as his assistant.

TS:       And initially everything was going fine and, in fact, for a lengthy period of time, for 17 years, everything was fine.  When did things start going wrong?

Kelley: I personally believe that things started going wrong - Leonard Cohen sort of had a big mess with his green card, abandoning it, getting a new one, off-shore accounts in Europe, and after Marty died he sorted that out.  Well, he ran into some people and he started getting into complex tax deals and corporate structures.  So, I would say around 2002 - the IRS started auditing these issues and I started to become highly suspicious.  So I would say the short answer is around 2002, I started becoming suspicious.  Our relationship fell apart – Leonard Cohen heard I was going to the IRS in October 2004, demanded that I give him corporate books and records, and meet with him and his tax lawyer, and I refused.  And that’s how the relationship ended.

TS:       Right.  And you mentioned to me before that in 2005 he offered you half of everything he owned.  Is that correct?

Kelley: I was offered many types of settlements.  I have it in writing.  My lawyers met with Leonard Cohen’s lawyer. I was offered 50% of everything he owns, community property.  I was offered the 15% intellectual property which I own and have evidence of, corporate records.  I was offered my 15% commission for work I’ve done that he didn’t pay me on.  But he stipulated that he wanted me to testify against his representatives and falsely I believed.  So, I refused to enter into a settlement agreement.

TS:       Right and that’s where all the legal battles started after that, right?

Kelley: Well, I think the legal battles started – from about October through May, he and his lawyer tried to offer me a deal, got other people involved too, communicating messages to me.  And then on April 15th – I was told the tax fraud is criminal and that I had no choice but to either go to the IRS or amend the tax returns.  I couldn’t do the latter.  On April 15, 2005, I reported the tax fraud.  He and his lawyer became aware of this and then he was sued in Colorado by his investor for conspiracy, extortion, they raised witness tampering with respect to me, bribing a witness, etc.  So, I think he had to - I view his lawsuit as retaliation as well as a defense to all these allegations that were arising.

TS:       And the way it’s been reported in the press is that basically this $5 million was stolen and that basically meant Leonard Cohen had to go back on tour because he was sort of bankrupt.  Is that correct or is that not correct?

Kelley: That’s not correct.  Leonard Cohen, first of all, planned to tour and was contractually obligated to do so.  He had just gotten $1 million advance for the studio album, “Dear Heather.”  And, I was working on a multi-million lithograph deal that he closed.  He had a lot of money coming in.  Furthermore, Scott, this retirement account, what Leonard Cohen has failed to advise anyone is that he personally borrowed $6.7 million approximately from it and owed that within 3 years with interest.  And, he has some insane argument that while he was entitled to take loans, I wasn’t authorized to provide them.  So this is one of the confusing areas.  He is saying I received overpayments for my commissions when in fact I have received advances for intellectual property I own - all of his dating back to 1967.  I have the non-revocable assignments.  He signed everything.  And, there are distributions including for tax payments for corporations.  The ledger that is attached to his lawsuit is a meaningless list of numbers with no back-up documentation.  So he had things like houses he bought for his girlfriend and son in my alleged column which is crazy so I’ve asked him, since this lawsuit was filed, to give me a proper accounting.  That includes our ownership interest in these corporations and his loans.  He is saying he had $5 million to invest.  Well, he took $6.7 million so there’s a problem there with the math.  He has also said things in the legal document like I’m not entitled to my commission if he deposited the royalties into his personal account.  He’s just made this up.  I have emails confirming that I was.  So these are the kinds of things that have led to this number.

TS:       Right.  And, a lot of Leonard Cohen’s fans would probably say you’ve stolen this money but if you had you wouldn’t have ended up homeless would you because you did actually become homeless as a result of some of this, correct?

Kelley: Right, I was homeless for 8 months in Santa Monica.  Yes, I wouldn’t have become homeless and furthermore, I would have hired an attorney, entered an appearance – I couldn’t even afford to buy the complaint. I wasn’t served.  I didn’t see it until this person stalking me put it online.  And, I would have defended myself.  And, a custody matter was coordinated.  Leonard Cohen and his lawyer provided a declaration to my ex-husband and Leonard Cohen was clearly trying to stir up a custody matter.  As I wrote you, he went into my son’s father’s office, his record producer – Steve Lindsey, accused me of having sex with Oliver Stone - a friend of mine - while we were together and stirred up a custody matter.  So I would have definitely, if I had $5 million or anything, paid for a custody lawyer, I can assure you.

TS:       So this money basically you’ve never received, you’ve never taken these millions from Leonard Cohen, so he’s probably still got it.

Kelley: Well, I have in fact received some of the moneys for certain.  As I said, some distributions for corporate tax payments.  There was a promissory note attached that required distributions.  There was profit sharing from the corporations.  This is over a 10 year period, yeah?  And, I did receive my commissions which he is now saying I stole that money which is ridiculous, you know.  And I did have some advances against my intellectual property. Advances are customary in the music industry.  Paulette worked in accounting at Columbia Pictures.  Do you think they’re customary, Paulette?

Paulette:  Yes.

TS:       Okay.  We’ll have a chat with Paulette later as well.  You’ve gotten a lot of flack from Leonard Cohen fans, by stalkers, and you’ve even had a SWAT team land on your front lawn as well.  Can you tell us about that?

Kelley: Yeah, I can.  So, in May of 2005, after months of not agreeing to settle with Leonard Cohen, I kept my son – my younger son who was 12 at the time – home from school.  And, his father was calling.  We were separated.  He was becoming a little bit unhinged.  He was having a baby and a new relationship and had some financial problems.  He was screaming about my keeping Ray home.  Well, I asked my older son to take Ray down the street which he did.  I didn’t want Steve coming on my property and starting an argument.  So Rutger came home, took Ray down the street, and dropped him off with an actress by the name of Cloris Leachman.  She at the time was Steve’s girlfriend’s mother.  The next thing I know, I looked out the window, what appeared to be 25-30 armed men – I thought they had assault rifles actually – were in front of my property. I shared a driveway with a neighbor.  They have my son in front of them.  They don’t come to the door.  They don’t ask me to come out.  I started calling various people asking “What do you think is going on?”  My one friend called LAPD and they’re like “Tell her to call us if she wants to know.”  So I refused to come out and they didn’t ask me to.  Then at one point in this insane situation, they had Rutger get on the speaker phone and ask – or they asked (on the speaker) – “What are your hostage demands?”  Now I was literally in the house alone, in my bikini, with my animals and Rutger told them this.  That’s my older son.  He had just been with me.  They disregarded him.  Rutger said he saw my ex lying to them.  And ultimately the way it ended, Scott, is my being held hostage for almost three hours by LAPD.  Apparently another police department was there.  In a bikini.  They tried to trick me into coming out for a cigarette.  I was worried – Rutger was in front of some of these armed men and they told my son that the reason they had been there ultimately was because my dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions.

TS:       Right.  And do you believe this is connected to Leonard Cohen at all?

Kelley: Oh, I do indeed.  In fact, there’s evidence in the Colorado lawsuit that Leonard Cohen, his lawyer Robert Kory, my ex, and another individual conspired to have me arrested and that Steve placed the call to the police.  He put that in a document.  And then I was taken three hours from my home to the most dangerous mental hospital, at that time, in the United States.  The federal government has shut it down because of that.  It’s in South Central called King Drew.  It was a nightmare.  We don’t have time to discuss it.  It was criminal to me what I saw there.  I was drugged against my will; held against my will.  And, I demanded that they change doctors.  Another doctor took my file, told me to wait my turn, and 24 hours later released me.  When I got out, a custody matter had been coordinated.  My son was taken from me, my younger son, and Leonard Cohen and his lawyer had provided my son’s father with a declaration.  So obviously it’s coordinated.

TS:       Well, there was no evidence for anyone to think you were mentally insane prior to this.

KL:      No, and the doctor totally disagreed with LAPD and in fact told me he felt I was in a dangerous environment.

TS:       Yeah.

KL:      So, no, there’s never been any allegations of mental illness but you know, I don’t know, I mean, it’s very conspiratorial what happened but it’s factual.  You know, I lived 8 minutes from a very good hospital so clearly they were not taking me to a hospital.  That hospital has a good psychiatric ward, UCLA.

TS:       And with the SWAT team as well these days you have to be very careful.  You only have to make one false move and you could get shot anyway. 

KL:      Well, you could get killed, and they told my son they intended to shoot me.  And they also told him they intended to shoot my dog.  And one critical point here, Scott, is that when I was taken to this dangerous environment, hospital, I was questioned about Phil Spector and guns.  So that is not a mistake.  And many people have told me, including a man who works at Homeland Security here in the United States, that they felt the DA might have the power and motive to have me taken there.

TS:       There may be some corruption in the actual legal system then.

KL:      I believe there is, oh most definitely, particularly when Phil Spector’s DA showed up in this misdemeanor matter between me and Leonard Cohen and had an investigator in the courtroom.  That is highly unusual.  And then Leonard Cohen was on the stand testifying about Phil Spector and a gun.

TS:       Right, yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that and I’ll be talking to Paulette about that as well.  Leonard Cohen got a restraining order on you and he also actually made you serve prison time, is that right?

KL:      Well, in 2005, Leonard Cohen obtained a restraining order.  They’re a dime a dozen.  I think Paulette is dealing with a fraudulent one for her boss.  This is a litigation tactic in the United States.  It ruins people’s lives.  There’s a high profile one going on right now with a friend of mine, Coyote Shivers.  He was married to the star of NCIS.  She plays the coroner.  And the City Attorney seems to be celebrity oriented.  So in any event, he got a first restraining order in 2005.  I have no idea what the allegations were.  I wasn’t at the hearing.  In 2008, he flew in from his European tour.  First his lawyer threatened to sue Ann Diamond who will be on your show.  Ann is an old friend of his, dated him years ago, a lovely person, a journalist, and she had written an article about me called “Whatever Happened to Kelley Lynch,” and she wanted to submit that to Rolling Stone.  Well, she published it online so one day Leonard Cohen threatens to sue her over this.  The defamation laws are quite different in Canada and she doesn’t have the money to defend herself.  The next day, he flies into Boulder – this is in the middle of a European tour, okay – and attempts to get a restraining order against me and one of the reasons noted in his paperwork is due to the fact that I was posting online, in defense of myself, and communicating with journalists.  So he wanted to silence me.  I did go to that hearing.  I asked the judge to make it permanent.  I told her I thought the situation was insane.  I didn’t feel like I had any need to contact him.  Well, in September of 2011, the State of California garnished my wages, started withholding 25% or planned to, and then what happened is I  hadn’t filed my 2004 or 2005 tax returns.  Cohen will not give me the tax documentation I need.  So, they gave me 60 days to file that.  And they told me “Go get the tax information” I need.  The only person that has that is Leonard Cohen.  I called the Court again and they assured me the restraining order expired in February 2009.  Paulette has confirmed this with them numerous times.  I now have in writing from them why.  They were confused.  The temporary order expired in 2009.  The Court therefore led me to believe there was no longer a restraining order.  So, yes, I left messages for Cohen and I called him and emailed him asking him to provide me with tax information; I would like an accounting – a complete accounting - I need that as well for my taxes.  And asking him at times to stop slandering me.  Many news outlets just repeat ad nauseum what he says without verifying it.  So, his lawyers refused to communicate me during litigation and they’re obligated to and I believe Leonard Cohen set out to entrap me. I was arrested near San Francisco, brought to Los Angeles, charged with knowingly violating a restraining order which I didn’t knowingly violating because I was told it expired by the court, and I was prosecuted for violating I might note a domestic violence order meaning we would have had to have a dating or engagement relationship which we never did.  And then suddenly Leonard Cohen was testifying that I was his lover.  It’s really quite perverse.  The City Attorney lied about everything.  It was shocking.  Phil’s DA had an investigator in the courtroom.  And Leonard Cohen – they elicited testimony from him about Phil Spector, a version of a gun story, and the Internal Revenue Service.  So the judge wouldn’t allow the head of fraud for the IRS to take the witness stand.  He wouldn’t permit my son to take the witness stand.  I wasn’t permitted to have a defense, Scott, and the court appointed lawyers got every fact wrong, just about.  So I served six months and then, as Paulette and I were telling you before the show, the City Attorney – that’s the prosecuting attorney of Los Angeles – aligned themselves with a man who has been criminally harassing me, my sons, my sister, Paulette, everybody for five years now.  He’s a lawyer, Stephen Gianelli.  I have evidence - I’ll send it to you - where they emailed this man encouraging him to email and harass me and to communicate messages from that office to me.  When I said “I want this to cease and desist.  I don’t want my prosecutor copied in on slanderous emails with my children,” they prosecuted me for - there’s something called an “intent to annoy” in California – for intending to annoy the City Attorney prosecutor.  And the judge, Paulette was there, would not review the evidence.  It was shocking.

TS:       And this guy, this stalker, he continues to send emails even though you don’t reply to them so there’s a possibility he could be on someone’s payroll, yeah?

KL:      Well, my appellate attorney was also harassed for a year and slandered.  Terrible.  And, he still continues to email me.  He continues to email Paulette.  There are other people on his list.  And he works in tandem with Leonard Cohen’s fan, who evidently lives in Denmark, Susanne Walsh.  I will also point out Scott, because it’s quite bizarre, that he and Phil’s ex-assistant, Michelle Blaine – now she came in after Paulette in 2002 and a court concluded that she stole nearly $1 million from Phil - the two of them worked in tandem together to take down my blogs, telling what I felt was the truth about Phil, my email accounts, so this is highly coordinated – with Leonard Cohen’s fan and Michelle Blaine and others.

TS:       A lot of this doesn’t seem to fit in with the public perception of Leonard Cohen with his Buddhist principles and things like that.  What would you say is the difference between Leonard Cohen’s public persona and his character generally.

KL:      Well, I would say that he has various personalities in various settings so for the news media he limits his interviews to people he knows, journalists he knows, that actually are more awe inspired fans.  And he has a persona he is trying to get across which is sort of this worldly, religious sage, you know, clever kind of witty gentleman with courtly manners and sort of a European air about him.  So that’s his public persona.  Then he does not really let people get to know who he is at all.  So people, even in his life – for instance, that might be musicians or engineers who work for him over a period of two months.  I was with him, on the other hand, for 20 years.  I managed his son, Adam Cohen, and I was almost like a mother to his daughter, Lorca Cohen, when she finished high school here.  So, I would say we were very, very close.  The relationship was familial in nature.  We were not in an intimate dating relationship ever.  And, you know, we did have very good moments, Scott.  There’s no doubt about that.  He can be quite witty.  He can be very charming.  He can be very funny.  We were extremely close.  In fact, Leonard Cohen and I would drive together his daughter to school and I would pick her up.  We’d go out to lunch all the time.  We traveled extensively.  I would join him on tour or for award ceremonies.  His problem is when things begin to fall apart.  He doesn’t want any negative information out there and I think that’s true of most people but Leonard Cohen has the tendency to become extremely vindictive and he does retaliate.  And he uses other people, essentially as operatives, to go at people. So, in my case it’s Susanne Walsh who I don’t know.  She has said horrendous things repeatedly to both of my sons who have been traumatized, I might add.  And, with Ann Diamond it’s a woman by the name of Diane Lawrence who was a friend of Cohen’s.  So he does function in this manner.  He had to defend himself against very serious allegations of tax fraud and with respect to his own investor.

TS:       This may be a stupid question but do you think there could ever be any chance of any reconciliation between you?  Is there any way you two could get together and try to sort out this situation amicably?

KL:      Well, first of all, he continues to get restraining orders.  They just give them out to him.  He can say anything.  He’s got lawyers.  He doesn’t even bother to show up for hearings.  He just sends people.  He pays them.  And his lawyers are now witnesses, paid ones.  It’s pretty outrageous.  He continues to lie about me and he’s lying about serving me.  Paulette knows for a fact that in the summer of 2005, when the process server allegedly served me, I had very short, very dark brown hair.  She dyed it for me.  She came to visit me every Wednesday, brought me food.  We had no money.  I couldn’t afford to feed my son.  Our electricity was turned off.  My phone was shut off.  My point is that he continues to lie.  He had a description of me that he gave to the process server.  I no longer resembled that individual, blonde.  And, so they have lied but he also continues to slander me so I think it would be very hard to reconcile.  He’s targeted my children.  He’s willing to lie about me.  He took the witness stand.  I was in shock at the extent of his lies.  And I don’t really want to have a friendship with him.  I wouldn’t mind sorting out these legal issues. I believe he should pay me what he owes me.  It’s millions of dollars, Scott.  It would have been nice to just go our separate ways in peace. That’s what I believe.  I never would have spoken out about Leonard Cohen, ever.  I’ve been a very private person.  I’m not in many photographs anywhere.  I didn’t give any interviews.  I really stayed behind the scenes and the last thing I would have done is badmouth Leonard Cohen or even speak the truth about him.  There are also biographies.  Sylvie Simmons just released, a year ago, “I’m Your Man.”  She interviewed 100 people and never interviewed me.  Never gave me an opportunity to tell my version of events.  So I don’t think Leonard Cohen has any interest in whatsoever in resolving anything amicably and I don’t believe he’s a religious figure at all. I believe that sells - that version of him.

TS:       You mentioned earlier about him testifying against Phil Spector as well, saying that Phil Spector held a gun to him as well.  What did Leonard Cohen say to you about that?

KL:      Let me just clarify that first of all.  Leonard Cohen testified in my matter, where they said I violated a restraining order – I’m also moving legally on that.  For some reason, the prosecutor started questioning him about Phil Spector which I found shocking.  What does that have to do with a restraining order?  And he said I told people he perjured himself in Phil’s matter.  Well, Mick Brown, a journalist - a music journalist for the UK Telegraph, had contacted me and actually Paulette in 2005, and he told me he saw Phil Spector’s Grand Jury testimony.  A Grand Jury is a secretive panel of people that hear evidence only put on by the prosecutors and decide if there’s enough evidence to indict someone and charge them.  So, Mick told me he saw testimony – or transcripts – maybe a version was told to the Grand Jury where Leonard Cohen and this one version of Phil’s gun story was used - Leonard Cohen’s story.  Suddenly he’s testifying with the DA”s investigator [in the courtroom] while the DA is running – the prosecutor (Phil’s) – for DA.  Phil was on the ballot.  This is a very big deal here.  They haven’t nailed a celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle.  Well, he starts testifying and my lawyer said to him … He started making things up, Scott.  He’s very clever with words.  That’s his job.  And he started saying every time he hears a car he’s concerned it’s me.  I lived in the Bay Area.  I didn’t have money to come here.  I wouldn’t go near this man at all.  So he’s just making this up.  And, I don’t know – what was I supposed to be involved in a drive by shooting?  My lawyer said in response to that testimony:  so, you’re afraid of Kelley Lynch’s emails –which LAPD wrote in their report are generally requests for tax information – you’re afraid of those but you’re not afraid of Phil Spector holding a gun on you?  And he said “No,” he wasn’t afraid of that and he testified Phil held a gun to his head and he clarified that it was a semi-automatic.  Well, the DA’s version, when they prosecuted Phil and they also have it in motions, Leonard Cohen’s testimony or statement is that Phil held a gun to his chest and it was an automatic.  During my trial, he wrote my prosecutor that Phil Spector held a gun to his neck.  So, there are now three versions of Leonard Cohen’s gun story before LA Superior Court.  What he told me for 20 years is that Phillip never held a gun on him and this was a good rock ‘n roll story.  And he told me that detectives from the Sheriff’s Department came to his house – I met them, I was leaving – and he told them these were good rock ‘n roll stories.  During my trial, my lawyers hand me an email and it’s Leonard Cohen writing the prosecutor that he told them Phil held a gun on him.  So, he lied to me about that.  He’s lying about me about many things.  I don’t know what to say.  I find it shocking.  And I believe this is why the DA aligned themselves with Leonard Cohen, why they had an investigator in a restraining order matter that had nothing to do with them, and also they elected not to prosecute Leonard Cohen.  I went to the District Attorney – that’s criminal felony matters in LA – and gave them evidence in 2006 that Leonard Cohen has actually stolen from me.  They refused to prosecute him.  They refused to investigate criminal negligence in my son’s matter where he had his fingers ripped off at Whole Foods.  And, they have behaved abominably.

NOTE:  Cohen testified during Kelley Lynch’s 2012 trial that Phil Spector held an automatic to his head; the DA’s version involves a semi-automatic to the chest.

TS:       Wasn’t one of the accusations that Leonard Cohen - that he received threatening voicemails from you?

KL:      First of all, Leonard Cohen worked with a sound engineer.  I think … I could tell it was recorded very loud, the sound was tampered with.  The transcripts that were given to the jury were completely incoherent and wrong.  I have no idea what they thought.  I know they wanted to hear from the IRS but the judge refused to allow it.  Yeah, I said “You should be shot.”   That’s a colloquial way of speaking and I have been through a lot.  He did target my sons.  He’s destroyed my younger son’s life.  He has falsely accused me.  And I did say one time – well, I said “You should be shot by a firing squad.”  And the reason I said that is he had been interviewed by a journalist called Mikal Gilmore who writes for Rolling Stone Magazine.  And Cohen understood and talked to Mr. Gilmore about the fact that his brother was executed in the United States, Gary Gilmore, by the government by firing squad. So for years, Leonard Cohen told me he wanted to die by firing squad, and would even get into details about having his last cigarette, what his last meal would be.  So, when I said “You should be shot by a firing squad,” I was essentially quoting him back to himself.  In any event, this is not a threat. 

TS:       So you didn’t mean it literally then?

KL:      How would I put together a firing squad?  I mean, it’s ridiculous.  Another statement I made is “I will take you down.”  Now, even in LAPD’s report, it says that I said I will take you down legally.  A law firm used that phrase with me.  They said they reviewed the evidence – Boies Schiller.  They represented Al Gore in the presidential matter here with George Bush.  They reviewed the evidence.  They said he owes you millions.  What you need to do is go to a lawyer; offer him 30%; and ask them – and this is a direct quote - to help you take down another Hollywood fraud.  That’s simply a manner of speech.

To Be Continued ...