Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to CIA Re. Truth Sentinel Interviews, Leonard Cohen & Cohen's Possible Participation in CIA's MK Ultra Program

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 10:26 AM
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I'm now transcribing the Truth Sentinel interviews and will put them on my blog.  If the Court approves of my Complaint (well, the fee waiver anyway), I will submit the document - with the Table of Contents - to the Court.  Otherwise, I'll just cough up the cash and "buy" the justice we're evidently entitled to in the United States.  

The stalker has now moved onto my appeals.  I'm glad labels don't matter as I addressed "fraud upon the court" and my motion is not a motion to reconsider.  Of course, California is uninterested in fraud upon the court, or the truth for that matter, and doesn't follow Hazel Atlas.  It has no remedies available.  Therefore, what is to prevent shysters from willfully failing to serve someone, sending in a team of lying lawyers, and obtaining the judgment they want - written by an adversary's liars and meant to address the Tax Fraud Scheme as well?  I'm working on my appeals now.  I have received a partial record of one appeal and nothing else to date.

I do not have time to transcribe the CIA MK Ultra portion of the Truth Sentinel interviews and have no way to verify if Leonard Cohen was an actual participant. I tend to doubt he was recon during the Bay of Pigs and there is no way he could have joined the Israeli military although I would like to ask Mossad why they would enlist someone who gave the Sieg Heil onstage in Germany because that seems rather bizarre.  I'm still interested in watching the film "American Ultra" because they may have hit upon something - that mind control doesn't work if someone's on drugs.  Gianelli of course has taken the situation to inconceivably deranged extremes by alleging that I believe - which I do not - that CIA is promoting Leonard Cohen's lyrics as a way to manipulate an unwitting population.  He has manipulated the news media, adoring fans, groupie journalists, law enforcement, the courts themselves, and jurors.  He's a performer and his tall tales go unchallenged.  That's why, I suppose, a journalist from Vogue was in tears over his inane story that he was broke.  Leonard Cohen borrowed approximately $7-8 million from a corporation, refuses to repay it, and has decided that means he was broke.  I find it mind boggling that the news media, or anyone else, would believe a fraudulent default judgment.  Nevertheless, it must have annoyed him as the City Attorney attempted to prove I was served.  The City Attorney concealed the fact that Cohen testified that I never stole form him - just his peace of mind - so that entity had something else in mind.  That appeared to be testimony about Phil Spector and IRS, federal tax matters.  In Los Angeles, calling Bob Dylan or Paul Shaffer annoys Leonard Cohen and I was on trial for that.  Do you find that frightening?


Truth Sentinel Interviews Transcript

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra)
February 2, 2015

Transcription – Kelley Lynch Interview:

Truth Sentinel:  This kind of leads onto what we’re talking about today - the troubled lives of celebrities and the rich and famous, and the legal battles that occur.  So, we’re going to go and speak to Kelley Lynch now and hear what she says about her dealings with Leonard Cohen.  So I’m going to change the order slightly.  I’m going to go to Kelley Lynch first of all and talk about her messy legal battle between Leonard Cohen and herself.  Whilst the specific details some of them might be of interest to the parties involved, others relate to who people should believe and the tactics some people resort to.  For example, it was reported that Kelley Lynch was borderline psychotic which is pretty unfair.  I think that was just a tactic basically to discredit her. 

The media kind of went along with Leonard Cohen.  I just think both sides need to be heard.  You don’t have to agree with everything she says, or you may have done some things differently, but it still doesn’t excuse people from doing and saying the things that happened in this case.  I would wonder whether Leonard Cohen, as many of us could do in our everyday lives, could have maybe handled this better. I think we can all handle things better sometimes - even myself of course.  I’ve had disagreements and arguments in the past where I thought I was in the right.  At the end of the day sometimes you have to stop and realize “What’s important in life?” and decide what’s best for yourself in terms of peace of mind and for others too.  If children get involved you should definitely treat that situation with care, no matter how right or wrong you think some people are.  Everyone plays a part and the situations escalate to stages that they never needed to get to maybe.

But let’s have a look at what’s available online first and then we’ll go and speak to Kelley Lynch.  Afterwards we’ll speak to Ann Diamond, a writer who has written about the situation, and also has written about living next door to Leonard Cohen and her views on the MK Ultra aspects.  And then finally we’ll go to Anthony who will give us a more detailed account of MK Ultra.  So that will be towards the end.  That will conclude Part I, Episode 39.  Paulette [Brandt] will be in the background and she’ll be joining us more vocally in part 2 which is Episode 40 and our final episode of this season before we take a break.

Let’s take a look at the article.  If you go online you’ll find articles such as this [Leonard Cohen’s Poetic Thanks] which talks about how Kelley was harassing Leonard Cohen and Leonard thanks the judge for the cordial, even handed way he’s conducted the occasion.  Of course he would because he won that particular situation.  We’re going to be looking at whether celebrities have an advantage or disadvantage in court.  And we’re going to be speaking to Kelley.  Here’s an article by Ann Diamond.  We’re going to speaking to Ann Diamond afterwards.  She documents a lot of the details of the case in this article.  She talks about how Kelley feels that she was targeted by Leonard and his team, about what happened, and her children became involved, it wrecked her career, and she lost custody of her son and was homeless living on the streets as well ... 

Date: Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 10:09 AM
Subject: Why pending appeal going nowhere
To: Kelley Lynch <>