Saturday, April 30, 2016

Leonard Cohen's Proxy Lawyer's Ongoing Harassment Over Kelley Lynch's RICO Suit

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 8:46 AM
Subject: Fwd: Chevron Corporation v. Donziger et al PROOF FROM DOCKET COMPLAINT 50 PAGES LONG
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

The Stalker is all over the RICO Complaint now and demanding that I send him any letters I received from Phil Spector.  The Chevron Complaint is 165 pages plus exhibits.  I think mine was well organized.  Leonard Cohen has spent ten years, hired a team of lawyers, and I should be further victimized because the scheme to defraud is complex and involves a Tax Fraud Scheme?  I thought the list of names Gianelli included might have been a list of some of the lawyers Cohen has hired to obtain his fraud default judgments, dime a dozen restraining orders (including the Colorado order he flew in from Europe to obtain), and lie in court about my being served.

I am aware of what prolix means and there is nothing unnecessary about the length of my Complaint.  In any event, if the issue is length the Court can advise me to amend it.  I find it inconceivable to understand how anyone would be put on notice of the specific acts they engaged in without the issues being addressed.  The Court wants to know who, what, where, when, why, and how.  The scenario is identical to Chevron's case apart from the fact that we are not talking about a foreign court.  We are discussing fraud upon two U.S. District Courts, numerous state courts, Tax Court, IRS, FTB, and others.  The judgment is not valid. It should not be recognized by the U.S. District Court.  Cohen has procured sham investigations and a sham prosecution based on federal tax matters that he and the City Attorney lied about.  The City Attorney thinks it is acceptable for a man to expose his penis to his female colleague. The City Attorney targeted me for contacting Bob Dylan and Paul Shaffer about Phil Spector's case.  The City Attorney targeted me over Rutger's accident and elicited perjured testimony.  I have never said Cohen ripped Rutger's fingers off.  The City Attorney targeted me over Ray's default judgment coordinated custody matter.  I was on trial for Cohen's own conduct and my rhetorical question:  "Are you on drugs?" based on that conduct?  Evidence was concealed, distorted, or blatantly lied about.  

Perhaps the federal Court would like to explain to my family - and sons in particular - that the Complaint is too difficult to read.  It was fairly difficult to live through this insanity brought to my life by a singer-songwriter the news media holds out as a sage.  I have a transcription of the Truth Sentinel interviews that I will throw on my blog together with the Table of Contents I inadvertently left out.  If the Court approves the document, I will also submit those items to the Court directly.  I don't know if the Court has to listen to the CIA MK Ultra section because it's not absolutely material to the case that Cohen has told people, including myself, that he participated in that program.  However, Cohen's inane stories about Phil Spector, Bay of Pigs, Yom Kippur War, and Janis Joplin prove that he is a fabulist who tells good rock 'n roll stories that go unchallenged.  Cohen fantasizes about men - including Phil Spector - holding guns on him.  He told me for 20 years that Phil Spector never held a gun on him.  Cohen now has three versions of his good rock 'n roll Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.  What version does the government believe?  Mick Brown was clear that he reviewed the Spector Grand Jury transcripts and Cohen's testimony/statements were presented to the Grand Jury. I personally have reviewed Spector prosecution motions with a version of Cohen's gun story in it.  That was concealed from my jurors although they're available on LA Superior Court's website.  Cohen's testimony about Phil Spector contradicts the version the DA used to indict Mr. Spector.  I do believe that is relevant unless prosecutors are now permitted to blatantly lie to Grand Jurors.  I know they're permitted to lie to regular jurors because just about every word out of my prosecutor's mouth was a lie.  She concealed evidence about IRS and federal tax matters.  She hid information.  She elicited perjured testimony.  Cohen confessed to perjuring himself.  He also testified at a preliminary hearing that I never stole from him.

Since Cohen has lied about the intellectual property transactions and attempted to shift his wrongdoing onto me and others, I believe the Court should review the evidence to understand how extensively Cohen and his lawyers have lied.  They have merely concocted a story line, failed to serve me, and obtained fraudulent default judgments and used the multi-million judgment to tamper with the administration of justice in Colorado.  Judge Babcock confirmed that Cohen's legal pleadings are prolix, meritless, and a hodgepodge of intractable theories/arguments.  Why should I be victimized further because the situation is confused, extreme, extensive, and deranged?  At the end of the day, Leonard Cohen and his representatives failed to report $8 million in income; failed to file state tax returns; Cohen borrowed approximately $7-8 million from his so-called retirement account and refuses to repay it; and he stole from me via default.  He has also withheld commissions due me.  Leonard Cohen has previously stolen from Machat & Machat and Phil Spector.  He seems to think this is an acceptable mode of behavior and part of that is due to the fact that his conduct goes unchallenged.  

I'll send you a transcript of the Truth Sentinel interviews.  I thought the Court should listen to both since I appear in both interviews.  Perhaps the Court would like to know what Leonard Cohen has done to Phil Spector also.  Why not?  We have freedom of speech in America and this is most certainly not a secret.  Everyone intelligent understands that he was set up.


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Date: Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 2:22 AM
Subject: RE: Chevron Corporation v. Donziger et al PROOF FROM DOCKET COMPLAINT 50 PAGES LONG
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Sorry Ms. Lynch, but I am not “lying” – about anything. The initial RICO complaint filed in Chevron Corporation v. Donziger et al was 50 pages in length, or 1.6MB. See below.

Just because you disagree with someone does not mean they are “lying”.

You were referring to the AMENDED complaint.

“Prolix” refers to more than mere page count. It refers to UNNECESSARY length that sets forth more than necessary to put the defendants on notice of the claims that they must defend at trial – such as an excess of references to SPECIFIC EVIDENCE that will be introduced at trial to support those claims. Often, pro se complaints are so “prolix” that the task of reading the complaint for its intended purpose (claims notice) is rendered burdensome and difficult.

That is certainly the case with your disorganized, prolix complaint of 250 pages incorporating by reference another 400 pages of physical exhibits,  and also incorporating by reference hundreds of additional pages housed in electronic form on your blog as well as incorporating by reference two UNTRANSCRIBED audio files of podcast interviews you gave to Truth Sentinel that are several hours in duration.

To require a court and an opposing party to wade through 650 pages filed with the court, an additional several hundred pages housed on your blog, and to then listen to several hours of an UNTRANSCRIBED audio file places too great a burden on the court and the opposing parties and is definitely prolix and a violation of FRCP rule 8.

Your complaint in no way compares to the extremely well organized complaint (or the amended complaint) in Chevron Corporation v. Donziger.

(See below docket information for length of  the complaint in Chevron Corporation v. Donziger.)

Chevron Corporation v. Donziger et al
Assigned to: Judge Lewis A. Kaplan
Referred to: Magistrate Judge James C. Francis