Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI & DOJ - The Gravaman of Her Lawsuit Is Not Theft But It Is Clear That Leonard Cohen Thinks Theft Is Acceptable

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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I did indeed write the FBI and Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Gianelli, seems dead set on interfering with federal tax controversies and matters.  What Gianelli seems to "love about litigation" is the ability to lie with impunity, commit fraud upon courts, steal without ramifications, and slander others.

The California judgment is void.  I was not served and there is ample evidence of that.  Furthermore, the judgment was procured by fraudulent means.  I haven't argued perjury as a predicate act.  I've argued fraud upon the court and it is indeed egregious.  With Chevron, the suit involved corruption in a foreign country.  In this case, it involves corrupt persuasion in the United States upon numerous courts.

Why shouldn't the Court listen to the interview with Truth Sentinel?  Scott asked highly material and relevant questions that gives one a good, solid overview of the situation.

I discovered the scheme to defraud me in 2012 so the statute of limitations under civil RICO have not run but this is the reason Cohen has attempted to prevent me from participating in litigation.  The gravaman of my suit is not theft.  It is the procurement of fraudulent default judgments, the tampering with the administration of justice, extortion, obstruction of justice, copyright infringement, witness tampering, and a related Tax Fraud Scheme.  

For the record, I still haven't been served Leonard Cohen's lawsuit so the argument that I knew about it in April 2010 is absurd.


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