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The Criminal Stalker's Attempts to Dissuade Kelley Lynch

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 8:38 AM
Subject: Fwd: More lies from Lynch - here is the transcript
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Alan Hootnick,

The transcript is clear that the judge informed me that she could not give me legal advice.  Who would believe one couldn't attack fraud and perjury?  My alleged prosecutor was clear that the Colorado judge advised me that she couldn't give me legal advice.  Of course, in arguing Cohen's case she quoted the following:  "They've destroyed my life.  They've terrorized me."  Fascinating prosecutor, no?   What's Cohen's legal representative arguing now?  The United States Constitution is inapplicable to civil court proceedings?  I don't agree when this was transformed into a fraudulent criminal matter involving a fraudulent domestic violence order.  All testimony supporting the "temporary restraining order" was irrelevant.  So there is only a discussion about what "directly" and "indirectly" meant which Cohen's lawyer couldn't define.  And, my statements that these people are insane.  That is not the basis for a hearing and I did not agree to the entry of any order based on fraud and/or perjury. However, Gianelli's arguments defending Cohen are not going to prevent me from addressing this in federal court.  I intend to send my RICO suit to the Senate Judiciary with a request that they audit the VAWA funds and abusive "domestic violence restraining order" program that permits people like Cohen to lie, discredit others, and essentially witness tamper.

Gianelli's clear - he is attempting to "dissuade" me.  This criminal belongs in prison.  He's representing Leonard Cohen; targeting me, my family and witnesses; and appears to be affiliated with the Spector prosecutors. I  personally believe he is Kelly Green, Mongochili, 14th Sheepdog, 17th Shitzu, and others.  These issues will be addressed in federal court and Gianelli's ongoing harassment, witness tampering, etc. have not had the desired result.


Streeter:  But you didn’t appeal?
Lynch:  I actually filed a Motion to Vacate with Judge Enichen after I went back and I realized that Leonard Cohen’s perjury and fraud was excessive.
Streeter:  Do you have a document for that, Ms. Lynch?
Lynch:  I believe my attorneys requested that.  Mr. Cohen’s lawyers were served with that document.  RT 512

Streeter:  They’ve destroyed my life -- They’ve destroyed my life.  They’ve terrorized me.  Robert Kory has a declaration in my son’s custody matter.  Correct?  Isn’t that what you said?  Lynch:  Yes.  Streeter:  There was no mention that this -- that particular hearing in that particular hearing that you had any problems, right?  Lynch:  What are you talking about?  (RT 518)  Okay.  Do you recall later asking Ms. -- the judge, may I attack this later -- this later as fraud and perjury?  Do you remember that?  Yeah.  Then ultimately she said she is not a lawyer and she cannot give me advice.  Isn’t that what she said?  (RT 518/519)  Do you remember that the court’s answer was no?  But doesn’t it go on and say she can’t give me any legal advice?  May I - do you recall saying to the court, may I sue later if it’s fraud and perjury?  Do you remember asking the court?  Yes, I do.  Do you recall the court saying, no, I’m not living you legal advice … And at that poínt the court grants the order right, Ms. Lynch?  I suppose so, yes, indeed.  Yeah.  In fact, when I filed the motion to vacate, she told me -- she reminded me that I asked for the restraining order.  (RT 520)  

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Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 8:29 AM
Subject: RE: More lies from Lynch - here is the transcript
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: alan hootnick <>

1. See attached transcript, yellow highlighted passages. On pp 2 -4; 20-22; 25-26 and p. 28, especially, the following Q and A at page 21:

                MS. LYNCH: 


21             May I attack this later as fraud and  perjury?

22                                     THE COURT:  No.

2. The confrontation clause of the United States Constitution is inapplicable to civil and family court proceedings. Moreover, all testimony supporting the temporary restraining order was irrelevant at his new hearing on the permanent restraining order – which would have (and was being) supported with live testimony from the witness stand, with YOU being the first witness called to the stand. When you stopped the hearing and said “I can't have this hearing Just go ahead and make the restraining order permanent, okay?” and (after the judge asked you if you wanted to WAIVE your right to an evidentiary hearing) also said: “Yes, I would like that very much” and the court then said “Granted”,  you WAIVED ANY OBJECTIONS TO THE HEARING OR THE PERMANENT INJUNCTION YOU MAY HAVE OTHERWISE HAD.

3. I have not dissuaded you from filing your ill-fated RICO suit (or so you say). But try to dissuade you I did, with pinpoint citations to statute, procedural rules, and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals precedent.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Stephen Gianelli
Crete, Greece

From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2015 5:50 PM
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Cc: alan hootnick
Subject: Re: More lies from Lynch - here is the transcript

Alan Hootnick,

This criminal is out of control.  The judge said, and feel free to read the transcript, that she could not give me legal advice.  Furthermore, my alleged accuser was not present and available for confrontation.  That order, issued without findings, has now been fraudulently registered in California as a new "domestic violence order."  Therefore, DOJ and Senate Judiciary should investigate it as VAWA funding fraud which is precisely what it is.  Cohen was desperate to silence me; flew into Colorado in the midst of his European tour; lied extensively in his declaration (that I was unaware of until after the hearing); and threatened journalist Ann Diamond.  One of the issues he threatened her over - mentioning his criminal tax fraud although I have Kory's memorandum confirming that Cohen and his representatives failed to report $8 million gross income to IRS in 2001.  Cohen personally borrowed and/or caused to be expended approximately $6.7 million from TH alone.  He failed to address that fact in the LA Superior Court fraudulent judgment case.  The judgment is evidence of theft and Cohen's attempt to extort further financial interest from me (when renewing the judgment in July 2015) will be addressed as extortion.  

Gianelli's emails have not dissuaded me.  I do take great offense at this criminal slandering me to third parties.  He is the individual who contacted my alleged prosecutor and began lying to her about me; slandering me; and copying in my sons, family, and Paulette Brandt.  Cohen's lawyer, Rice, was copied on some of those emails.  Gianelli and Cohen's lawyers are now engaged in a moronic cover-your-ass operation.  He has attempted to interfere with an IRS Tax Court case, routinely lies to federal authorities, and definitely appears to be affiliated with Spector's prosecutors.  Perhaps that's why this criminal is now harassing me over my trial (featuring the City Attorney's lies about federal tax matters) and the Spector appeal.  It was very coincidental that Cooley and Cohen were publicly aligned in targeting me over the fraud domestic violence order, no?  And, there appears to have been a quid pro quo that resulted in Cohen's testimony about Spector and a gun.  The email the prosecutor used was NOT cc'd to Cohen.  He merely perjured himself over that issue.  He perjured himself, and confessed to this, over the "dating relationship"  There was not a dating relationship and the Colorado order is not a "domestic violence order."  This is now a federal matter that crossed state borders.  Cohen also testified that I never stole from him - just his peace of mind.

In any event, I think my lawyers should have questioned him extensively over his role in CIA's MKULTRA; as recon during the Bay of Pigs; and with respect to his other deranged statements.  Cohen is the individual with the long and publicly documented history of drug abuse, alcoholism, and mental health issues.  Gianelli doesn't know me but slanders me for Cohen and LA Confidential.  He's on someone's payroll.  

Read the transcript:  the judge said she could not give me legal advice.  Leonard Cohen uses fraud and perjury to obtain judgments, verdicts, and dime-a-dozen "restraining orders."  His financial investor was clear in June 2005 (before Cohen retaliated with his bullshit Complaint that is not supported by the evidence) that Cohen/Kory planned to use fraudulent restraining orders to discredit me.  It's nothing other than slander and witness tampering.  

If Gianelli wants to slander me to you, I would prefer not being copied in because this man is a criminal who belongs in prison and has relentlessly targeted my sons, family members, Paulette Brandt, witnesses, and others.  

Is he Anabelle Baile?  Let's see what unfolds.  Gianelli uses monikers.  I have evidence of that fact.  

Kelley Lynch

Annabelle Balle Alan Hootnick are you an attorney? This is good news?
Alan Hootnick
Alan Hootnick well, Dennis Riordan is the best appeals lawyer in California, and he has a good record of winning appeals in the 9th Circuit Court
Odzer Chenma
Odzer Chenma And that's why people are so desperate. Phil Spector should prevail before the 9th Circuit and his prosecutors held accountable for what they have done here. The 9th Circuit is sick and tired of prosecutorial misconduct and actually believes prosecut...See More
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Annabelle Balle
Annabelle Balle Are there really that many haters and are they that aggressive as to harm those that stand on the Spector side?
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Odzer Chenma
Odzer Chenma I don't know if there are that many haters, Annabelle but they are prolific and have trapped themselves.
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Odzer Chenma
Odzer Chenma Exhibit A: Blog was evidently created for Spector trials. Lawyer obviously wrote the text. Hatred towards Cutler. This has taken place all over the internet and people understand it. The motive is to harm people who support Spector. It has rebounded.
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Annabelle Balle
Annabelle Balle Odzer, do you have the link to the site you mention?
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Odzer Chenma
Odzer Chenma Just click on the link above. The site appears to be speaking directly to the jurors and a lawyer clearly wrote the summaries. There were many blogs dedicated to this type of activity. Also, a highly organized campaign of slander and defamation throughout the internet. Some of it run by the "Friends of Lana Clarkson," which is really Clarkson's publicist who represents aging stars.
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On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 7:38 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Cease and desist, Gianelli.

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 3:36 AM, STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <> wrote:
Here is the link where I posted Lynch’s Colorado civil harassment hearing on September 12, 2008 – where (at about page 22) Lynch asks the court to stop the hearing in progress and to simply issue the permanent order.

She is told that SHE CANNOT later attack the order as “fraudulent” if she agreed to it.