Sunday, December 6, 2015

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From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: LYNCH: "May I attack this later as fraud and perjury?" THE COURT: "No." (Nice try changing the subject to everting but the transcript that proves you a liar, Lynch.)
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Stephen Gianelli,

Since you are clear that your attempts to dissuade me haven't worked, why not confess to your actual motives.  A federal judge will decide if I have the right to attack the fraud judgments, orders, and verdicts for what they are:  a criminal legal conspiracy that is playing out across certain state borders.  And Cooley even got in on the fun.  I think you've made it clear that certain actors in Los Angeles view my trial as somehow related to Spector's appeal.  I suppose that might involve the DA's re-election campaign where Jackson and Trutanich were running for DA.  That would explain Cohen's testimony about Spector and a gun.  Unfortunately, Cohen's testimony contradicts the versions the prosecutors used in motions re. prior bad acts and both of those are contradicted by Cohen's email to my so-called prosecutor.  That doesn't explain the lies about federal tax matters.  Nothing is going to change the record now.  

Perhaps a federal judge will understand how a discussion about the definition of directly and indirectly and insane people (Cohen and his witness lawyers) led to a fraudulent domestic violence order in California.  However, you are not a federal court and you will not be deciding any matter.  You do not represent me. You have engaged in egregious criminal conduct and that includes relentlessly targeting my sons, family members, friends, Paulette Brandt, and witnesses.  

It is obvious that you represent Cohen and are moonlighting for Spector's prosecutors.  You argue Spector's prosecutors theories online.  For instance, when you descended on Truth Sentinel to slander me and Ann Diamond, you argued that Clarkson's DNA was not on the bullets when in fact it was.  You argued that Spector's defense never stated that the gun was not his but they did.  You are a chronic liar.  Perhaps your next gig could be infiltrating matters for ISIS.  Ask Alan Hootnick, since you are clearly impressed he was in CIA, for some tips since your act is fairly blatant and people believe you belong in prison.  I believe you are "Kelly Green" and know you are the 14th Sheepdog and 17th Shitzu.  I do have an email from a computer engineer confirming information about Green's IP address and who they think Green is:: YOU.

Cease and desist, criminal.

Kelley Lynch

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 11:01 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Alan Hootnick,

Do you think this man is also a drug addict or just a common criminal.  Carolyn Enichen retired and this is now a federal matter so a federal court will decide if the rest of the sentence said "I cannot give you legal advice."  Perhaps the federal judge will understand why a discussion about directly v. indirectly and insane people (Cohen and his witness lawyers) led to a fraud domestic violence order in Cali.  I have no details about the temporary orders or Cohen's testimony.  I know he made an extraordinary flight into Colorado in the midst of his European tour the day after his lawyers threatened Ann Diamond and raised criminal tax fraud as one of the issues.  Only a sycophant or narcissist would conclude that I want to have contact with the aggressive thief, con artist Leonard Cohen.  Or, certain local government actors that have careers to advance.

One thing is certain - Gianelli will not be the federal judge.  And, Cooley retaliates and the federal court is well aware of that fact so I'll ask the federal court to take judicial notice of the lawsuit Cooley's deputies filed against him.


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Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 10:50 AM
Subject: LYNCH: "May I attack this later as fraud and perjury?" THE COURT: "No." (Nice try changing the subject to everting but the transcript that proves you a liar, Lynch.)
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: alan hootnick <>

1                                                                           THE COURT:  The reason that we are here is

2                          because the Plaintiff appeared on August 19, 2008,

3                          requesting a temporary protection order, and upon sworn

4                          testimony review of the attached affidavits the Court

5                          granted that.  The purpose of today 's hearing is for the

6                          Court to determine whether or not that temporary order

7                              should become permanent.

12                                                 MS. LYNCH:  Okay.  Thank you.

13                                                  THE COURT:  Now, with regard to today 's

14                  hearing, Mr. Steinberg has indicated that he wishes to go

15                  forward on behalf of his client. And you have a decision

16                  to make.  Your decision is either one

17                                                  MS. LYNCH:  Right.

18                                                  THE COURT:  -- to agree to this and to agree to
not ever have any contact with him, or secondly to object

2                        to it and to request an evidentiary hearing.

3                                                                        MS. LYNCH:  I'd like to request an evidentiary

4     hearing.
5                                     THE COURT:  Okay.  So that' s what we 're going

6                        to do and we 're going to start right now.


15                                                                         MS. LYNCH:  I can't have this hearing. Just go

16                         ahead and make the restraining order permanent, okay?

17                                                                          THE COURT:  Okay.

20               MS. LYNCH:  I really can 't.

21                                     THE COURT:  Okay.

22               MS. LYNCH:  These people are insane.
23                                     THE COURT:  Okay.


16                                                                          THE COURT:  Do you wish to give up your right

17                         to have a hearing and do you want to agree that the
18          temporary order should become permanent?
19                                     MS. LYNCH:  Well, I'd like them permanent

20            because I think he 's dangerous to me but may I ask

21             something?   May I attack this later as fraud and perjury?

22                                     THE COURT:  No.


I'm just asking you the question of whether or

2     not you agree that the temporary order that was
3            previously issued today --

4                                    MS. LYNCH:  Right.

5                                    THE COURT:  -- this moment become permanent?

6                                    MS. LYNCH:  Yes, I would like that very much.

7                                     THE COURT:  Granted.

8                                    MS. LYNCH:  Thank you very much.

9                                    THE COURT:  You' re welcome.


THE COURT:     And she'll bring it in and give

2                         each side a copy. So these are the restrictions. You 're

3                         to have absolutely no contact with the Plaintiff,

4            Leonard Cohen.  You 're to keep a distance of 100 yards

5            away from him.  So if you just randomly run into him you

6            can't approach him within 100 yards.

8                          In addition, you're not to have any contact with the law

9                          office that' s located at 9300 Wilshire Boulevard, Los

10                         Angeles, California, 80212. And finally you may not

11                         contact the Plaintiff by phone, mail, email, text

12                         messaging or through a third party. As an example if you

13                         contact Mr. Steinberg about Leonard Cohen --

14                                                                         MS. LYNCH:  Mm-hmm.

15                                                                         THE COURT:  -- that would be a violation of

16                         this protection order. If you violate the protection

17                         order in any way --

18                              MS. LYNCH:  Mm-hmm.

19                                     THE COURT:  -- then you will be charged with a

20     Class I misdemeanor punishable with up to 18 months in

21             jail and a $5,000 fine or both.


THE COURT:  Okay.  Do you have any questions about the meaning of the protection order?
MS. LYNCH:  The actual meaning of it for the purposes of the Court right now on their side?
THE COURT:  Do you understand what this means? MS. LYNCH:   I understand deadly seriously what

                 17      it means.

               THE COURT:   Okay.

19                                                 MS. LYNCH:  I do.

20                                                  THE COURT:  Okay.
21                                                  MS. LYNCH:  On every perspective.
22                                                  THE COURT:  All right.  The protection order is
23                 made permanent.

24                                                  MS. LYNCH:  Thank you.