Monday, December 7, 2015

The Criminal Stalker Operative, Using Multiple Personalities, Is Working 24/7

Kelley Lynch Responds to Stephen Gianelli's Slanderous Attacks & Lies About Her Re. the Straw Sage
Straw Sage: The Shtickless Shtick & Perception Management of Leonard Cohen:
Jasun, Stephen Gianelli is an out of control lawyer who appears to represent Leonard Cohen’s legal interests and may very well moonlight for the Phil Spector prosecution. I stumbled upon his blog in 2009 and was astounded to find parties such as Michelle Blaine posting there. Blaine is Spector’s former assistant who stole approximately $1 million from him and then went on a rampage on the internet about him. She and Gianelli have worked in tandem targeting and slandering me. They targeted my email accounts and blogs. Gianelli is a chronic liar who has targeted everyone in my life. He has relentlessly harassed and targeted my sons. Please feel free to read their own thoughts on this yourself. These declarations, signed by my sons personally, were submitted to numerous courts of law. Leonard Cohen’s fan, Susanne Walsh, was also involved in the targeting of my sons. Gianelli continues to harass me, Paulette Brandt (Phil Spector’s former girlfriend and personal assistant) and others.
I reported the allegations that Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud to IRS. Cohen understood this and retaliated. He then used a fraudulent default judgment, in a lawsuit I was not served, as a means to steal from me. I own 15% of his intellectual property. He has also stolen from his former management company, Machat & Machat, and – as with me – withheld commissions due. Cohen needed a fabricated narrative to defend himself against allegations that he committed tax fraud. I have a memorandum from his lawyer confirming that Cohen and his representatives failed to report $8 million in gross income. Cohen cannot live in Canada due to residence and tax problems. He is desperate and his conduct betrays his public persona which appears to be that of a religious sage.
Phil Spector’s attorney, Bruce Cutler, has nothing whatsoever to do with the situation between me and Cohen. I intend to file a federal RICO suit against Leonard Cohen in approximately one month. He feels entitled to perjure himself as he sees fit. Cohen has, however, testified personally that I never “stole” from him. I have his offer of 50% community property in writing. His fabricated complaint narrative is not supported by the evidence. Cohen personally borrowed approximately $6.7 million from the alleged “retirement account.” He concealed that from the news media. Cohen went on the offensive and decided to destroy my reputation to save his own proverbial ass.
I am not an alcoholic; do not have drug problems; but continue to be slandered. It works well for misogynists such as Leonard Cohen. He now has three versions of his bullshit Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court and that appears to be a problem for LA Confidential. As for MKULTRA. Leonard Cohen is the individual who claims he participated in this program. I have never said Cohen told me CIA was using his lyrics to promote a message. Gianelli’s motive lies in the fact that he is an agent provocateur, infiltrator, bald faced liar, moonlighting, and his job is targeting and slandering me and others. For instance, Ann Diamond. Ann’s piece on Gianelli really captures him perfectly. Gianelli’s not trying to set the record straight. He’s a con artist, liar who is engaged in criminal conduct. Feel free to read through my blog.
And, I would like to say with respect to Ann that Cohen never once told me in 20 years that Ann harassed or stalked him. Once certain comments Cohen’s daughter made publicly at Concordia were made public, Cohen targeted Ann Diamond. That’s how he operates. Please see Ann Diamond’s declaration that has now been submitted to LA Superior Court.
Ann Diamond piece on Stephen Gianelli
Ann Diamond Declaration. I have redacted the precise comments Lorca Cohen made but not because they are potentially libelous. I have Cohen’s own emails to me about this situation and other evidence. I beg to differ with Ann’s position that I had “uncontrolled rage.” I was targeted by a gang of dangerous clowns and other criminals in Los Angeles. There are many sycophants in certain political circles that find Cohen of interest – particularly with respect to his tales about a gun and Phil Spector.

Jason, as for the other allegations. The prosecutor in my trial lied about everything. I sent FBI and DOJ an image as an example of what people are prosecuted over. The prosecutor then used it as an opportunity to retaliate. There is a reason people view LA as corrupt. Actually, Cohen exposed his penis to me; looked at people online defecating on one another; forced me to read business and legal documents while he soaked in a bath; etc. We weren’t lovers and never dated. I found it unconscionable and intolerable. A friend of mine asked me about this conduct on Cohen’s part. My so-called prosecutor believes Cohen was annoyed that I had the audacity to speak about it. She also felt it was acceptable for strangers, like Gianelli, to target, my then minor son. These emails, and this is what he addressed to Gianelli, made him physically ill. I don’t have a kill list which is a euphemism for CIA’s disposition matrix. Here is a link to the drone Valentine card I sent FBI and DOJ as an example. Streeter doesn’t work for FBI or DOJ but may have been hallucinating. Either that or she retaliated. I was reading an article on the drone program by Glenn Greenwald on Valentine’s Day. Gianelli has stated that I referenced allegations that Cohen molested his daughter. That is not what occurred. Freda Guttman asked Ann Diamond a question about Lorca Cohen’s public statements at Concordia University with respect to her father. Ann Diamond and I have been demonized over this situation. Gianelli began emailing my alleged prosecutor slandering me, upsetting my sons and family who he copied in, and lying to them about me. The appropriate response is to advise the party to cease and desist and correct the slanderous comments. Stephen Gianelli is an operative. He spends 24/7 on this project. He’s also a dangerous clown.